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Monday, August 11, 2008

Kellon Murder a Senseless lost

Yet another of Bermuda’s youth has met his senseless demised. The ridiculous murder of 18 years college student Kellon Hill, who succumbed to the blade of the murderer’s knife and was pronounced dead at the King Edward the 7th Memorial Hospital on the night of the 10th August 2008, have this peace loving community in anguish mode today.

The Friends of Kellon Hill the Bermuda Institute Graduate; are submerged in anger, hurt and sorrow; and this was expressed in the out-pouring of tribute of Bermuda’s youths who is trying to come to grips with the nonsensical murder of this young man.

Angela Can said, "The recent killings of Bermuda’s Youths tells me that the island youths needs guidance; Angela who is perturbed over the killing of the island’s youths, further said, I want to know what is going on with my young men, she also want Bermuda’s youths to know that she is praying for them all.

Jamal Brown who in his on line tribute to Kellon, spoke of is inability to sleep because of gruesome stabbing murder of his friend Kellon. Jamal further said; "dang! He was just about to leave for college then this happened; rest in peace Kellon".

Antonio Belvedere whose foul language expressed the anger that engulfed this young man over the brutal murder of his friend Kellon Hill said: "Bermy" (short for Bermuda) is shot (waste of time) it is pure bullshit y’all. The people on this 21 square miles island need to wake to "F" up and get a job and buy their own shit. Antonio words express what is believed to be the allege reason Kellon met his death. It is alleged that Kellon was kill after a gang of youths try to rob him of a gold chain he was wearing.

Kellon’s death marks the second murder for 2008, with four and a half months to go before the year end. I have estimated that Bermuda will see at lease four murders for the year 2008 if we are to follow the trend over the pass years.

It will be interesting to see the way in which the Bermuda Police Service is going to response to this recent murder. Are they going to do what is the usual? Which is to use the press to quite the fears of the people, informing the community via the press of their efforts to keep them safe; by conducting stop and checks giving the "OPERATION" a fancy name, arrest a few people for warrants while inconveniencing the other 80% of the law abiding community. Where was the BPS when Kellon needed to be kept safe?

This case seems like a very simple case; according to information received there were a large number of witnesses to this murder, let us see how long it is going to take the Bermuda Police Service to investigate this matter, affect a legitimate arrest, and charge the culprit or culprits without making a mess of this case as they did with the Rebbecca Middleton’s murder.

Crushing Fools blog and I will like to extend to the family of Kellon Hill our sympathy, it is our hope that God will send you all the grace, love, understanding and peace you all will need in your time of sorrow. I know the pain you bear is beyond my comprehension; but amidst all of your sorrow we wish you peace for your pain.

To the family of the perpetrator (s) of Kellon’s murderer; I pray that you also find comfort and understanding in your time of trouble, may God give your family the strength you all will need to provide support to each other, and the wisdom to understand the pain Kellon’s family is going through in their time of lost.

I know most of you are wondering what is happening to me. I am OK. I am giving the management of the BPS time to bask in the glory of their false sense of security they are finding comfort in. I will address the Bermuda Police Service press release in seven day. Be good Bermuda and cooperate with the police.

In service to humanity
Allan H.F Palmer