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Monday, September 15, 2008

Will there ever be the re-enslavement of the Negro race in the Western civilization?

When one hears the words slavery, it is easy for one to be taken back to the not so recent pass, when civil society sanction in practice, concept and law the enslavement of the Negro (Black) race. To most slavery has no real significance, it is just a term used to define a condition of force labor, and unfair treatment handed down on the victims. This is so because we have never delved into the agonizing torture that the African slaves suffered while they were captive in a strange land.

For my fore parents slavery meant, daily beating with whips made of leather, the indiscriminate killing of their brothers, sisters, mother, father close friends and family, all of whom were join together by a common thread; slavery. They also suffered the amputated of body parts and the body parts that were savagely removed were not limited to the arms and legs, men who sought their freedom not only suffered the removal of their feet, they were publicly castrated and separated from their families.

The women at times were raped at will and without mercy, in order to satisfying the deranged sexual desires of their owner and others who were in his employ. The mental and emotional agony was enough to kill them, but they survived; although such brutality, savagery and inhumane treatment left them and their family dysfunctional; they survived.

Now to address the topic at hand, Will there ever be the re-enslavement of the Negro race in the Western civilization? Before I go into details I will first shock you all with my answer this question; I have concluded without a doubt, hence the reason I confidently say that the black race will once again become enslaved in the modern day western society. Now that you know what I believe I will endeavor to justify my answer.

Everyday after emancipation we have heard our civil rights leaders all around the world use words like never again will the black man be made a slave. Never again will the Negro be enslaved; and after such we often reflect on what our fore parents went through and the road they had to walk to secure our freedom. When we reflect on this we develop a strange feeling within, for that moment we are given over to a sense of pride.

But I have matured enough to recognize such are just speech that are design to capture the moment, an emotional presentation to generate a response. The question we must ask ourselves, do I really believe that. Although we pretend to believe it, I know deep down inside we don’t believe the words of the fathers of liberation and those who came after.

There is a school of thought that concludes that the Negro community was never liberated. That emancipation was just a condition that reduced the torturous and degrading treatment. But unfortunately the black race had never taken the opportunity to achieved true freedom. In the same manner there were Africans who sold their fellow African to the European and thus into slavery, today we have many black men who ought to be the leaders of the community are engaged in and makes a living by enslaving members of their own family, community, country but more so their own race; all in the name of the almighty dollar. They deal in drugs, fear and exploitation; they take talented, educated and intelligent men and women and turn then in to slaves to drugs, slaves of fear, slaves of prostitution but most of all to slaves a foreign culture. Intern they prevent their brothers and sisters from realizing their true potential robbing the society of tremendous people who can contribute to its development.

Daily we see our men abundant their family; all because our brothers allow fear and a lack of passion which is needed to deal with the stresses of confronting the responsibility that is associated with having the mothers of our children stand by our sides while together the pair teach their offspring how to be men and women of integrity, respectable and law abiding citizens. Instead we settle for making a small financial contribution to their daily sustenance and credit ourselves for doing such, while our lack of consistent and meaningful involvement in our children life teaches them how to settle disputes with physical aggression, how to exercise a lack of patient, and how to disrespect authority and systems that are put into place for our comfort and safety. We need strong men to teach the child how to question the system and authority that are in place, not to destroy them but to make them better and to ensure they work for us.

Instead of the black men make a decision to spend quality time in their homes with their families, they dedicate that time to the domino tables, the bars, and the sport fields. The black man becomes over recreated as they prepare to fill the penitentiaries (Jail/Prisons) thus leaving the mothers to take up the role of the father; the mothers are now the protector, provider, nurturer and disciplinarian of the families. We all know the absence of a strong father within the home, provides the perfect environment for the nurturing of delinquent children more so the male child. thus paving the way for him becoming incarcerated

We have also so seen the drastic rise in teenage girls (pregnancy) fathering children for older men; men who has no intention of committing themselves and their resources to the child they have forced into motherhood or the unborn child. Therefore these child mothers are abundant in their most vulnerable state.

Now a dangerous situation arises; before our girls have learnt the duties and responsibilities of womanhood they are placed in a situation where they are now forced to teach their child/children lessons they themselves have never learn. As a result we have seen an indiscriminate rise in abortion among the black women. This is so because this group of irresponsible black men fails to protect their women from pregnancy.

Let’s take a look into the black communities or black dominated countries with out discrimination we can see a deadly and most dangerous pattern being played out in the lives of the black male. Our men scoff at education, applaud hanging out on the block, they glamorizes, the thug/gangster life. Daily they kill each other for no good reason and there is no mercies for the innocent in their midst; loyalty, trust and respect are a virtues they scorn and laugh at.


  1. Many people argue that black people are not in slavery anymore. I argue that they have taken the chains from around our physical body but on a mental level we are still in slavery.
    We must not be fooled because white people are now married to black people. A black person in western society is less likely to get a job.

  2. Allan,

    You draw some interesting parallels. The problems in the community ARE the community, or more precisely, the demise of the traditional community.

    Prior to WW2, black communities were strong, vibrant places of hard working individuals, looking out for each other, valuing education and diligence as their means to progress. For the most part, this continued into the early 60s. Witness the courage and solidarity of those pioneers in the Civil Rights struggles in the US particularly.

    After the turbulence of the 60s, the communities came under the drug influence and quickly spiraled downhill. Why? I have no idea. But it does point us towards a potential fix, the reinstatement of the traditional community values that existed before. Bob Marley cautioned us in Redemption Song "Free yourselves from mental slavery, none but OURSELVES can free our minds". It would seem that the solution is still within, as it was before.

  3. We as individuals sometimes allows things to happen to us because we are comfortable in the situations that we are in.

    It dosent have to be that way,most of us were brought up in respectable homes, with proper training,but we choose to do otherwise.some parents are to be blame for the way their children turn out and others, they have done their endeavour best,but the child just want to have his own way whether we as parents like it or not.

    Our children dont want what we wanted in the past,they have a mind of their own,and you can bet they want to experience,almost anything they can put their hands and minds to.

    We have to step away from the thought of slavery, for us to realize that there is more to life, and we have to want more out of life for us to accomplish anything in life...