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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Case File Against Allan H. F. Palmer As Prepared By the Bermuda Police Service

Below is the case file as was investigated and compiled by the Bermuda Police Service, in their effort to prosecute Allan H. F. Palmer the author of this blog. There are many events that were left out of the Case the Bermuda Police Service prepared against Palmer. These behind the scenes event that did not make it into the case file; due to the fact, they were not in the interest of the Bermuda Police Service to include them.

Missing from the post are items from casefile, which are the bulkey extract that was taken from the this blog which the Bermuda Police Service used to creat their case. however; we all know from where and why this case found its fuel.

It is the police duty to engage in a search for justice; however, when the police ignore the core principles on which they are asked to function then they becomes the criminals: vigilante. When criminals are in charge of policing the community; then there will have an increase in violent and other crimes.

From Reading, you will notice, the victim and accuse in this matter Allan H. F Palmer PC 2209, rendered his full cooperation with the investigators and their investigation; except in cases when to do such would have been consenting to have his rights violated. He stood up against a discriminatory and prejudicial disciplinary system that exists in the Bermuda Police Service and because Allan knew that the outcome of the kangaroo court was predetermined; he refused to play along with the game of his oppressors and tendered his resignation thus leaving the Bermuda Police Service on his own free will, with his good name and reputation as a honest person and a dedicated police officer intact.

Allan’s love Justice, his appreciation for the law but most important his faith and confidence in Jehovah give him the patience to hang in there while all the foolishness was going on. Allan believes that it is only a matter of time, before all those who cause him unnecessary discomfort, hardship and emotional stress whilst he was in Bermuda, will be dwelt with by Jehovah.

It is Allan's hope, that you enjoy reading through this case file and find a new appreciation for the strength of this man and all who were so unduly prosecuted by the Bermuda Police Service or any oppressive regime or administration be it political or otherwise.

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