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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here is The Beginning of Bermuda's Hypocrisy

Protocol is the code of conduct that one is expected to follow when representing an organized, institution, government, etc. in an official and or social capacity. For example, an individual who is on a government assignment is expected to behave in a certain manner when on the states business. Whatever activities that individual gets involved in, he or she must always have his country’s best interest at heart; and his/her action must always reflect loyalty to his country and patriotism.

In the same manner, when a minister of government, a minister of the gospel or any other person in an official capacity are ask to make a public appearance or to speak publicly; that individual must first make sure that the persons, group or organization who extends that invitation, that they, their policies, associations and actions are in harmony with those whom he was appointed or elected to represents. In most cases such officers cannot accept personal invitation because their presence will automatically reflect on the post they holds. He or she must ensure that whatever is said in such forum or environment stays within the perimeters of the policies of the government or the organization whom he represents.

In some cases when an individual is appointed to a particular position, that individual is expected at all time to be responsible to the post, the organization, the public and those whom he represents. Such expectations are based on the image of the organization and the sensitivity of the post; thus the life and verbal expression of one who falls in this category must at all time reflect the standard, policies and principles of the organization they represents. Such category of people and profession may include but not limited to members of the diplomatic core, certain corporation, politicians and other high profile public officers.

Now that I have explained what protocol is, I am going to address an issue that was on my mind for sometime now. On 26th February 2008 while addressing the Bermuda House of Parliament, government minister Derrick Burgess JP. MP said “Guess workers should not get involved in Bermuda’s politics and those who speak out against their companies policies should be expected to get dismissed.”
Can you believe that such words came from the lips of a seasoned trade unionist? In my opinion Derrick Burgess words sound like those of an insecure fool or those of a dictator.

I am of the impression that Minister Derrick Burgess is of the impression that when an individual take up a post in Bermuda, they no longer has the ability to form, hold or express an opinion base on the activities that engulfed them daily. Mr. Burgess were you saying that because an individual is working in Bermuda he should not make comments of his observation, or give his opinion around the water cooler about his observations etc? This surly do not seems as if they are coming from a mind of rationality but one that is warped from years of ethnic prejudice. Were you also suggesting that the companies in Bermuda all has perfect policies? And were you suggesting (being a trade unionist) that if a company's policy affects a foreigner working (not guess workers because Bermuda do not have guess workers, for that’s not how as host one treats their guess) in Bermuda he or she must grind his or her teeth and suffer under whatever unfair or discriminatory policies that exist. Have you been a trade unionist for all those years with such a deranged thinking and insensitivity to workers, their rights and their feelings?

Mr. Burgess you do not sound like a politician or a trade unionist, you sounds like a slave master/driver. However instead of segregated laws and a slave whip, you use discriminatory policies, and behavior such as the revocation of the work permit to keep foreign workers/your slaves in line. I often smile to myself whenever I hear of foreign workers who for one unlawful reason or the other had their work permit revoke out of petty spite.

These actions are a perfect reflection of the size of the minds of the people who uphold and encourage such discriminatory practices and policies. It also reflects the level of mental mature/security and self-esteem they possess. These are action of weak men and women. Unfortunate the petty bigotry that is so common among a large cross section of Bermudian are nurtured and encouraged by the politicians and facilitated by those who knows better and sit by in silence.

Examined the hypocrisy:

Now on 16th October 2008, Consular General of the USA, Gregory Slayton in delivering a speech at the gathering of the 22nd congress of re-insurance at the Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda publicly declared that Bermuda was in a recession

This is before the USA government publicly declared (even after many consecutive quarters boss refused to make such a declaration as it related to the USA. of proof that the USA was in a recession) that the USA was in a recession. Slayton’s could not make such a public declaration about in his country about his country whilst holding such a position.

I noticed that Dr. Brown, neither Derrick Burgess nor any other Bermudian called for the USA government to recall the Consular General for getting involved in Bermuda’s political affairs in the same manner you all was for ever calling for the recall of John Vereka. Here we see that Slayton not only got involved in the political affairs of Bermuda but he being a high profile member of the diplomatic core made a public declaration which should have been made by the minister of finances or the primer. We all know how such declaration can affect an economy.

This lead me to ask the following questions Mr. Derrick Burgess who were you speaking to when you made those remakes in your portfolio of parliamentarian? Were there exception? And why did you and your government just sit back like cowards after such a gross disrespect that was displayed for you, your remarks and your government operations?

George Jackson, My Prayers are with You and Your Family

When I was informed of the tragedy (son Andrew Jackson is brain dead as a result of a single vehicle accident) that struck the household of one of my nemesis Commissioner of the Bermuda Police Service George Jackson, I reflected on the lies he told on me with the sole purpose to have me suspended from the Bermuda Police Service, the instruction he gave to have my phone tapped and room bugged, the man power he dedicated to have me followed every where I went, the instruction he gave to have the carpet in my room drenched with water (which make the room unfit to live in) and the ton of other wickedness he did to me, that eventually lead to me submitting my resignation which marked my premature exit from the Bermuda Police Service; I cringed.

Although this period of reflection was overwhelming; I felt nothing but pity for him and the way he treated and had me treated, while I was a police officer under his command. I also became overwhelming with sorrow and sympathy for the terrible occurrence and state that Andrew is now in; and for what George Jackson and his family must be going through at this time.

No one really know or understand why sad and tragic events such as the one that happened to young Andrew take place but we have got to have faith that it was not all for naught. There is nothing much that I can say to ease the pain and suffering of the family of this young man at this point; but I can remind George Jackson and his family that there is a God who controls the events on earth and nothing ever happens without his permission and there is always a bigger picture and purpose to his plans.

In time of misfortune we must take comfort in the fact that Jehovah has promised that he will never allow us to suffer more than we can bear, he also promised that he will never leave nor forsake you and your family in your time of great despair. We all have a tendency to refuse his help, his comfort his guidance and his love when tragedy hits us but Jesus will continue to pursue us.

Let me take this opportunity to reassure you and your family that you are in my prayers. It is my request that Jehovah will grant you and your family the wisdom to look to him in your time of need, also may the angels keep watch over Andrew as he relax in a state of unconsciousness; and may the wisdom of God be with you and your family while you work though this time of difficulty.