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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Bermuda Police Service Mould Condition Verified

In 2008, I brought to the public’s attention, the unhealthy conditions, of the facilities that are occupied by the Bermuda Police Service. I did so by writing and posting articles on the blog Crushing fools, writing letters to the then Caribbean News Net; as well as, in a document to the Governor Of Bermuda, which was also sent to The Premier of Bermuda: Dr. Ewart Brown, the minister of Public Safety; David Burch as well as members of the opposition U.B.P the document was titled “A standard For Change” ‘A four Years Internal investigation of the Bermuda Police Service. In the document I informed the above listed people and their offices of the unhealthy conditions that exist in those buildings among other things.

It was interesting to note that most people though I was only stirring up trouble, because of the difficulty I was experiencing with the management of the Bermuda Police Service. In my writings I spoke of the doctored report that was released by the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), which was design to hid the reality of the conditions as it exist in the buildings that houses the BPS and to keep us (enlisted and civilian workers) ignorant of the dangerous environment the Bermuda Government invited us to work in. As in everything else, the truth of my words are once again being confirmed and is now being validated by professionals in the field.

It is reported that a Supreme Court order, which was issued by the Supreme Court of Bermuda, gave the authority to Michael Pugliese and Dr. Jack Thrusher mould experts the permission ran test on the Hamilton and the Somerset Police Station. After the testing was completed, the test revealed such a high concentration of mould that those who were invested with the responsibility of conducting the test, refused to reenter the buildings without protective mask and later stated "The condition of Hamilton Police Station is such that the officers who work in the station should be wearing protective breathing masks in order to protect themselves from the air contamination resulting from the microbial growth in the building. The building should be torn down, it is not habitable."

What were unfortunate, is many healthy men and women had become ill and die as a result of the unhealthy condition that existed in the premises that housed the Bermuda Police Service, conditions that was known to the Government of Bermuda and the leadership of the Bermuda Police Service? Yet they knowingly, hid evidence and enticed loyal men and women to work in an environment that was/is killing them.

The action of these people constitutes a crime of omission: here we have a situation where responsible citizens were playing God. They placing healthy men and women with families, in unnecessary danger; they did so by putting them in a situation where they fell pray to a hazardous work environment. The Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service did this with the knowledge that the chances of there employees of becoming ill and even dying was a high one. This boils down to many categories of crimes, which includes causing the contraction of an infectious diseases, murder, manslaughter etc.

The questions that are dominant on my mind are: will anyone be brought to Justice for the illnesses and death that was caused by such negligence? Will the D.P.P see it fit to commission an independent investigation and bring criminal charges against anyone who knowingly endangered the life of hundreds of men, woman and civilian who have became ill and die as a results of the informed decisions of key members in the Bermuda Police Service and the Government of Bermuda?

Justice must be done, but then again poetic justice is always being served and it is being served up in Bermuda in a big way and it is being served up every day. What do you expect of the youngsters, how can you condemn the criminal behavior of Bermuda youths, when the adults who are invested with the responsibility and the authority to ensure the protection of citizen and visitors alike are also committing many criminal acts and are not being held accountable for such actions?

Example is still the greatest teacher and our life is still the best examples that we can give to out children. Have the leaders (political, religious, community etc.) in Bermuda been providing the best examples for the countries youths? Is it conscionable for those leaders in Bermuda to expect the youths to act different from way they are acting and behaving today?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Integration A New Segration

Art work from Website "Chruch Awaken"

The systems that made slavery, apartheid and any other form of racial segregation legal, were not only wicked but was a slap in the face of the Creator God, who made all man equal. Such legal government systems, should have never existed, however; such existed and exist as a result of man’s inability too fully appreciate, understand and accept the beauty that is found in differences. Such inability has the capacity to manufacture fear and fear if it is not dealt with appropriately; can be easily transformed into hate. We must always remember, where there is hate, there are extreme and ugly behaviors. So it will be correct to conclude; such behaviors and system were/are born out of fear that eventually, evolves into hateful actions and behaviors.

Western integration was born out of the idealistic intention, which had as its primary goal: the unification of the races. I must conclude, the approach that was used to accomplish this critical social change; although it was absolutely necessary, it was the wrong approach. I was necessary in that the members of the white or the Caucasian community was not willing to let lose on the lifestyle, they have grown accustom to and enjoy; a life style that had at its roots the exploitation of blacks; as well as, the rooted belief that members of the black race were less than human and it was within their rights to treat their property like property.  Legislative integration was the wrong approach for true integration must and can only come about, through mutual respect and appreciation for and among those that are divided; qualities that were none existent between the races, at the time legislative integration took effect.

Most members within the white community saw the new system of integration, as taking away their God given rights to hate and practice hate; one that forced them to interact and play with those they had nothing in common with. On the other hand; the black population who existed under a system that encouraged segregation in its varying forms, saw integration as a welcome opportunity to get involved and participate in activities they were denied of: because of the color of their skin.

As a result of legislative integration, there arose some new situations, which saw some members of the white community resisting such changes at all cost. They were willing to sacrifice even their civility; they broke the law, trampled on societal norms and violated all semblance of ethic to resist such changes. The level of hate was so high that white sympathizers, were treated with the same level of contempt as their black counterpart. This leads me to ask a very important question, which is: did such ideology and practice evolved from a misunderstanding of differences and a lack of an appreciation for the same or was it a case of people’s desire to be evil and practice the same?

Members of the black community longed for the opportunity, to embrace the freedom they were unjustly denied of, for so long; a freedom they only dreamed of but now, a freedom they hoped to embrace and experience. Unfortunately, the black community were to experienced a rude awaken, from their dreams of freedom. This occurred when their dreams collided with a very harsh reality of the day. For although the laws were enacted; they were not enforceable. There were two main reasons that made these laws UN-enforceable and they were: 

1. The dominant white decision makers that govern the community were not ready to surrender the privileges and the life style that they enjoy as a result of these system.

2. The section of the community, endowed with the authority to enforce the law, also benefited from this system. They were not willing to acknowledge and sought justice on behalf of someone who, in their opinion, was less than human and inferior (blacks people) against those who were considered their own: members of the white community and the presumably superior race.

This belief had a tremendous impact on the new system and was responsible for changing the landscape and social dynamics of the western hemisphere. It fueled an underlying anger and hatred on both side of the fence that sought only forced the people into a new dimension of segregation.

When one considered that western segregation saw the black community being denied of their basic human rights and privileges; it appeared that the members of the black community had nothing to lose and every thing to gain; such was a threat to the acceptable way of life of the white community.

Later, when perception had changed, consciences were troubled and the laws became enforceable; the community saw another side to and of segregation which still exist. This resulted in the withdrawal of members of the white community from the community wherein they lived. The greater part of the white populations refused to interact or associate with the blacks for business, religion, social activities etc. they participated only in activities that were absolutely necessary.

The self imposed recursion of members of the white community, provided more opportunity for the members of the black community, which was seen as part of the perks that came along with their newly acquired rights. With the newly acquired rights came a bold and intrusive attitude which under the circumstances was not justifiable but very much understandable. This was so when one considered the degree of brutality some whites were willing to inflict on blacks in order to deny them of their God given and their legal rights.

Integration was intended to be a positive tool, that was meant to enhance the life of the people in the black and the white community; however, it was totally misunderstood and misapplied by the people it was meant to help. As a result; a system which was meant for the good of both, the black and the white community, backfired and instead of becoming a blessing, it became a curse. A curse which continue to affect the said communities even up to today. 

Integration was meant to provide the Caucasian community with an appreciation of blacks, their talent, and skills; they were to inaugurate the strengths of the races to create a better community for all.
It was meant to give member of the black community, the opportunity to exist in the community on equal footing, with that of their white counterpart. Unfortunately the two supreme objectives were lost in the hate that existed previous to integration and that which developed after legislative integration came into effect.

Some ways Legislative integration negatively affected the black community
• It seems as if a large cross section of the black community have been told NO! You can’t! You are not good enough; so many times and for so long, that they actually believed, they were not good enough and this was reflected in their negative attitude towards anything that was black owned, made and inspired; in relation to that which were white.

• Another aspect that deeply affected the black community; was the No factor. Some members of the black community have been told NO so many times, for so long and for no justified reason that when they were giving the legal opportunity to participate in the community affairs, they were willing to defy the authority of the white population and claim their now legal right to participate in that which was forbidden as a result of racial prejudice.

As a result of the lack of white support, the negative psychological reinforcement among blacks towards that which was owned and produced by members of the black community; the defiant attitude among some within the black community that spurred on their zealousness, to ensure they were not denied of the opportunity, to participate in their newly found rights had serious negative impact to black enterprise. The combination of attitudes saw black art, black talent, black invention etc. suffered tremendously.

Here a situation was created where the white community refused to acknowledge and or support anything that was made, organized, operated or created by members of the black community; while On the other hand, a large cross section of the black community had been so cultured and conditioned to believe that nothing black was good; in other words nothing that was made, created, organize, operated etc. by members of the black community was good and the things of the white community was better than anything the blacks made. While another section within the black community patronized the white businesses etc. just to defy the white racist owner and to practice their new found liberty. You can see the negative impact these three situation had on businesses, inventions etc. that were made and operated by and within the black community.

This inferiority mental complex within the black community and the willingness of the defiant black to challenge the white racist community in order to practice their liberty, led to the failure of many black enterprises. The failure of the black businesses etc. which resulted from a lack of support from the black community only sought to transform the community into what it is today: a race of consumers. Even today, unfortunately; we can tell from the common practice, of the overwhelming majority of people of and from the black community; that the belief that nothing that was created by members from and within the black community is good; is still prominent.

In short while the black enterprises went out of business, the white establishment, leagues, invention, creativity, schools, organization etc. flourished and as a result, the black intellectual and talent flocked to the doors of the white form and run organization to lend them their expertise, skill and talents aa well as their consumer support.

A good and amplified example of this was the United States of America as well as Bermuda. In the USA we saw black entrepreneurs started black base ball, basket ball; foot ball league, theaters etc. to facilitate the Negro players and talents, who as a results of the color of their skin; were denied the opportunity to compete and participate in the white ran and owned leagues. It is strange that the Negro leagues had better players, coaches and teams than that of the white leagues thus the competitiveness was also greater than that of the white leagues. Yet it was the sole ambition of the black superior player to make it in what was the inferior leagues to compete against inferior players. In Bermuda it was the businesses. We have seen many black business suffered for basically the same reason while the white businesses experienced prosperous existence for centuries.

in the U S A, the sports and art situation was a unique one, in this case it was not about a desier to be apart of something that was better but the black players and artist were longing for the acceptance and recognition of the whites segregationist and they did all in their power to be accepted. Today we called those people heroes, champion of the civil rights movement, men and women who tore down barriers and open doors for blacks. However in my opinion I see this as an institutionalized and accredited failure.

Such should have been the opposite; in that, the white inferior players, singers, actors, dancers etc. should have been upping their game in order to participate and gain acceptance in the black leagues and to preformed on black stages. These socall heros were instramental in ensuring that members of the black community continue to be seen as inferior and they did so at tremendous damage to their pride, self-esteem and black dignity.
It was only when the white leagues and teams saw the economic benefits of inaugurating blacks supertalents into their leagues etc. that such happened at tremendous negative impack upon the black leagues. This resulted in the black establishments being forced to go out of business for lack of talent and by extension lack of gate return.

In the area of invention the transitional segregated system created many challenges for black inventors to patent inventions, as a results many black inventors lost their invention to the wealthy business men and women of the day who became wealthy by patenting and initiating mass production of the invention they had not participated in the creation of, while the inventors lived and die in poverty. 

Legislative integration failed to benefit the community, for it only sought to change the dynamics of segregation and facilitated the evolution of a more complex, discreet, not easily identified form of segregation. A needed system that was not properly managed by the community; in the processed and in more ways than one the system failed to benefit those whom it intended to help in the manner it was intended. However it only sought to drive a transparent wedge between the races that continue to keep the races apart.