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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Plots of the Devil -Aagainst the Protection of Jehovah

It is no secret that ever since I was a little boy I had an opinion and because I was born into a family with an open mind, I was encouraged to express my opinion freely, openly and without fear. I can remember as a youth, I would call into the popular interactive radio program: "The Search Light," which was aired on the state own radio station: 705 Radio. On that program I will share my opinion about issues that affects the Community in which I lived. I would address topics that were political, moral, social and economical in nature.  I can also remember when I was 15 years old, I submitting and had my first letter published in the Vincentian News Paper: the oldest news publication in St. Vincent and the Grenadines; this marked, the beginning of my public writing.

I then joined the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force in 1994. Before my emergence into the Police Force, I have already been impacting lives in so many people in so many ways on the land of my birth. I have been a gospel artist with reoccurring performance in the Island biggest Gospel shown: Gospel spectacular which was hosted by Emerald Gospel group, which had the Victoria Park as its venue, Gospel explosion which was hosted by the Unity Gospel Group, which also had the Victoria Park as its venue. Both shows had thousand of patron from within the region as well as a wide range of internationally renowned guess artist. I also participated in the annual shows that were hosted by the other groups on the island.

I also organized and ran a Christmas Lunch program for the Homeless, Which saw my friends which included, Yvonne and Gideon Soleyn, Rosemary and Leroy Richardson, Glenroy Providence, Jerry Cuffy among others participating in this venture. Each year I will invest in providing meals for the homeless and with the help with my friends who are named above this was a success each time I did it. Every Christmas morning I will walk the entire length of Kingstown in an effort to seek out and informed the homeless of a free Christmas meal that would be provided at Bentic Square in Kingstown and they will show up and be treated with the courtecy and dignity they deserved to be treated with.

I can remember many people wanted to join into this endeavor, however; I try to encourage them to start their own program for it was needed. The last year I conducted this program, Peter Prescott along with the other regulars join me in the preparation and distribution of the meals.

I was never one whose actions were governed by money or personal benefits but I was always touched and I was always concerned about those who are less fortunate than I am. I have very little tolerance for those who abuse their authority, position, social status and finances to exploit the underprivileged or those who they are more fortunate than.

I know that I have rightfully offended many people with my objective writings, my vocal expressions as well as my actions. I also know that I am a target of revenge for many people whom I have so offend, especially some insecure members of the Bermuda Police Service (fortunately most of them were asked to retire), some with in the Royal St. Vincent Police Force, The Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Ralph Gonsalves and some of his cronies.

The unfortunate thing is; some of these people think it is with in their best interest, to ensure I fail at what ever I do and they go out of their way to try to sabotage anything they find out I am doing. I have seen the evil of their hands at work, and I have seen and heard when their quality control officers come around to see how their demon inspired plans had affected me.

They have sent their demons possessed associates to try and entice me to get involved in some foolproof investment and get rich quick deals, hoping I will lose my investments, they have sent anonymous bad reports about me to employers (some of which were fake employees I set up for the purpose) and they hoped that such will remain secret. I wish them all of the best in their endeavors.

I will remind those who have set themselves up as my adversaries that, I am serving and relying on a the Creator God, Jehovah, Yahweh, The Host High God who will opens door for me that no man can shut and If I am running a little late he will keep it open until I get there. This same God closes door that no one can open. There is not a Lillie that falls to the ground without his prior knowledge or approval. The winds that blow on the water does so only at his will; even though he commands the wind blow upon the water, the water dear not make a ripple unless he commands it so to do.

This is the God who holds my success in his hands; this is the God you are fighting against, yes HE is the same God that have been fighting my bottles and who continue to fight with and for me. It is totally impossible for me to lose, my success is assured, my happiness is already handed to me and there is nothing that no one can do to change this fact.

Have you ever wondered why your extensive foolproof plots and plans always seems to fall by the wayside, even when my life was in danger and with no help from me? Have you every wondered why your soldiers offten return to you with a reposr of mission unaccomplished? Have you ever wondered why even when I should be under tremendous pressure I am happy and going about as a free spirit? It is because my success is already a rap and there is nothing you can do to change that fact.

It make no sense sneaking around, for if you call me and asked me, I will tell you what I am doing and what the Lord has planned for me. I am not hiding from man nor demon that which the lord has already provided for me; the reason for my boldness is simple; who Yahweh blesses no man of demon can ever curse.

Only if you can see the confident smile of victory that is plastered upon my face as I write this article. So until your next plot against me fails; I will say to you, fight on my haters, may my God have sympathy upon you all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Short Presentation Before the MTA Board Of Director Of New York State

On the evening of Tuesday 21th September 2010, at 6:30 PM, I attended a town Hall Meeting that was held at the Brooklyn Museum. This meeting was organized by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in accordance with the law of the state of New York and was held before the board of directors and other decision making persons that are responsible for the general management of this vital institution. Such meetings are a lawful requirement of the MTA before they can make or take any major decisions or actions that can affect the public. As a member of the commuting public who rely on the MTA to get to and from my destination throughout New York City, I felt it necessary to attend this Town Hall meeting to offer my opinion on the matter.

There were over a hundred people who made presentation at this Town Hall meeting and I was fortunate to be among the conscious public transportation commuter who saw it necessary to ensure that my voices was heard.

Each person was given the duration of three minutes to make the presentation, below is the short three minutes impromptu presentation I made.

Good evening ladies and gentle men, I hope that you are able to understand my rich West Indian accent. It is no secret that the MTA provides a very vital service to the commuting public. It is unfortunate that the MTA have dug itself into a deep financial ditch, it is also unfortunate that the MTA can only find two means of increase their cash flow which are:

1. They put thousands of low and middle income workers out of work, while the people who are making the significant wages that can impact the indebtedness of the MTA remain employed and without wage cut.

2. They increase fare.

These are not creative means of accomplishing the objective that the MTA now faces.

I have a few questions that I will like to ask.

1. After the last increase in fare, did the general ridership increase or decreased?

2. Did the increase in fare positively impacted the MTA profitability or did they experience a decrease in the general income of the MTA?

The MTA is a retailer and they retail the service of transportation like any retail enterprise the MTA need to increase the volume of sales, if they ought to be profitable. The MTA also need to find significant ways in which to reduce its operational cost.

The Challenge

Let me challenge you guys. When I look at the podium I see well intended dignify men and women. With that in mind let us speak about leaving a legacy. I know you all are capable men and women; you need to work to leave a legacy for your children and your grand children. Your children and grand children must be able to boast at school and with their peers that my father or mother, grand father or grand mother was responsible for turning around the MTA without breaking the backs of the poor people, I know you all are capable of coming up with creative means of accomplishing this, it is time to get your creative juices flowing and leave a positive legacy for your children and grand children thank you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carl Neblet, The BPS Commissioner of Police and A Case To Make Public; Private Medical Records.

Bermuda Police On Duty

It is my hope that Carl Neblet and his supporters, do not think that I am against or that I in any way dislike him (Carl). In order to set the record straight, I must declare that I think Carl Neblett is a very nice person. Unfortunately for him; his personality does not provide him with the nature that is needed to effectively confront the problems and issues of the Bermuda Police Association (B.P.A) in the manner they should be dealt with; a manner that will bring lasting solution to most of the issues the Association's members are faced with. As a result, the men and woman of the Association are misled and misrepresented. My opinion of Call as a person and Carl Neblett method of operating as head of the BPA are different and it in no way means that I will not be critical not of Carl Neblett the person but of the silly and avoidable graft and decision he continue to make.

Let us take a brief look at and in the process consider the latest saga that is currently being played out within the Bermuda Police Service, where the Commissioner of Police (C.O.P) have decided to take two police officer to civil court. This new court action that was brought by the commissioner of Police, is designed to force the said officers to reveal to him their medical records. This request was made to and was denied by the officers who are being taken to court after they have been on sick leave for more than two years now.

Although I think the steps Commissioner De Silva is currently taking are strange ones, I would believe that he is following legal counsel. The police act has within its pages, the means by which such issues of prolong illnesses can be resolve in a manner that can bring closure to such matters, without the bitterness than the current course of action may leave within the ranks. It is not my intent to delve into such issue in this article.

I am sure that COP and the attorney General are aware that certain information are deemed confidential and no court of law will order there release unless it is in the interest of public safety or other critical matters, No court of law is going to violate the community's rights and set new court president to satisfy an employees curiosity.

What caused my underwear to become tied up in knots, was the below extract from the Royal Gazette. In an interview with the Call Neblett the leader of the BPA the organization that is endowed with the legal responsibility to look out for the interest and protect the rights of the members Bermuda Police Service below the rank of inspector.

Asked about the latest court action, Acting Detective Sergeant Carl Neblett of the Police Association (BPA), which represents the interests of officers, said: "As far as the BPA is aware, this is a civil matter between the Commissioner of Police and the plaintiffs.

"The Bermuda Police Association is not involved in this upcoming case in any way. Two of the officers involved in this upcoming case have not notified or approached the BPA and we do not know who their respective lawyers are."

There are several disturbing factors in the short quote of Carl Neblett, that was recorded in the Royal Gazette article.Together let us take a look at this issue from the prospective of the officers involved, Neblett’s response and the actions of the BPA.

This is a civil matter between the Commissioner of Police and the plaintiffs. Firrst I will address the quote

1. It is unfortunate that the two police officers are called plaintiff by their most senior welfare representative. This is a clear sign that Call Neblett and the BPA have already distance themselves form those involved even though they so call plaintiffs are bring forced to surrender their rights. and even though the Association is fully unaware of the facts of the matter.
  1. This matter is an internal matter 
  2. It is a work related issue where two of the BPA’s members are being attacked by one who is in authority and one who does not falls under the banner of the BPA.
By virtue of the foregoing characteristics the outlined dynamics makes this issue a BPA matter.

2. Mr. Neblett form your prospective as a constable, a member of the BPA and as a prominent Leader of the BPA, and from the BPA prospective; the parties involved in this matter are not plaintiffs: they are first your colleagues and second they are BPA members those whose interest you volunteer to look out for.

3. The BPA does not represent the interest of the officers. Well that one I know from experience, the BPA represents the interest of management because, it is easier for the Association to be on the side of management for many reasons that has nothing to do with "securing a promotion".

4. The BPA is not involved in the upcoming case in anyway. The fact that it is a civil proceeding does not automatically exempt the BPA from working on behalf of its member in a work related dispute with management. Carl at lease you know that the level and or functions of the proceeding do not take away the responsibility of the BPA to represent its members.

5. The officers involved have not approached or informed the Association of the matter that is brought against them. Give me a break Carl, this mentality is low; it matters not whether the persons involved brought the matter to your or the attention of BPA. A person who has any genuine concern for the people they represents often forget about personal pride and does what is right. That is what a true leader of such an organization will do. They will not wait on the victims, for an invitation to provide representation to a colleague in trouble but on finding out of the problems will ensure that they get to the bottom of the matter and offer any support they can; this is what true representation is all about.

Let me make it clear, the affair of the three police officer as it relates to the presentation of their medical records and the court proceeding that is brought against them are in deed the business of the BPA and they should be in the forefront with the members; unless for reasons not given the by the BPA have cause the Association to have make a conscious decision to disassociate themselves from the matter. The Bermuda Police Association must adopt the attitude that whenever information is brought to their attention by whatever means, they (the executive) must make an effort to contact the member who is experiencing such difficulties even if is to lend moral support.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Jackie Agustus an Other Victim of the Curse of the BPS

Once again the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) has suffered another lost; once again, another faithful servant of and to the Bermuda Police Service, has fallen victim to the curse that has been plaguing that institution for many decades now; a curse that has taken the life of  hundreds of employees and ex-employees of the Bermuda Police Service. Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Augustus: the Bermuda Police Service tailor/seamstress who was responsible for fitting and outfitting the members of the BPS in their uniform is now dead. She is the most recent person to be added to the list that make up the statistic, of people associated with the BPS and who fulfilled her assignment on the compound of the BPS, who was devastated by sudden, unexplained, critical illness and she subsequent scummed to her illness. 

Like Sergeant of Police Gary Young and hundreds of others before him, Ms. Augustus was strong, capable and able person when she was diagnosed with cancer and within one month of her diagnosis she rapidly deteriorated and died. Jackie took her last breath on Sunday 22nd August 2010, and in the process, she found relief from her suffering.

To Jackie’s friends and family she was a helpful, caring, faithful, and a loving person who they could have relied upon in time of trouble and when they had other needs; however, to the cold Government of Bermuda and the frigid management of the Bermuda Police Service; Jackie was just another number on the pay role. Now she had graduated and will become just another number on the statistic sheet of BPS employee who contracted cancer, other terminal, or life-threatening disease, suffered and subsequently die.

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Augustus had a memorial service, her friends, family and employers had many good things to say about her; she was buried now we all are wait for the next victim (BPS employee or BPS Ex-employee) to fall pray to what ever environmental condition is causing the member of this institution to become critically ill and suddenly die.

Is the cause of the illnesses to hard to find/discover? Or is it a case of; I am in good health and my family are not affected so why should I care?

It is important that we remember, Andrew Thomas, Paul Marsden, Timothy Herbert, Gary Young, Jackie Augustus and the others who have meet their untimely death, did not have nothing to worry about, for they were all healthy; that is, until they became ill and were forced to stare death in the face.

I wrote to many institution (health and other institutions) in Bermuda; I did so, in an effort to rally support for my ex-colleagues; the members of Bermuda Police Service, in relation to the plight they are faced with. I received a response from the highest political authority on the island: the office of the Premier, who assured me they were looking into the issue as it related to the sudden, tragic illnesses and death of the men and women in the Bermuda Police Service.

There are two things we can all agree on, and they are:

  • Something is terrible wrong.
  • It is critical that it is look into immediately.
Carl Neblet; it is time you wake up from your conscious sleep, rally the members of the Bermuda Police Association; the organization that you have been leading (some say down the wrong path) for more than a decade now and make some serious demand upon the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service. It is criminal to ask healthy people to work in an environment that is killing them. This cannot be allowed to continue for your inactivity is killing innocent men and woman. Carl you ought to be careful, for the life you are going to save, may very well be your own.