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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The B.P.S, The Government of Bermuda, The Hamilton Police Station and the Issue of Mold

For many years, the working condition of the men and women who leave their country and journeyed to Bermuda to work as police officers were ignored but all; and for many decades the protectors of the Bermudian community were forced to execute their duties under working conditions and in buildings that were way below that which were expected from an underdeveloped country.

There are reports that a large number of retired police officers who were forced to exist and function in these edifices suddenly became very sick with all manner of terminal illnesses after leaving Bermuda. Today even after there were an unprecedented number of Healthy young man and women who after working in these same building suddenly became ill, some of whom die; yet no one cared enough to look into the plight of these silent suffers.

It was not until an article appeared on the Crushing Fools Blog on Wednesday 23rd July 2008 title “Which has the greater value Money or Life and Good Health” By Allan H.F Palmer, that heads began to hang in shame and embarrassment. The article revealed some staggering facts and statistics that terrify even the heartless. It was only then that the people in authority started showing some sign of consciousness and as was to be expected they went into their well Choreograph dance of brainlessness; as they claimed that no one knew that the conditions were that serious.

Three days later on 26th July 2008 the same article was published by the Caribbean Net News exposing to the Diaspora the filthy and deplorable conditions their sons and daughters were forced to exist and functioned under in the name of the almighty dollar.

On the 28th July 2008 a well written letter was published by the Caribbean Net News under the caption Mold in Bermuda Police Station. This letter was penned by Susan Brinchman who after reading my article was moved with compassion for the men and women who are and were suffering. Then this problem got further recognition when the Mid-Ocean News of Bermuda ran a front page story bringing to the front some very important concerns of the men in shorts (Bermuda Shorts is the official summer attire for the BPS).

Unfortunately The Bermuda Police Association have not seen it fit to address this very important life and death matter as yet. I hope that the Government of Bermuda decision to have cabinet review their stance on their Judicial Review, (their Civil protest to the decision arrived at in arbitration) has not placed a psychological mussel on the Bermuda Police Association. If this is the case, then I will have to conclude that money is indeed more important than Life and Good Health and our suffering was for nothing.