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Sunday, July 06, 2008

.The Puppet Master & his String-puppet

The Commissioner of Police George Jackson

Superintendent of Police: Randolph Liverpool

Article as published on the Caribbean Net News on 26th June 2008

Each time an honest man or woman stands up against or lends a voice of objection against wrong or injustice, he or she can expect to be prosecuted for his actions. And anytime an individual stands up against and or lends a voice of objection against Ralph Gonsalves, he or she can expect a particular mode of revenge; which is, he will use his position, his office and or his influence, to victimize that or those individuals.

We have seen this in the unfair and premature dismissal of Mr. Cummings, (ex-manager of the Central Water and Sewage authority who moved that government own corporation from a debt plagued institution to a profitable institution) Major Leacock (the man who also took the indebted Vinlect and turn it into a profitable multimillion dollar government corporation) and the hundreds of New Democratic Party (N.D.P) supporters that were unfairly and prematurely dismissed because of their allegiance to the N.D.P. We have seen the unfair transfer and punishment of staff nurse Janice Lewis for reporting finding of a STD in a mother and a daughter that infected by …….. Let me shut my mouth before one of St. Vincent and Grenadines big bad wolves sues me.

However anytime an honest individual speak in the name of justice and it is against the big bad sorry big dirty wolf and chief victimizer (the one who is responsible for creating victims) then we know there ought going to be repercussion.

When I first heard of the allegations made by the female police officer against the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves and when I heard of Ralph’s efforts to pervert the course of justice, I wrote my first article which was titled “Let Justice be done in St. Vincent. I have been sending this article to the News, news paper, the Search light and the Vincentian for a month before I had the Article published on Caribbean Net News. Up to today’s date (19:06:2008) none of the news paper (who normally gives me a voice) has published that article. Thanks to Caribbean Net News the oasis in a desert of injustice.

However, after my article (Let Justice Be Don in St. Vincent, The Arms of the Law, the Psychological effects of Rape etc.) was published and was read on nice radio, a series of events began to happen to me on my job right here in Bermuda. Yes the Prime Minister’s friend from Georgetown Randy Liverpool Superintendent of Police and his new found friend George Jackson Commissioner of Police launched an all out attract against me.

My cell and home phone was tapped, listening apparatuses was placed in my room, and tracking devises was installed on my car, I was followed twenty four (24) hours a day for three months. There are three police officers who had become the target of the Bermuda Police Service all for different reasons, but I Allan H.F Palmer I became public enemy number one.

Ever since I publicly declared (this declaration was done in the presence of one of my country men) my intention to help the alleged rape victim fight for due process and my fail submission to have my first article published by the news Paper in S.V.G. George Jackson and Randy Liverpool have been trying to proof their allegiance to the Prime Minister by trying to have me fired and they had to make it look legitimate. As a matter of fact they have turned me into a folk hero here in Bermuda, in this case a symbol of strength one that is not afraid.

After the Royal Gazette reporter Sam Strangeway did a front page story of me and my blog, giving me credit for my work on the blog. This angered the comrade’s and his friends. They had to do something to stop this man (Allan H.F Palmer).

So the guys came up with a master plan. They arranged a beautiful girl (whom I was friendly with, also what they offered her I don’t know) to called and request some insignificant information form the police system. Although the information was insignificant I was aware that the Bermuda Police Service has ways and means of cheaply dispensing such information. So I decided to complete the documentation for the young lady and I encouraged the pretty face young lady to use the system as is provided for these purposes.

At 1:30pm that day I was summoned to Commissioner of Police George Jackson’s office for a meeting. And these are the words he said to me. And I quote “You have been embarrassing the Prime Minister and the Government of St. Vincent you must stop it or we are going to take action against you. However I am here to warn you that you will be on suspension pending the outcome of the investigation. Your suspension papers have already been drawn up and you will be served today.” I then asked the reason for my suspension, it was then I was told that I have violated the police confidentiality act. This was so funny that I laugh heartily. Thank God for my trusty micro digital recorded.

Soon after they were informed that I did not fall for the plot, I was excused from the meeting and sent back to my work with a compliment of how good a worker I am. A few weeks later I was suspended on the allegation that I have disobeyed a direct order from the Commissioner of Police, (an alleged order which was given in the meeting I mentioned above) and I have been on suspension for the last 5 months. I was suspended on an allegation that I disobeyed a direct order from the Commissioner of Police; yet their were PC Glen Kellman who was investigated, charged and prosecuted for Grievous Bodily Harm. Their were then PC’s Fox, Miguel, Mitchell, Baghawn, and Telemaque all of whom was investigated, charged and prosecuted for a series of criminal offences, which included Assault Bodily Harm, Attempted to Pervert the Course of Justice etc. There were also PC Dennis Archer who was investigated, charged, prosecuted and convicted for causing Grievous Bodily Harm on his girl friend yet, none of these police officers who stood trial for criminal offences were ever suspended, but were allowed to continue to perform duties in the capacity of a police officer. Yet I was suspended for a simple allegation.

No police officer in any part of the world has an obligation to comply with a direct order from any senior officer if he knows that order is unlawful. This can be found in any police act and it is in the Bermuda Police Service Act 1974.

Can you imagine that after sustaining a broken coccyx bone and having a surgical procedure done on me that I am going through all of this? Yes I am presently on sick leave for two very painful conditions yet I have got to go through this. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer did not bring up any weakling who run and hide his head in shame at the first sign of disappointment. I am from bottom town I have no shame and why should anyone be ashamed for doing what is right. This whole series of event was the catalyst that revived and invigorated me.

I am not writing this article to invoke your sympathy; I may have to walk away from a job, but for me life will go on. But instead I implore you to give your sympathy and empathy to the young police officer who was allegedly striped of her dignity by her beloved leader, give it to the young human rights lawyer who had allegedly suffered the indignity of her body being violated, and give it to the hundreds or probably thousand of underage and other women who were violated sexually and otherwise by those who were put in place to make their lives better. Dr. Gonsalve I may have to walk away from my job and that is quite OK, but just remember that God is so good, he does not ever asleep and I am still his favorite child.

In service to Humanity
Allan H.F Palmer


  1. Palmer, it was rumored here that Ralph promised George Jackson the post of chief of Air Port Security, I am not sure if is for the E.T Joshua air port or for the new international airport that will be finished in 2011. If my memory serves me right, Liverpool is a member of the Unity Labor Party (ULP) in St. Vincent; it is also believed that his contribution to Ralph’s reelection was a hefty one.

  2. Injustice is all over the world,and where ever you go you will find that when ever you stand up for what is right,you are always persecuted,but didn't God promise persecution,in the last days?

    But dont worry the three hebrew boys stood up for what they believe in and look at the punishment they received, but because God promise if u trust Him He will renew your strenght,you dont have to be afraid because He will always be there for you,just like the hebrew boys,who stood up for him...

    In proverbs 3:5,6 it says
    Trust in the Lord with all thine heart,and lean not unto thine own understanding,in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths......

  3. I must say it is nice seeing people like you still exist, it is so hard to get people that injustice have been done to be so positive.

    People should always remember, what goes around; comes around. And I do hope all works out for you.

    I like your writing.

  4. I read you website after one of my friends pointed it out to me. I must say that you sound as if you are a very arrogant, self centered person. I noticed that you post all the good comments. What about the bad ones? I am sure you get them as well. Who do you think you are? You need a reality check and you seem to think you could do a better job then these people, but why are you just still a little person? Thank the Lord that you are leaving my country as we don't need or want you here.

  5. Thanks for visiting this blog,and for taking the time for posting your comment, and as Jonny Barnes will say "I love you".lol

  6. Although I have been following this blog from since it was brought to my attention by the Royal Gazette. Yet I have never felt the need to comment. However after reading the comment that was posted here, accusing Allan Palmer of being arrogant, I felt a desire to post a comment for the first time.

    I will confess that it was also my opinion that PC Palmer was an arrogant SOB,……… but that was before I got to know him. After I had the privilege to work with PC Palmer, my opinion of him changed………What I can say is Palmer executes his duty with a level of professionalism that must be admired………..Such professionalism can only come from confidence………He is also kind to all, especially old people and children; he is also fearless and courageous……. Palmer do not ask for anything that he do not deserved but he ensure that he get everything that is due to him……………I am convinced that the person who wrote this comment do not know Allan Palmer; the Allan Palmer I know is confident and fearless, a good man, what you see is what you get kind of person. And I have learnt a lot from him.

    I think Bermuda will be losing not only a wonderful person this country will be losing a tremendous police officer and a talented man…………You want to know how deep Allan Palmer is, by yourself a copy of his book and read it; then you may learn how tremendously talented this man is, get to know him and you will see how kind and honest he is. Peace out!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wouldn't put it past gunzy though he has friends all over the region,but palmer you don't get it.He wants you to tell your story because it sounds unbelievable,and you get discredited as being paranoid,I have my own grievances with this @$$hole of a pm,for stuff his friends conspired to do but I never mention it,the difference between us palmer is that I had someone explain the game to me.You don't let a moron like gunzy ruffle your feathers