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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is Ralph Gonsalves and His Unity Labor Party Government Criminals?

Many people both within and without St. Vincent and the Grenadines are of the opinion; that the Ralph Gonsalves Unity Labor Party Government, its friends and supporters are involved in criminal activities, even murder. However, in some case a lack of evidence and a fear of becoming a victim have forced such people into a cocoon of silence. Notwithstanding the danger of becoming a victim, my inquisitive mind sent me probing and I have turned up some very disturbing facts. I will take my time and try to be as clear and concise as I possible can.

We have seen the untimely and violent death of Glen Jackson. It was no secret that Glen Jackson had an abrupt falling out with his political associates: Ralph Gonsalves and the Unity Labor Party; and in his disgust, Glen vowed to reveal to the public, certain information that would have been troubling to Ralph Gonsalves, his political party and his government. However, a few days after Glen Jackson made his intention known, and the day before he was to make his big revelation; Mr. Jackson was found dead in his vehicle. His murderers and their accomplices had taken the time to: ensure his body was clean, his place of death was never discovered, and no forensic evidence could be found: not on his clothes nor in his vehicle where his body was discovered; thus no trail was left linking the killers to Glen Jackson's murder.

I hope it did not surprised you that the police force, an institution that Ralph Gonsalves had turned into his personal poppet show, made an arrest; however, the arrest was not one that was based on the accumulation of evidence but one that was made only to quiet the fears and concerns of the population who had expressed outraged over Glen's death but most importantly, the arrest was designed to take the community’s attention away from the real killers. Although a young man was arrested, charged and stood trial for that crime, we all know that crime was way above the physical ability and financial capability of the defendant, in that; the physical strength that was required to move Jackson body to and from his vehicle to clean the carcass; the place and the cleaning material that was employed to clean Glen's body; all in an efforts to ensure no forensic or other evidence was found. The planning that went into concealing Glen’s place of death (the crime scene). All thses actions were far outside the suspect’s criminal intellect. This murder was one that involved a lot of planning and was masterfully executed. Therefore I must conclude that the individual who was arrested and tried for this matter was only a scape goat.

Then there was Peter Dennie: the Nice Radio staff who met his sudden, unexplained, violent death; another murder that was specific in its detail and execution. A crime and a crime scene that was void of any forensic or other evidence. There are other Vincentian who have met sudden arranged deaths; however, their names and the circumstances of their death will not be mentioned in this article for certain reasons.

There is Que Pasa, A man who is know to and in the drugs world; and a once friend and supporter of Ralph E. Gonsalves and his Unity Labor Party. A man who like Glen, had a falling out with his political associates: Ralph E. Gonsalves and his Unity Labor Party. Fortunately for Que Pasa, he has an ACE in the hole (information in strategic place which will be release if he is killed) hence the reason he is alive today.

Any time Que Pasa's menaces are able to chump, his ACE; he will be a dead man. I hope Que Pasa understand that every effort is being made to make his ACE in the hole null and void. Que Pasa is a marked man.

There was an incident, which occurred on the island of Dominica, that I always though was fishy, so after I left Bermuda in 2008, I journeyed to Dominica, where I did some snooping around (investigation). While there, I used my purposeful charming personality and I quickly became friends with the average man on the street, doctors, police officers, other professional and quite a few member of Dominica criminal community. When members of the criminal community discovered that I was from "Ganja Country:" St. Vincent and the Grenadines, many saw an opportunity to establish Marijuana connection etc. I spent two months on the Island of Dominica, all in an effort to uncover what was in my mind a mystery.

Everyone knows, that much attention is not paid to the violent death of a man or a woman with a colorful back ground; in other words, one who live a life of crime. Unfortunately such deaths are not given the level of attention they should be given and are often dismissed as the consequence of the life that individual lived.

Now that I have lay the foundation let me develop this discourse and get to the bottom of the matter at hand.

Recently the Press Secretary (PS) to Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves: Hans King was experiencing marital problems. Unfortunately the trauma of the experience troubled the young man tremendously and negatively impacted his personal and social life; as well as, destroyed his ability to function in his professional life. To make the matter worst, the man who wooed his way into the heart and world of the PM press secretary’s wife; was one with a criminal back ground; and he was wanted by the United States Federal Government. With the help of the PS wife, Cecil Boatswain the individual in question, evaded the St. Vincent and the US authorities, but not for long; sometime later Cecil Boatswain was founded murdered on the Island of Dominica.

Because of Boatswain’s pass, his murder went down as a drug deal that went bad. But was it? Was Cecil Boatswain’s Murder the results of a drug deal that went bad? I emphatically say NO! Cecil Boatswain’s murder was retaliation on behalf of Hans King. The knowledge that Boatswain’s had resurface once again affected the Prime Minister's Press secretary ability to function. The comfort he had from knowing that Boatswain was dead (he got what he deserved) disappeared with Boatswain's reemergence (This information was known only by certain police in the intelligence Department and key politician).

I cannot say with certain who was responsible for arranging the hit (contacting and paying for Cecil's death) or where the money for the hit on Cecil Boatswain came from, (It may have been the treasury of St. Vincent for all that I know) but I can say with a degree of certainty that Boatswain’s hit man was a Jamaican, who resides in St. Lucia: Andrew Kirkpatrick Michelle, who was also contracted by the same source in September 2008 to perform another hit, on another unsuspecting victim who was in Dominica in September 2008.

The question I am unable to answer is: who ordered the hit on Cecil Boatswain? Was it ordered by members within the Unity labor Party or members of the criminal drugs community that provides financial and other supports to Ralph Gonsalves and his Unity Labor Party? On whose request was the hit ordered? I guess we may never know. But what I know for a fact is, Cecil Boatswain was killed on an order that came from St. Vincent in an effort to secure Hans King Sanity.