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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Gary "Guppy" Young; May You Rest In Peace

Once again the Bermuda Police Service has lost another presumable healthy young man from a sudden illness. The Police Sergeant (PS) Gary Young who is affectionately know by all as “Guppy” Young did not meet his sudden death accidentally as is common for people of his age but was another victim of a sudden illness that has been plaguing so many police officer of the Bermuda Police Service both serving and retired. A concern for which no one seem to care (not the Bermuda government, not the management of the Bermuda Police Service nor the Bermuda Police Association) and have for too long gone unattended

SP Young was a soft spoken; well mannered and friendly gentle man who did not care too much for stress; thus he did not waste time worrying over the things he had no control over and encouraged his men to do the same. I can say without a doubt that he was a helper, he will go out of his way to make the people around him comfortable, he will perform the duties for his constable to ensure that he meet a doctor’s, family or other important appointment.

Although Sergeant Young was not a big talker, he was one of those supervisors who had jokes and very often he will break the tension and stresses of the job with a good joke and everyone present will have a good laugh compliments of SP Young. He also loved to dish out a good heckling but he was careful not to go over board.

Because Mr. Young was a private man, who kept his private and professional life seperate in the same way most of us do, I cannot speak of his family and social life, but for what I know he did good by me and by most of the people he came into contact with. It is with this in mind that I am taking this opportunity to extend my deepest sympathy to the family of PS Young, his close friends and beloved colleagues. Brother Young may you rest in the arms of Jesus and may that rest be in peace?
*Unfortunately I do not have a photo of PS Young if you have a photo of Mr. Young can you email it to me at allanp460@hotmail.com so I can post one with the article