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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Personal and Honest Reflection of 2008

...........The Prince just before going to church. Such a stately looking Gentleman

Like most people who have entered the New Year, I have decided to enter 2009 with a charted plan. I prepare such to ensure success do not evade me, while preparing for any disappointment and adversity that I will encounter. In doing so I took time to honestly reflect on 2008. In so doing, I came by some experiences that made me smile with sarcastic amazement; Experiences such as the plotted to destroy my self-esteem, moral, my character and my integrity. (The Antigua Sun, Barbados Nation , St. Vincent 705 Radio, Caribbean Net News, the Royal Gazette etc.) But like a strong and wise man, I knew that with the passing of time I will overcome every event of unwarranted stress, oppression, and even the barefaced violation of my civil, human and other rights. The question is: would my oppressors?
Like an episode out of a spy movie, my oppression began after I focused my writings to the news paper in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (the land of my father and of my birth) and the online News paper the Caribbean Net News with the objective to ensure the police woman who brought the allegations of rape and sexual assault against Ralph Gonsalves. Coincidentally a few weeks before my crusade for Justice on behalf female Police Constable Andrews, I started this blog (Crushing fools).

The blog give the police authority, occasion to confront me about my campaign against Ralph Gonsalves which was done by George Jackson under the guise of addressing the Crushing Fools blog. However my lack of fear in the face of their threats of immediate suspension angered Mike Jackman and Rondalph Liverpool.

This meeting marked the beginning many months of harassment, with many unmerited investigation, by several serving officers of the Bermuda Police Service. This was followed by round the clock surveillance, which included vehicular and fool surveillance, unlawful invasion of my private domestic and cell phones lines(tapping), the unlawful seizure of my passport from a FedEx package at the FedEx facility: it is important to note, that this was done with the knowledge of the FedEx management. They broke into my home and erasing personal material from my computer as well as removing personal document and other things from my room. Although all of the action done against me was unlawful their action crossed the line into inhumane behavior when they pour water on the carpet in my room, a room for which I was paying monthly; making my living quarters uninhabitable.

Have you come to the conclusion that the activities that were perpetrated against me are all unethical, illegal and most of them are crimes? What kind of society a can Bermuda have when the guardians of the law are directly involved in criminal activities; what type of society you can have when the law men are also the criminals? With lawmen like there policing Bermuda, Bermudian are in big trouble. Is it any wonder that Bermuda have seen a drastic spike in its crime rate and have seen the murder rate almost tripled. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the Bermuda Police Service is afraid to publish the crime statistic for 2008.

Bear in mind that I lived on the Bermuda Police Service compound; I was a tenant of the commissioner of police and the Bermuda Police and as landlord keeps keys to all of the apartments.

When my then supervisors were doing all in their power to frustration me I was writing the book Saving Christmas, dealing with my editor, illustrator, while arranging competent Bermudian to proof readers the book and eventually published the same. I as well as doing the research that was needed to bring the Hamilton Police Station mould situation to the public attention, I also preparing and submitted the study a Standard for Change. We all know the outcome of this very interesting saga.

While I was going through my adversities, I had friends who give me the reinforcement I needed to be strong. I must make mention of a few of these people: Mr. Kenrick Shillingford and his wife Anolda a wonderful Dominicans couple who take timeout to visit me at my home, the Shilingfords have organized family activities just so that they can invite me to their home, and there was also a wonderful Bermudian couple, Hilton Davis and his wife Ilis. The Davis will look for any reason to have me over to their home; they invited me to family functions they will also call me on a regular basis just to find out how my day was doing. Without the support and encouragement of these two families, I could have been pushed to actions that all would have regretted.
Renowned Jazz Musician in action as he charmed the spectators with his skills in a public performance in Manhattan

2008 was not made up of all adversities. I have celebrated many successes even in the eyes of the adversities I experienced. I prepared, and submitted the Study: A Standard for Change, I exposed the Hamilton Police Station toxic mould infestation, which was killing and making the people who worked in that facility ill, I wrote and published the Book Saving Christmas, I met and was present to see an old Jazz Great Frank Owens in a live performance.

I visited Dominica and had a wonderful time I also created the Dominica’s Nature’s home site. And many more that I will rather not speak about in this environment. Well; since you forced my hands, Yes I fell in love however there is nothing more to tell.

I truly enjoyed 2008. I had just the right number of adversities (character building experiences) and the correct number of successes. And on looking back I must declare 2008 my best year ever.