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Monday, March 30, 2009

Randolph Liverpool Your Time Has Come

...................................... Retired Superintendent of Police Randolph Liverpool

As Randy Liverpool prepare to make his exit from the Bermuda Police Service, he saw the loyalty of those he wheeled influence over and most of whose integrity he was instrumental in corrupting; when his countrymen and other loyalist in silent rebellion strongly exhibited their resentment for him when they smoothly allow his send-off celebration to fail.

All Randolph wanted, like the thousand before him was for his friends and the people of his paternity to show their respect, their love and their appreciation for him, his years of service, the contribution he made to the Bermuda Police Service (he did not really contribute to nothing else) and the beautiful island of Bermuda. Unfortunately the people he felt closest to, give him the reassurance he will be blessed with a wonderful send off; however in his own style (laced with hypocrisy) they reject his subtle influence to celebrate his departure. Some people refer to such events as poet Justice.

I know that after reading this post, some of his senior colleagues may feel incline to throw him a little pity party. Just to take shame out of his eyes and to send him off with a little self-respect. No matter how bad a person may be he or she should never be totally stripped of their self-respect.

But Liverpool should have known better! No one ever celebrate with the wicked their departure. They celebrate the departure of evil after it has gone. I can hear the remarks of his colleagues as they clearly ringing out in my ears, as if I am a part of the conversation; unfortunately not much good things are said about the Superintendent in his absence. Randolph, they are no longer afraid of what you can do to them; for in a few days you will be stripped of the influence that was bestowed upon you by the Bermuda Police Service. Don’t you know the weak man’s law of survival; (How do I come up with these things) it is: “I will kiss your ring in your presence but I will kick you in the A2S (A+2 s =) when your back is turn. Most people Randolph included, like weak men and women: weak people make even weaker and insecure people like Randy with a little influence feel strong and important. Not that they are.

Martin Paul Weekes an example of decency: an officer and a gentle man a scarce commodity
If you were wise you would have taken a page out of Superintendent to Be Martin Weekes’ book, then you would have left with a dignity that even you would have been proud of; knowing that you did all in your power to promote the elevation of human kind. The Bermuda Police Service are trying to retain its talent, we saw Inspector Haynes, Beckles etc. men who are older than you are; received contracts, why is it that the Big Superintendent Liverpool is not asked to remain on the job so he can pass on his knowledge to the young inexperience officers? I guess you are about to claim the promise Ralph made to you for doing his dirty work.

Randy, I am now concern about your children: for as father you have exposed and taught your children an overwhelming amount negative lessons. One can never measure the impact of subliminal communication which has a tremendous impacted their psyche and may affect them negatively. It is my hope that they do not now become caught up in a cycle that is the consequences of their father’s action and thus becoming victims of the institution their father was once apart of.

I am of the opinion if Randolph Liverpool did not have the uniform of the Bermuda Police Service to hide behind he may have been a victim of that institution. It is my hope that the integrity of Ethel Liverpool his ex-wife and the mother of his children were strong enough to sway them into the path of decency and clean ambition.

Randy, like I told the person who informed me of your retirement and failed send off, I wish you all the best and may the things you put your hands to in the future see only success. Let me welcome you to America when your retirement takes effect at the end of March 2009. My only hope is that you can make it and be happy as a civilian for the second time in your life without your authority and office. The two things that make you feel important. Farewell my "friend."