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Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Is Superintendent Mike Jackman and his Bermuda Police Service is up to now

What Is Superintendent Mike Jackman and his Bermuda Police Service is up to now
It is no secret that the Bermuda Police Service was following me during the early part of my suspension. And it is no doubt that they are monitoring my phone (cell and domestic line) as well as my Internet communication. Yet this knowledge does not have any impact on my psychic. That is because I am a strong man and trivial occurrence no matter how significant Mike Jackman and all whom he encourages to join him in his dirty games (will soon learn their lesson) do to me.

Now let me get into the meat of this discourse.

On Tuesday 8th April 2008 I finally decided to take the Bermuda Police Service to court. So on Wednesday 9th April 2008, I contacted a lawyer, and I make an appointment to see the registrar or some legal professional in that office. All of the arrangement was done on my cell phone or my home phone (both of which is being monitored by the Bermuda Police Service). These unexpected moves on my behalf cause a panic in my exploiters that have too much to lose if their unprofessional behavior is made known.

I know Superintendent of Police Mike Jackman and his boys are up to something which may have something to do with the sudden disappearance of my Pass Ports, which will be the subject of my next discourse. I know the sight of me and my courage make these coward men tremble with fear and my persistence get them nervous.

I am wondering are you all planning to find another woman to entrap me, just like the young lady (whose name I will not mention here) you all set up to asked me for information from the Bermuda Police Service computer (which my honesty and professionalism could not and will not allow me to do) in hopes that you can cause my dismissal. Most people always think that everyone is unethical and dishonest as they are; hence the reason why they try to use their weakness to cause the other downfall.

Whatever your plans are, just be sure that the worst thing that can happen to me is you can conspire to have me incarcerated and I am not afraid of that. Don’t forget that I am from Bottom Town in St. Vincent and I grow up among the roughest and the toughest, the Caribbean has got to offer. (It is the popular opinion based on where I am from that I should be impression, but look at me) I have been doing bottle all of my life and I always rise like cream to the surface. Even when the odds are stock against me as they are now. I always seem to rise, you see when a man is in a position with his back against the wall and he has nothing to lose what he won’t do? That is something to think of.

Please remember that:

Ambition is not bending over backwards, to fulfill the dreams others have dreamt for you; it is having the courage to dream your own dreams and the will to pursue them, no matter what happens.

Ambition is not walking the clear safe path, just because it is the road that is convenient for the crowd; it is having the will to make a road, where the majority thinks it is impossible.

Ambition is not accepting destructive criticism, when it is aimed at discouraging one’s effort; it is being able to laugh at the critics and work hard to prove that they were wrong.

Ambition is not being afraid of failure.
It is realizing that failure is just another word, used to describe a person who was afraid to try and try and try to achieve the attainable.

Ambition is not giving up on your difficult goals, because success always seems to evade you; it is following your dreams, even if you think, they are unattainable; remember, miracles can still happen.
in service to humanity
Allan H.F. Palmer
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