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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let Justice Be Done

Today we are living in a world where the word Justice appear to has lost all significant. Once this word was looked upon with great pride and the seekers of Justice were loved, respected, admired, and well-regarded. Unfortunately; the worlds prospective have since changed, and the changes have altered the way in which the word justice is viewed. Today the word is looked upon with scorn and the seekers of Justice are though of and are labeled as trouble makers.

No matter how corrupt this world may be, there will always be a place for justice and a role for the seekers of Justice. It matters not how you feel about a particular issue; Justice must be allow to flow as free as a mighty rushing river. In every era and for every generation, no matter who you are and your station in life, there will be a time when you will be wronged, at that point you will not only need to see, but you will also want to get that reassurance that your wrong will be made right, and while you wait on such a time, you may get a burning desire, to stand on a mountain top and proclaim with a mighty shout “Let Justice Be Done”

No matter where on the spectrum of life we may find our self, we must always understand that the road to justice is not an easy one; the road to justice is one that is litter with snare, stumbling blocks and pitfalls. That is what makes it so special and enjoyable, when those who have trod the course and endure the pain are awarded the privilege to celebrate when justice is served.

We are now living in a world where men will fight tooth and nail “EVEN KILL”; to aid in the miscarriage of Justice. It is always good to remember that no matter how much they fight against justice and try to cause justice not to follow its natural course; we must be encouraged to know, that they who try to aid in the miscarriage of justice, only seeks delay the inevitable, because Justice will have to flow, justice will always flow, Justice can do anything else but to flow like a mighty rushing river.

In service to Humanity
Allan H. F Palmer