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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Ambition is not bending over backwards, to fulfill the dreams others have dreamt for you; it is having the courage to dream your own dreams and the will to pursue them, no matter how complicated they may be.
Ambition is not walking the clear safe path, just because it is the road that is convenient for the crowd; it is having the will to make a road, where the majority thinks it is impossible.
Ambition is not accepting destructive criticism, when it is aimed at discouraging one’s effort; it is being able to laugh at the critics and work hard to prove that they were wrong.
Ambition is not being afraid of failure. It is realizing that failure is just another word, used to describe a person, who was afraid to try and try and try to achieve the attainable.
Ambition is not giving up on your difficult goals, because success always seems to evade you; it having the courage to following your dreams, even if you think, they are unattainable; remember, miracles can still happen.
Personalized Ambition

I will not bend over backwards, to fulfill the dreams others have dreamt for me; I will courageously dream my own dreams and develop the will to pursue them, no matter what.


I will not walk the clear safe path, because it is the road that is convenient for the crowd; but I will chart a new course and make a road, where the majority thinks it is impossible.


I will not accept destructive criticism, when it is aimed at discouraging my effort; but I will laugh in the face of the critics and work hard to prove that they were wrong.


I will not be afraid of failure; for I realize that failure is just another word, used to describe a person, who was afraid to try and try and try to achieve the attainable.


I will not give up on your difficult goals, because success seems to evade me; but I will dig deep within and find the courage I need, to pursue my goals, even if they appear unattainable. For I know miracles can still happen.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fundamental Of Courtship: The Introduction

This book is dedicated to the revival of basic but lost knowledge and the dwindling understanding of the fundamentals of courtship, while providing and promoting an acceptance of the principles and the objectives of courtship with a view of strengthening the bonds of marriage. It is unfortunate that a large cross-section of Western communities do not understand what courtship is all about. So it is the objective of this author to present, in simple language, while using practical examples, the fundamentals of courtship.

The lack of knowledge that is prominent in most communities exists for several avoidable reasons, the primary of which is this: Parents do not know of or understand the principles of courtship. They do not know what this formula entails and they did not/do not understand the objectives of this widely practiced plan. You will be surprised to learn that a large percentage of married couples did not understand or follow the rules or the principles of courtship. They may have snippets of information about courtship, but they lack a working understanding of the principles that governs courtship.

How can a person practice and or teach the principles of a subject of which he or she has little or no knowledge? There is a strange fact about ignorance, which is that ignorant people often believe that the little knowledge they have on a subject is all there is to know. Ignorant people always think that their lack of knowledge is enough and they very often resort to sharing with persuasive authority their uninformed opinions or feeling on a subject; rather than arming themselves with knowledge that will put them in a position to practice, teach and make informed decisions. We must never fail to underestimate the power of knowledge, and neither should we underestimate the persuasive stubbornness of ignorance.

It is a sad situation that the knowledge of courtship most Westerners possess is so fragmented that it has no real value. For such fragmented knowledge of courtship is extremely dangerous and is very often the cause of much heartache and psychological pain. It has been a major contributing factor in the cultivation of many dysfunctional social habits that can develop into extremely serious psychological and antisocial disorders.

When all that exists is a fragmented concept of western traditional courtship, as is common in most Western communities, the people have a tendency to develop unrealistic expectations related to the stages of courtship and those they may be courting. As a result of the lack of a working knowledge of appropriate courtship in their culture, and the presence of a fragmented knowledge of courtship, a suitor may impose his or her unrealistic expectations on those he or she is pursuing. When these expectations are not met, the suitor may feel badly treated and inadequate and may resort to behaviors that are considered selfish. If such behaviors are not brought into check and those who are so affected are not correctly educated, such unaccepted behaviors may evolve into serious psychological and antisocial disorders such as bullying, stalking, actual violence etc.

You might be surprised at the number of heartaches that could have been avoided if people had been taught and made to practice the principles and the fundamentals of Western courtship at an early age. If the leaders in the homes, the schools, the churches and the wider community took the time to educate their members, by providing the tools of courtship in the form of social lessons including detailed explanations and practical examples being demonstrated in the lives of the people, e.g., family members and the wider community, then there would be a wider spread of knowledge and an appreciation for the principles of courtship.

Although arranged marriages, as practiced by some Jewish and Amish communities, for example, are looked upon negatively by some, it is important to know that members of these communities understand, practice, teach and encourages their children to participate in courtship in the true sense of the word at an appropriately early age. This is so because the cultures of these religious and ethnic groups are deeply rooted in the tradition of their fore parents and although they have been living in the West for many generations, these people have resisted falling pray to the lure of popular Western culture that could taint the culture of their forefathers, with the Western failed modify version of courtship.

It is therefore my responsibility to provide a detailed explanation of what courtship is all about. I will delve into the different stages of courtship; I will provide information on the objective of the different stages, how an individual goes about advancing to the next level of courtship and how one terminates any stage of courtship.

Below are some simple questions to test your knowledge of courtship. This is a self-evaluating test, which is meant for you to evaluate the extent of the knowledge you have before reading this book. It will be good if you take some time to write down your answers to the questions, and as you read further, to compare your answers to the information provided. This will help you to understand the level of knowledge you have on courtship, and to evaluate what new information you have learned from this book.


1. What is courtship?

2. Of how many stages does courtship consist?

3. Name the stages of courtship.

4. Define each stage of courtship.

5. What is dating?

6. When does courtship end?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Will RIse Even Higher

The law of spite and revenge says to hope for and do all you can to ensure the failure and hurt of your adversary (the one you hate). It is interesting that most people will do all in their power to ensure the destruction of the person they are out to exact revenge upon, even destroying innocent people, their family and a nation in the process; some will even do such at the expense of their soul’s salvation.

Everyone that knows me well will be able to testify to the fact that I am a very controversial individual and I have a mind of my own but most importantly; I am not afraid to express my opinion no matter how unpopular or controversial those opinions are. They will also be able to further testify that my opinions are based on my personal convictions and I am not one to be detoured by fear of consequences, other people’s opinions of me or public lies and ridicule aimed at destroying my character. For I still hold fast to the belief that a man’s character will always be vindicated if he lives right and holds no malicious motive when he expresses himself or take a particular action or actions.

I have been at the receiving end of Ralph E. Gonsalves and his supporters, even to the point where, a Jamaican hit man was sent to Dominica to kill me while I was trying to set up a business there. I will expand a little further on this later.

I have had to do battle with George Jackson and the management of the Bermuda Police Service; but did that stop me from expressing my opinions? No it did not! When Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves promised then inspector 313 Cornelius Charles, the post of commissioner of St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force if he broke me in the same manner they were instrumental in breaking hundreds of strong Vincentian young men in that institution (the police force), turning them into junk (alcoholics) and imbeciles (people who shut down and became afraid to think for themselves). Did they break me and get me to shut up? No, they did not!

When the then Superintendent Mick Jackman and Randolph Liverpool, Chief Inspector James Howard, Inspector Mark Clark (the Bermudian Mark Clark), etc. employed their combined authority on behalf of Ralph Gonsalves to get me to shut up; they even went as far as to break into my room (quarters which I rented from the Bermuda police department) and laced my drinking water and other suitable food commodities with very powerful hallucinogens, hoping to bring my sanity into question, as they did to Sergeant Dawson Dates, sending the highly intelligent, honest, supportive, dear and helpful police sergeant to the psychiatric ward as a patient. Did I shut up? No, I did not; however, I became extremely cautious and take the needed precautions.

When the George Jackson, the Commissioner of Police, the chief manager of the Bermuda Police Service talent and resources, caused his imbecile cronies to slap me with 23 internal charges, with the hope I would buckle in humble submission and accept their efforts to discredit my implacable character; did I wither like a flower and crumble in embarrassing submission? No, I did not! But I fought even harder than I did before, to ensure the efforts of these evil men failed and they did.

It is interesting that all of the hardship outlined above and more constitute the mental, physical, and life threatening assault that was launched upon me, as a result of the wishes of the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph E. Gonsalves. Unfortunately for Ralph Gonsalves and the bunch of lawbreakers that follows his lead, with Yahweh’s help and guidance, together we (Yahweh and I) managed to defeat all of their evil, spiteful and revengeful plans that were aimed at my mental obliteration, physical ruin, and the total destruction of my character.

You may not know it, but even when I was going through the tremendous hardship that was created for me, even when I was in the process of evading hired killers, whose contracted mission was to end my life, I never feared for my life and never stopped expressing my opinions (written or vocal).

During the month of December of 2008, I hurriedly returned to the USA via St Croix, after I fled Dominica in the West Indies from a hired gun, a hit man from Jamaican, who lived in St Lucia by the name of Andrew Kirk Patrick Mitchell. Mitchell had a nine millimeter pistol and an automatic assault rifle with enough ammunition to kill a village. He also had in his possession, US$35,000 and, although he had no form of identification and was a total unknown to the citizens of Dominica, he had access to a rented vehicle.

It appears my recent writing, which have been critical of the manner in which the St Vincent and the Grenadines prime minister is going about the task of managing the country’s resources, have stirred up some more anger. My writings were not merely laced with the flaws, the inconsistencies, the incompetence and the total lack of vision which is exhibited by Ralph E. Gonsalves and his administration, but I always find it in my heart to publicly offer Ralph E. the appropriate solutions, corrective measures, and or other positive steps that are relevant to the matter I took the time to address.

I cannot believe Ralph Gonsalves, his administration and other associates, who have their hands full trying to administer the affairs of the country, and are doing a bang up job (bad/poor job) at it, are still engaged in wasting government time and resources, planning and plotting, trying to ensure that I, Allan H. F. Palmer, fail in my endeavours.

I will let you know, your efforts can only delay the inevitable but cannot stop my success. Ralph, did you all notice I have not taken any action or made any effort to deny you or your appointees remote access to my computer, even though recently you have deleted many files before my eyes? Yet I still manage to get my message out; I am still able to cause books to be published, and I am still able to write new education programs.

It is said when you try to push and keep a good man down, you have to stay down with him to hold him down where you want him, if you are to keep him from elevating. But watch it, when all of your efforts have failed, one day you will wake up only to discover that everyone around you has left you behind, and you will be left in the dust of he who was the centre of your hate and victimizing energy.

How does it feel to know you were unable to stop my recent triumph, which I will speak about soon. I know you will kick yourself in your backside to learn you and all of your victimizing actions towards me greatly contributed to my overwhelming victory. This is America, the land of opportunity, and I am going to make it; there is no option.

To Ralph E. Gonsalves and all who were offered and accepted the challenge to launch attacks of negativity and other schemes against my character and life, I am inviting you to please sit back and watch the launching of this rocket ship but most of all participate in the voyage and be captivated by the volume of my accomplishments. I know there will be stumbling blocks, setbacks and pitfalls; unfortunately, I do not know the size, the degree or the level of the setbacks these obstacles will present but one thing I know; I have the will, the disposition and the propensity to overcome the worst case. For I have already visualized the worst case scenarios and have devised plans to conquer them; this is how I know I am capable of overcoming the worst my imagination can conjure up.

I am aware of a simple fact that I have got to be better than the rest, I know and believe deep down in my heart, I have got to work twice as hard as the hardest working person. I have got the heart of the a lion and I am ready, I am willing and I am surely able; but even more important than my determined and willing disposition, Yahweh is in my corner and he is fighting this battle for me. Tell me, how I can fail? If Yahweh is for me, who can be against me!

Allan Palmer

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves Saga - part 2: Clearing up ambiguities

 Caribbean News Now

It seems as if the letter which was written by me and was captured The Ambassador Gonsalves Saga: the long and short of it, appear to have been the only voice to express opposition to the ambassador’s actions and declared Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves to be at fault for causing his arrest and by extension acknowledged and deem the police officer’s actions against the ambassador to be Justified. As a result of that article, many questions were asked, some of the questions were asked not as a genuine search for answer, but to aid in casting a shadow of confusion on the real issue. Apparently, there are those who have saw it fit, to help the ambassador has monopolize on his newly found status of victim, by hosting a town hall meeting last evening: April 11th, 2012, to discuss the events as it relates to the Ambassador misfortune.

As report states the St. Vincent mission had a visit of USA ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice who was true to her post and reach out to my ambassador and  expressed her regrets, such a thing happened to Ambassador Gonsalves. Less anyone get the wrong impression, my stance or honest views on this matter, is nor a sign that I am jubilant over my ambassador’s experience, for I too am sorry, this young man had to experienced such misfortune; my sorrow does not blind me to the facts and cause me to indulge in dishonest rambling; my sorrow also does not negate the fact; the police officer acted in good faith and his actions was legal and reasonable whilst Ambassador Gonsalves actions was not.

If the New York City mayor and the Police Commissioner though that the officer action, under the circumstance, was not the actions that could be expected of any reasonable person, and the officer’s actions constituted an violation of the ambassador’s rights, he would have been issued with public apologies from these to officials and without a doubt; the Brooklyn Representative, Councilman Jumaane Williams, would have been the first man, working the streets, beating the main symbol on Camillo Gonsalves’ behalf against the NYPD.

Let me take some time, to answer a few of the question that was asked. I will do so in order to lend some semblance of clarity for those who are genuinely seeking to understand this seemingly hairy matter. We must view the questions and answer with the prospective: Hind sight is 20/20. We must also understand that the officer in this case did not have the benefit of hindsight, but acted in real time and responded as he saw the events unfold.

There is an issue as it relates to the jurisdiction of the building in relation to the New York City Police officer entering the same; this in it self is not an issue. Although the building in question is used to house international, diplomatic missions, the edifice is considered a public building. This is so for the simple fact, the building is used by many different entities and the public has conditional access to the building. Therefore, the police going into that building do not constitute a trespass as some are trying to suggest. We must also remember, the police action was done, to restore a security breach in the outer perimeter that advanced to the inside of the building. We must not forget the officer’s objective, in this case, was to ensure the welfare of the occupants of the building.

What Constitutes Trespass in Diplomatic circles

The event that occurred here and the nature and use of the building, places this situation in a completely different category. It is different when a sovereign nation takes possession of a compound or property: by lease, rent or purchase and go through the correct procedures to set up an embassy within that perimeter. Then the activities that is carried out within the confines of the boundary, is no business of the host government and cannot be questioned or investigated by the law enforcement of the host government. In a similar case, where an embassy shares a building with other entity, (commercial or other wise) it certainly do not make that building off limit to law enforcement, however only that portion of space which is occupied by the nation for the purpose of and is considered the embassy is off limit.

In such case, it is only upon the official request or a similar invitation, of the alien sovereign nation can the law enforcement of the host country encroachment onto the premises of that which was declared an embassy (which is considered foreign soil) means other than an official request or similar invitation, such actions will be consider a serious breach of the diplomatic protocol and amount up to trespass.

I am sorry to inform, the supporters of Ambassador Camillo Gonsaloves, the police officer’s actions to meet and take action against the unknown person, who he later found out to be Ambassador Gonsalves. Unfortunate for ambassador Camillo Gonsalves; the police acted in good faith and he had territorial and lawful Jurisdiction to act in the manner he did.

One person was of the opinion that Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves should not have been arrested and placed in hand cuff. Let me answer this question this way. If you were a police or a security officer and you were assigned to be on duty at a high security risk area, such as United Nation Mission. And your responsibilities were among other things, to ensure the security of the mission and those who dwell there. While there you see an unknown man, (according to the police officer he did not know who Ambassador Gonsalves was) removing the barriers that was put in place to direct and restrict pedestrian movement in and around the perimeter of that building, you shouted to that person who ignored your effort to stop him. What will you do?

1.       Will you go in pursuit of that unknown person and apprehend that person then make inquiries?

2.       Or will you leave him alone hoping that he or she was not a terrorist?

Before you give an honest answer I will like for you to consider the under mentioned events and possibilities which are:

1.       Don’t forget there are thousands of terrorist sleeper cells in and around the USA and in New York City.

2.       Don’t forget year before last December, a man parked a car bomb in Manhattan that could have killed thousand if poor electronic skills did not cause a flaw in the mechanism.

3.       Don’t forget the underpants bomber.

4.        Don’t forget the 911 bombing of the World Trade Center. 

5.       And don’t forget the fact at approximately 10:35 am, on today’s date: Thursday 12 April, 2012, NYPD evacuated number two (#2) World Finical Center, (a building in the finical district in Manhattan) because a suspicious package was sent to the building, although it turned out the package did not post a real threat.  

6.       The person may have a weapon

7.       It takes only a twitch of a finger or dialing redial in a digital or cell phone to activate a bomb and kill everyone with the building including you.

Now put yourself in that officer’s place; what would you have done? I sure would have erred on the side of caution, as the NYPD did on July 12th 2012, when they evacuated thousand of people from number two ( #2) World Financial center; which is the wise thing to do.

One person is concerned that according to Gonsalves’ account of the incident, the manner in which the police officer addressed Ambassador Gonsalves was responsible for motivating the younger Gonsalves, to intentionally ignore the police officer’s effort to stop him. My first answer to this is: two wrongs do not make a right and a soft answer turn away wrath.

We must remember that the ambassador is not a gangster and he was not hired to be a gangster, The Ambassador is not from Bottom Town the place where I was born or the slum (Paul’s Lot), two areas within St. Vincent which is noted for public bad behavior and people who are  defiant of and to authority. We must not forget that Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves was hired to be an ambassador. One who is endowed with the responsibility to behave and interact on his country’s behalf with diplomacy?

Diplomacy means: to negotiate between nations, skillful in the handling of a situation.  

·         Did Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves act with diplomacy?

·         Aren’t Ambassadors and other officials who are appointed or hired to serve in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines diplomatic missions trained in the art of diplomacy?

There are rumors hinting the St. Vincent and the Grenadines mission, is considering taking legal actions against the NYPD and the officer in question. It will be good for them to pursue legal actions, and it will be even more interesting to read the finding of the judge. I think a legal judgment; will declaring the Ambassador’s actions to be wrong and clear the police officer of any wrong doing. Unfortunately this is exactly what we needed to set the record straight. What the government and people of St. Vincent need, is another international embarrassment.

Here are three questions, for which we must search for answers; questions as it relates to this incident and they are:

§  Could this incident been avoided?

§  Did the person who is trained in art of and is expected to practice of diplomacy in his professional and private life (Ambassador Gonsalves) acted with the level of diplomacy that could have brought a speedy resolution to this mater before it escalated into the Jersey shore style dramatic saga that it turned out to be?

§  Should we blame the police officer for being firm and taking action that was a display of courage and vigilance?

Mr. Editor I rest my case.

The Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves Saga: The Long and Short of it

Anyone with any sense of or at lease some knowledge of foreign affairs, will know, Israel is one of the most hated nation in the middle eastern world, (some will differ with me and say, in the entire world) and this country share boarders, with countries that hates then (Israel) severely. Even worst than that; Israel  is in a part of the world that see every nations, say for about two exceptions, hold strong feelings of anger, resentment and hate for and against them. As a result, citizen and residence of Israel, have to live each day in fear of terrorist threats; unfortunately, for their diplomatic envoy and embassies world wide, they to have to function in their capacity on foreign soil, with the same level of fear as people on their home front.

When one is offered and accepts an ambassadorial posting of a country, or holds any diplomatic posting of any kind; one is expected at all time to, associate with people of good repute and act and speak as your posting demands. You are no longer representing yourself, your opinions, ideals, aspirations, and dream must take a back seat to those of your country, if they in any way conflicts with those of your mission or that which your post have entrusted upon you. One is expected to behave like a states man, carry oneself with specific decorum and behave with a level of diplomacy that can bring credit and respect to your country.

We have seen how activities in the private life of Koby Bryant and Tiger woods, cause them to lose their lucrative endorsement, for being poor ambassadors of the brand they represented. How much more important are the responsibilities, the role, and the sacrifice one is asked to make when one has such high calling, which involves representing a nation and all its people.

We all know, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines diplomatic mission, to the United Nations (UN), occupies the same building that houses the Israeli mission to the UN. And the NYPD has its hands full with keeping all of the missions that is housed in that building safe. The question that must be answered is this: was ambassador Gonsalves found in Violation of breaching the security of the building?  The ambassador made it clear that his point of entry was a point that he uses on a regular basis without any complication, he also point out the Israeli ambassador, also use that rout to get to and from his office. Not once, did I ever hear Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves declare that he was entering the building through the official point of entry. Is this a case of: I am accustomed doing the wrong thing and no one had ever corrected me before, so no one has the right to correct me now?

As a matter of fact, the Ambassador, or anyone who use that building for official or business purpose should not, on a regular basis, be using any other rout to enter or exit that edifice, other than via, those that was officially earmarked for the purpose. Exception could be made in the cases of great urgency and even then, the appropriate declarations and permissions should be made and granted before doing so.

From dwelling and holding a diplomatic post in the United Nation’s headquarters in New York City, Young Gonsalves, have to know how sensitive, the issue of security as it relates to terrorism is in this city. He should be aware, how overly sensitive the USA government more so New York City is about the protection of members of the Jewish community and anything that has to do with Israel. When ambassador Gonsalves breached the security of that building, by removing the security barriers that was put in place, to direct pedestrian traffic, when he failed to acknowledge and refused to comply with the on duty police officer instructions; he was putting the entire building and all of the foreign mission who conducts business there (including himself) in danger. That is a chance the on duty officer could not take, should not take and did not take.

Ambassador Gonsalves must realize he is not in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where security is not a real concern and anything goes, where his father holds the title deed to the piece of real-estate that is St. Vincent and the Grenadines; a place where he will be awarded certain courtesy base on facial recognition.

On the matter of diplomatic immunity:

 It is true, most diplomats are immune from arrest and prosecution by the law enforcement agencies of the host country; It is also true, the official posting of Camillo Gonsalves as Ambassador so awards him that privilege. It will be important to note, this does not mean that people who are protected by such immunities cannot be arrested and prosecuted. In order to do so however, the host nation has to follow specific diplomatic protocol and receive permission from the offending diplomat’s government to proceed with such actions. It is important to note; when a diplomat’s actions is so severe, that the host Government request permission to prosecute one of their immune diplomats, refusal may very well result in expulsion of the offending diplomat from the host nation and strain diplomatic relations between both countries.

On Camillo Gonsalves’ arrest:

When Camillo Gonsalves was stopped, his liberty was taken away and he was placed in hand cuffs, he was not Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves, permanent representative of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to the United Nation. To the officer he was just an unknown man, possible a terrorist, who had breach the security which he was responsible for. When The suspect (ambassador Camillo Gonsalves)was positively identified and he was verified as one having lawful rights to enter and exit that building to conduct business on his country’s behalf and the level of his posting afforded him certain privileges, one of which was immunity from arrest he was immediately released. Ambassador Gonsalves’ immunity privileges do not make his action right and the police officer’s action wrong. It does not matter how embarrassing this event was; Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves must come to the conclusion; his actions, was wrong and constitutes a serious criminal offence under the anti terror legislation. Many of men were arrested, charged, tried and was convicted for lesser offence that that which Ambassador Gonsalves inadvertently committed. This young man must also accept the fact, the police officer acted within the scope of his authority base on the information he was exposed to and that make his actions right, legal and lawful.

It is no doubt that there is an issue of racial prejudice exist within the ranks of the dominantly white NYPD, however, it was unfortunate that Ambassador Gonsalves, in his interviews, try to play the race card, by identifying the race of the officer as being white. Even if the officer’s actions was racially motivated, because Ambassador Gonsalves used a regularly use but un-official rout to enter the building and because he did not follow the protocol where identifying oneself is concerned when entering a high security risk area, he will have to suck salt on the issue of race, on this one. We are no stranger to the world of arrested, so lets count our loses and move on with life.

I know of and I have had some several negative experiences dealing with members of the New York City Police Department; I have undisputed documentation of several of the running that can bring disrepute to this institution. However, when it comes to the “official” word of the NYPD, (not a single or a few officers) I will take the NYPD’s words over camillo Gonsalves’ words any day. I do not know Camillo personally, but the acorn does not fall to far from the tree. It is sad that I have judge this young man’s actions base on the public behavior of the father; but when you understand family dynamics as it relates to the influences, transmission and the adoption of parental behavior as I do, you will understand my position.

It is important to note, the outer perimeter and the inside of this building is littered with high tech surveillance cameras which is controlled by a state of the arts security operational system. So there is no hiding the truth. There is no doubt that the administration would have review the footage of the incident before replying to the claims of an international representative before making a media release.

My Disappointment:                  

It was my disappointment, with the level of bias that filled the commentary that was written by Sir. Renold Saunders (which was published on the Caribbean News Now) that led me to write on this matter. It was unfortunate that this writer refused to properly research this story before he write and submit his commentary for publication. Although he made it clear that he wrote the piece base on Ambassador Gonsalves’ prospective, it would have lend some credibility to his writing and his character if he took some time to use google in an effort to get the New York Police Department side of the story. This only tells me that Mr. Saunders is not a writer any thinking man (and worst if you are not a thinking man) should pay any attention to or take serious.

Allan Palme

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Saga

Trayvon Martin Killed at Age:16

It is highly important, for anyone who ascends any public platform, to champion a cause; the person must understand a simple fact, if they want to be taken seriously. They must not only make lots of noise, but they must ensure their message is clearly and intelligently communicated. This can be accomplished in many ways.

This brings me to the Treyvon Martin Story. There is no doubt, this lad was hunted down and murdered, even after his pursuer: George Zimmerman was instructed by the guardian of the law: the police, to leave the youth alone. It is also no secret, that Treyvon Martin was targeted, for no reason other than, he was endowed with what some people think is the wrong shade of skin.

The information we were exposed to, revealed that there is a conspiracy and this conspiracy is geared to aid in a miscarriage of justice. As a result of this conspiracy, when the investigation is completed and George Zimmerman is arrested and charged; I expect to see everyone in an official capacity that were involved in this cover up, lose their job and be prosecuted for their role in trying to aid in the miscarriage of justice or similar corruption charges.

My concern here is; the platform of the Treyvon Martin’s movement, which is justifiable busy, in their fight for justice on this youth’s behalf; unfortunately, this platform is an inappropriate one. From where I stand, the call for the arrest of George Zimmerman is not making much sense.  And this is so for a simple reason that boils down to the wrong use of a simple word.


Recently the police released a video that show Zimmerman’s in handcuffs, being lead out of the police vehicle and into what I assume to be booking area by officers.  This is video evidence that Zimmerman was arrested. Let me take some time to define what an arrest is. An arrest is defined as the taking away or depriving a person of a persons liberty. So in the true sense of the word, Zimmerman was actually arrested. Hence the call for Zimmerman’s arrest is misleading, in that it give the public the impression that Zimmerman was not arrested for the homicide of Trayvon Martin. It is important to note that the call for George Zimmerman’s arrest will not be taken seriously by the authority. The leaders and spokespersons of this movement must make their desires known and communicate them clearly but most important, the expressed desires of this movement; must be within the confines of the law.

The actions of those in authority, who acted on George Zimmerman’s behalf, is considered corruption and it take systematic acts of corrupt practice, such as was displayed in this case to label an institution corrupt. George Zimmerman deprived Trayvon Martin of his rights to be and live as a black young man, his rights to freedom of movement and his rights to life. If the movement or anyone for that fact choose to deprive Zimmerman of any of his rights; then they will be no better than the man that is George Zimmerman.

What the movement should be concerned with is at this point?

1.       What happened when Zimmerman was arrested was he processed in the manner that he should?

2.       What was the nature and level of the inquiries that the investigating officer make before a determination was made as to Zimmerman’s release?

3.       On what lawful authority was Zimmerman released after he was arrested.

It is important to note, the authorities has no lawful obligation to rearrested George Zimmerman unless; the condition of his discharge was violated, the term of his freedom as specified in his discharge has expired, he becomes a flight risk or there is significant development in the investigation that required Zimmerman to be rearrested and be charge among other things. Other than the conditions outlined above, and as much as I will like to see it happened, yet George Zimmerman cannot be lawfully rearrested to appease the sense for justice of the black community of which I am a part, or the grief of Trayvon Martin’s parents, or to give the appearance that justice is being done.

To re-arrest George Zimmerman at this point, other than at the conclusion of the investigation, or if he had violate the conditions of his release or the term of his freedom as specified in his discharge has expired, if he became a flight risk or there is significant development in the investigation that required Zimmerman to be rearrested, and be charged among other things; will constitute a violation George Zimmerman’s rights.

 It is important to note, it is wrong, unethical, illegal and unlawful to violate one man’s rights, to undo the errors, blatant or premeditated act of another or others to derail the justice system on behalf of the first party. In such instances, as what happened with George Zimmerman investigation, an investigation should be carried out into the actions and procedure as it relates to Zimmerman’s initial arrest, process and investigation and all who was guilty of wrong doing, should be made to face the full extent of the law.

 Due to the fact Zimmerman was arrested and release he can only be rearrested. When the Treyvon Martin movement can adequately answers the three questions above, then the movement can properly construct a platform from which to champion the call for justice for this lad behalf. Which will include not his arrest but his re-arrest.  

The Trayvon Martin’s movement should be made aware, of the simple things; these people can use the simplest of thing to derail the justice and their action will be justify. To say that you want George Zimmerman to be arrested simple means, George Zimmerman was never arrested for the homicide (killing) of Trayvon Martin; but he was. Now to call for his rearrested is another story.

It is important for the Trayvon Martin Movement to remember, with whom they are dealing. Let me remind the Treyvon Martin Movement, they are dealing with: a white, racist, self-identify elite, bureaucracy that has the power and the level of spitefulness, to use something as simple as the omission of the two letters such as: re- from before the word arrest, (re-arrest) to continue to obstruct justice and still remain within their rights to do so.

Now that we have come to the conclusion that to call for the arrest of George Zimmerman is technically wrong, this movement must make an effort to be politically correct; the call should be for the re-arrest and detention of George Zimmerman pending the out come of the investigation. The movement must now find adequate grounds for this call; and such grounds can only be found, if they can ascertain on what grounds Zimmerman was released from his arrest on that night of the incident.

Points to note:

Each time there is a homicide; there must be an arrest and an investigation. For it is only through a proper investigation can the lawful authorities determine if the actions and forethought of the aggressor can render the homicide, a justified killing or  the homicide constitutes a criminal act and if it does to what degree was this crime committed.

In such investigation there must be collaboration of four investigative components and they are:

1.       The cause of death

2.       The method in which the fatal wound (s) was inflicted or manner in which the agent of death was administered.

        3.       The evidence or the story of the crime scene (including forensic evidence)

        4.       And the evidence or the story of the all witnesses.

Even if all of the four investigative components listed above was collaborated, there must be one more litmus test, which must be passed before a homicide can be declared justifies and that is: pass interaction between the people involved, their friends and or their family. This is important in order to rule out concealed malice and forethought. 

 Allan H. Palmer

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trouble in Paradise: A lesson for Police Forces and Services

Policing is the easiest job I have ever done. However, it is not a job for the foolish, those who are weak in heart or one who cannot take his or her own initiative. From my studies of my practicing policing, I have concluded that even though those who practices policing and most who manages these law enforcement institutions often seems to equate the functions and objective of these organizations as full military; but such institute are considered paramilitary. Although most of its functions mirror that of the military; there nature, there functions, objectives and the duties the police forces/services are asked to perform; as well as, the demographic they are required serve; requires a generally different approach in the execution of the duties.

Each police officer has a professional obligation to understand his or her duties and his responsibilities as it relates to the law (s) they are expected to uphold. My police brothers and sisters must always remember, their superior officers are there to guide them, to protect the community’s rights from indiscriminate officers and their actions and to ensure they function within the frame work of the law. In other words; Supervisors/managers are there to ensure the job is done in a cost effective, professional manner while preserving the rights of all involved, even the rights of the accuse person.

It is important to note; a superior officer, cannot/should not instruct his junior to break the law. A senior officer does not have the authority to violate the rights of any person he or she supervises and every order that is given by any such person in authority must be a “LAWFUL” order. A junior police officer, has no obligation, to execute or comply with any unlawful order and it matters not where or from whom that order came.

Whilst a serving member of the Bermuda Police Service; I was unlawfully slapped with 26 internal charges. The authority did so because I refused to comply with what I have deemed and justifiable proven to be unlawful orders. Charges I was not afraid to face. It is more important for me to practice integrity at all times and suffer the consequences, then to compromise my standards. So I simply choose not to surrender my rights and it was my right not to comply with any unlawful order. I took the time to point out to my superiors using the law, why I cannot lawfully and in good conscience complying with their instructions. Unfortunately, it would not have facilitated their general intentions, if my supervisors were to comply with the rule of law.

Another point I will like my brothers in blue to understand is; A superior officer, should only give lawful instruction, they can even tell you how to execute the assignment; however, when you arrives at the scene, you has an obligation to yourself, your duties and the people you are required to interact with; to do the following things on arrival at the scene.

• Evaluate the situation.
• Deal with the situation base on your evaluation
• Make adjustment in your mannerism, attitude and your general course of action as the conditions changes.

There are three important points I will like my police brothers to take note of and they are:

1. No junior police officer is entitled or has any obligation to comply with or execute any unlawful instruction.

2. No junior police officer has any obligation, to comply with instructions that will cause them (the officers) to break/violate any laws within the jurisdiction where he or she practices.

3. And no police officer is obligated to comply with any instructions that will cause them to violate the rights of another or their own rights.

When an individual enlists to become a police officer, the first thing that took place is; the swearing in of the officer. He or she takes an oath; they swear and they are expected to be obligated to, uphold the law without fear or favor. What this oath is saying? It is says, a police officer’s first and primary obligation is to the upholding of the law and he or she must do so without fear of anyone, that is: without fear of the criminal and without fear of his superiors; not granting any special favor to criminal or any special favor to complainant, lawyer, Prime Minister etc. he or she must apply the laws and the conditions of the law with an unbiased loyalty.

It is important to note, any time the actions of a police officers, contravenes the law, anyone’s rights or runs contrary to the code of conduct that is expected of such professionals; it is expected that the offending officer, should be held responsible and accountable for his or her actions. It is important to note, it matters not who gives the instructions. A good example of this is: Corporal Casanki Quow, Police Constable (PC) Hadley Ballentyne and PC Osrick James of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, who were charge with assault causing actual bodily harm. This assault was apparently inflicted on a school child. These officers were tried and found guilty of the offence they were charged with. The officers appealed their convictions, but what was unfortunate for the three lawmen, their conviction upheld by The Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal.

This brings me to the main focus of this discourse. On 2nd day of March 2011, the events in the St. Vincent that led to the speaker of the St. Vincent House of Parliament, instructing the Leader of the opposition Hon. Arnhim Eustace to leave the house of parliament. Unfortunately this matter escalated to the point where elected and appointed members of the house of parliament were allegedly forcefully removed from the building that houses the St. Vincent Parliament. It was also reported that appointed and elected members of the opposition allegedly sustained serious injuries.

It is important for practicing police officers, to always give thought to what they are about to do, before they do it; as a matter of fact, this should be a general rule for everyone. We must also be reminded there are right and wrong ways of executing lawful duties and police officers ought to use common sense and good judgment when there is no protocol in place for the execution of specific duties.

What should have happened?

It is important to note, that in matters of peace keeping, the primary objectives of the police is to:

1. Ensuring that order is maintain.

2. Ensure the restoration of order when such seizes to exist.

3. Once order has been restored, the police ought to put suitable measures in place to prevent the reoccurrence of disorder.

When it comes to peace keeping, preserving order, the restoration of order and general law enforcement the police are the professional. They are required to address such matter base on their knowledge, their experience, their training and their assessment of the situation. They also has an obligation, apply those characteristics that puts them in the best possible position, to deal with such issues when the needs arises. They must come to the best possible solution for all involved; this requires quick and clear thinking, good judgment and unwavering actions.

No politician, medical doctor or PhD, Lawyer, Judge etc. ought to tell the police how to execute his or her lawful duty. The police have the tools required to bring resolution to problems and it is the officer’s best judgment that counts. The police officer will be out of his place to tell the politician, the doctor, the lawyer or any professional how to practice his or her craft. When a police officer’s actions, falls outside the scope of the law, it is the officer who is expected to face the courts or other tribunal; bearing this in mind, a police officer has to be foolish; to abundant his better judgment and allow others to impose their opinion on him or her as to what and how things ought to be done.

Here we had a situation, where the Speaker of the House of Parliament asked the Leader of the opposition to leave the place of his employment: The St. Vincent parliament. Mr. Eustace refused to leave on ground of principled; as a result, the other members of the opposition peacefully went and create a barrier in order to prevent his removal; in an act of civil disobedience. The million dollar question is; do the police have a protocol to deal with such occurrences? If not, is there a professional manner to deal with such situation? Unfortunately; the police do not have a protocol, which they are expected to follow when dealing with such incidents. I will be providing a protocol to be followed in situation such as the one that ended in chaos. I only hope, Commissioner Miller is big enough to objectively review this protocol and implement such if it meets the need of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

In the event such incident should occur in the House of Parliament again; and I have no doubt it will, or in any official functions, the following steps should be taken. I will apply this protocol to the incident that occurred on the 2nd day of March 2011.

i. The senior officer who is detail to keep order in the house, should have approached the leader of the opposition or if the Leader of the opposition were inaccessible because of the barrier that was formed around him; then the senior officer should address each person individually, informing them of the offence they are committing or inform the person that his or her action or his or her failure to comply with instruction is likely to cause a breach of the peace.

ii. They (the offenders) should also be informed the police have the authority to arrest anyone whose actions are likely to cause a breach of the peace and failure to withdraw from their action or failure to comply with the order would be resulted in their arrest.

iii. “One by one,” each person who failed to desist from the specific actions or who fail to comply with the instruction of the police officer; should have their liberty taken away (arrest). Being under arrest and in an orderly manner; the prisoners (arrested person) should be escorted out of the parliament.

iv. If the level of disrespect exhibited to the police by the prisoner was so outrageous that an example need to be made then the prisoner may be have relevant charges laid against them and taken to court.

v. Or when the prisoners (offenders) are out of the environment, where he or she is no longer a threat or can no longer cause a breach of the peace, the potential offender or offender’s liberty could be restored but not before being warned not to return to the house of parliament until they are legally required to do so.

vi. This procedure should be followed and applied by the police, without fear or favor and should be apply to anyone who so choose to misconduct themselves in the house on grounds of principle or out of disrespect and it should be applied to Prime Minister, Senator and all position between.

It is important for us to bear in mind; an arrested person’s liberty can be restored at any point after his arrest. In cases where the arrest was to avoid a breach of the peace, when that person is no longer in a position where his or her actions or lack thereof, can cause a breach of the peace, their liberty should be restore.

This should be the protocol, the police should employ when dealing with such incident in the future. After all, the house of parliament is supposed to be a dignified place, where the business of state is dealt with and such business should be handled in a dignified and professional manner. Therefore the police should also be dignify in there conduct and such dignity should be employ when dealing with the hon. Men and woman whom the people elect to serve their country.

In conclusion; if the allegations that was propagated, as it relates to the events of the 2rd day of March 2011, is proven to be true; then the actions of the police officers involved, were unprofessional, inhumane, and amount up to an abuse of power. Any police officer (s) who forcefully tosses; pushes or intentionally cause any one to fall down such highly pitched stairs, and the victims sustains injuries in the process as allegedly occurred in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, those police officers can face possible criminal charges.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

O that I may die and fear not death: By Allan H. F Palmer

O, that I may die and fear not death; not afraid to take my final breath,

Too confront death; the oldest mystery to taste of her sweet uncertainty.

I fear not death, why should I be; the sting of death has no hold on me.

Death takes nothing, holds nothing, owns and controls nothing.

Death moves not, feels not, does not, has not, thinks not, claim not

Yet many fall and faint in fear, at death they cry in deep despair.


Our loves for life has make frail our minds and cause us to cling in fear of losing;

That which, we must, one day give up: the fleeting breath that we call life.

Yet, in cases of utmost pain, when agony weaved with shambled shame;

We pray for death a welcome friend, to swoop in on a Trojan horse,

To take away our fleeting breath and cause the life we hold so dear,

To abruptly meet, a cherished end.


What is death that men may fear? A predator that roams the mind,

A mystery vague, an odor faint, a bright color fading over time,

A vision clear, yet we cannot see, a precious life that ceased to be.

But only thus a word described the absence of a state hold dear,

The absences of the fleeting breathe; the absence of life.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nature, Humanity and Homosexuality

Homosexuality, is one of the most defile indulgences that is practiced in civil society. It is so for several reasons, which are: it goes contrary to the laws of nature, against human sexuality, against Yahweh’s word/law, and because it is not practice naturally by the animal kingdom: those creatures that are considered to be, less intelligent than us human. However; there are some who are now teaching, the lower members of the animal kingdom to indulge in homosexual acts.

Unlike humans, who are plagued with the adoption of habits that follows families for generation and thus cast a blight or bless families with the habits that constituted a family traditions and cycles. However; it is not so with members of the animal kingdom. The offspring are not affected by the habit of the parents or the customs of the pack, flock, school etc. but they adopt their habits base on their survival needs.

For example a child of a thief, will learn from his parents, the skills and temperament of a thief; he will learn such subliminally and otherwise and therefore, if there isn’t the appropriate, timely and serious intervention that child may become a career or habitual thief. If a domestic dog was taught by its owner, how to steal; that dog will apply that which it was taught, for to do otherwise will impact its treatment by the owner; and by extension, its survival. In other words; it will impact or threatens the dog’s survival so he complies. There is not a chance that pups born to that dog will ever pick up the ability to steal, becomes aggressive, or any other habits because its parent (s) had those traits. However; if condition merits, the dog steals to survive, then it will; never because it learn the traits from its parents.

It is safe to say, we as earthly creatures, with the highest level of intelligence there is, have managed to turn the gift of higher senses, understanding, knowledge, perception and communication into a curse. This is evident, in the way we destroy the society and community in which we live; in the way we make a mess of our marriages and family, the way we nurture our children into becoming such terrible people etc.

Human uses their intelligence to destroy themselves, their society, the other creatures that shares the earth with us as well as earth; by moving away from the things that are natural, violating the laws of nature and ignoring the laws and other instructions of Yahweh: The creator of man and everything that exist, had prescribed for us to live sound, healthy and spiritual lives.

While human with his intelligence defies nature, and rejects the way of the creator; yet members of the animal kingdom through instinct, continue to follow the instruction of their creator and the laws of nature.

Lets take a look at a pack of lions, you will noticed that the roles of the gender are still the same, the manner in which they operate and live are as Yahweh have ordained it. The birds still fly south and the beers still hibernates in the winter; the monkeys still lives in trees and they still socializes and nurture their young as nature requires and Yahweh commanded. There is one thing that is common among animals; wile and domesticated, which is: their manner and purpose of mating has not changes.

There reason for mating is for procreation, the time and manner in which it is done, remains the same. It is important to note; intercourse does not take place outside its season and or at the correct times; for them mating is not about pleasure but to preserve the species. It is also important that I point out, the manner for mating is still the same; the male has intercourse only with the female and the female has intercourse only with the male.

So why have human strayed so far from the laws of nature and the laws of his creator?

Among the religious community it is believed the deterioration the human kind is experiencing, is as a results of sin; while the average person rationalized and concludes the reason can be attributed to things such as greed, the love for power, lust of the flesh, hate etc. whatever the reason you attributes to the demise of the human species to; there is one thing we all can agree on is; the Human Species is in a free fall and it seems there is nothing to reduced the speed at which we are falling; to stop or to break our fall. In other words, we are plunging to our own destruction.

You may ask, where homosexuality came from.

From my knowledge, the first mention of homosexuality is found in the book of Leviticus 18:22; Yahweh informed his people and later in Leviticus 20: 13; he reminded his chosen people the Israelites that it is an abomination for a man to lie with man as he does with a woman. Later in the bible we learn that the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because the sins of the people of Sodom, which was mainly sins of homosexuality was so wide spread and offended the awesome, righteous, perfect and holy creator God.

I do not know what was the reason for such practice in ancient time, but it is believe that the Greeks and the Romans hold fast to the concept that when a man have sex with another man, he actually took that man's power; therefore, the victim became subject to the aggressor. As a result, it was the objective of men of means and power to have sexual intercourse with as many men as possible; thus maintaining a high standing, on the social, economical, and religious ladder.

It was also believed that little boys and young men will one day grow up to be men of means, prestige and power. Whoever violates that little boy or young man will be elevated above whatever pinnacle that person attained. So the rape and sexual exploitation of little boys and young men were widely practiced.

Like any raped victim or victim of sexual abuse, their abusers or rapist holds a manipulative control over his or her victims; a control that has fear of exposure of the shame that is associated with his or her violation; thus the victims become subliminally, and otherwise subjected to the abuser. It becomes almost impossible for the victims or abuse person to refuse granting a favor or request of his abuser; even a request for sex.

This is why Yahweh prescribes death to anyone who participate in homosexuality, because in doing so they become subject to a control that should only be held by Yahweh. It makes it almost impossible, for the victims to every serve Yahweh in the manner in which he should be served: as Creator God. It must also be known' most victims go on to create sexual victims of there own and such, may mark the beginning, of a vicious cycle. A cycle that can eventually contaminate an entire generation as what happens in Sodom and Gomorrah. So when Yahweh destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and all that moved in that city by fire, he was just executing the punishment that was the consequence of their homosexuality as was outlined in Yahweh's words in Leviticus.