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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Julian Hall: A Bermudian Intellectual Icon

........Julian Hall A Bermudian intellectual Icon......Photo from Google picture

When my friend Nelly informed me of Julian Hall’s death, I became engulfed with disappointment. I was disappointed for several reasons; reasons which I will go into a little later. Like any good and reliable writer, I did my ground work to confirm the information that was relayed. I later confirmed that Julian was actually pronounced dead about two hours ago.

I can remember when I first heard of Julian Hall, I did not believe all of the wonderful things about him, the disturbing stories about his tribulation and of the brilliance that characterized the man. My disbelief of Julian’s talent was based on the fact that, in most quarters in Bermuda, mediocrity is promoted and held in reverence.

I can remember my first encounter with this Bermudian Icon of brilliance. It was while performing extra (police security) duty at the Bank of Bermuda on Church Street, in the City of Hamilton; but what left the greatest impact and actually converted me as an admirer of Julian Hall was: the speech he made at the 2006 Labor Day rally which was held at the Bernard’s Park. despite his troubled pass he spoke valiantly and without fear. I was amazed by his eloquence, the clarity of mind that was exhibited in his discourse, the logical arguments he made, the love he had for his people, but more so the valiant level of courage he exhibited in challenging the status que that try to secure his demise as an individual, a lawyer, a politician, a labor activist etc. I also listened with interest to the recording of the dynamic speech Julian delivered at the P. L. P’s convention a year or so later.

I have heard of Julian’s rise, his fall and the evil plots that was executed against this man to control and mussel him, yet he defy those who try to silence him, he stood proud and worked for his people. His close political allies disliked his independence of mind and his free will; his political opponents disliked the same qualities; yet when they were in his presence they had no choice but to put away the petty jealousy they harbored in their heart and treat him with the dignity and respect he demanded and deserved.

Julian spent his final years working hard to clear his name of allegations of dishonesty and to change the idiotic law that make it impossible for bankrupt lawyers to practice their profession in Bermuda. This law literally denied this patriotic son of the soil the opportunity to adequately earn a living in the land of his birth.

Many people in different places will want to cast stone at Julian now that he is dead; but like Julian each of us have made bad/poor decisions and mistakes; unfortunately for some, their mistakes and bad decisions were/are highlighted and affects their life adversely. Does that means that we or you are better than the other man or woman because his or her mistakes may have landed them in trouble and your bad decisions, illegal acts and or mistakes did not have such an impact on you? Remember what is in the dark will soon come into the light.

In the Bible Jesus the son of Jehovah said “he who is without sin cast the first stone;” I therefore dear anyone who was intimidated by Julian Hall’s intelligence, his determination, his eloquence, his free will and his love for all Bermudian (even those who designed his political, legal, professional and other downfall) to cast the first stone.

There are not much people that I admire but I admired Julian’s brilliance, his boldness, his courage but most of all I love Julian’s will to fight even against the odds.

Let me take this opportunity to convey my condolence to Julian’s family and the people of Bermuda on the lost of an intellectual icon. May you rest in peace Julian Hall; I hope your people (Bermudians) remember you always.