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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Will RIse Even Higher

The law of spite and revenge says to hope for and do all you can to ensure the failure and hurt of your adversary (the one you hate). It is interesting that most people will do all in their power to ensure the destruction of the person they are out to exact revenge upon, even destroying innocent people, their family and a nation in the process; some will even do such at the expense of their soul’s salvation.

Everyone that knows me well will be able to testify to the fact that I am a very controversial individual and I have a mind of my own but most importantly; I am not afraid to express my opinion no matter how unpopular or controversial those opinions are. They will also be able to further testify that my opinions are based on my personal convictions and I am not one to be detoured by fear of consequences, other people’s opinions of me or public lies and ridicule aimed at destroying my character. For I still hold fast to the belief that a man’s character will always be vindicated if he lives right and holds no malicious motive when he expresses himself or take a particular action or actions.

I have been at the receiving end of Ralph E. Gonsalves and his supporters, even to the point where, a Jamaican hit man was sent to Dominica to kill me while I was trying to set up a business there. I will expand a little further on this later.

I have had to do battle with George Jackson and the management of the Bermuda Police Service; but did that stop me from expressing my opinions? No it did not! When Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves promised then inspector 313 Cornelius Charles, the post of commissioner of St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force if he broke me in the same manner they were instrumental in breaking hundreds of strong Vincentian young men in that institution (the police force), turning them into junk (alcoholics) and imbeciles (people who shut down and became afraid to think for themselves). Did they break me and get me to shut up? No, they did not!

When the then Superintendent Mick Jackman and Randolph Liverpool, Chief Inspector James Howard, Inspector Mark Clark (the Bermudian Mark Clark), etc. employed their combined authority on behalf of Ralph Gonsalves to get me to shut up; they even went as far as to break into my room (quarters which I rented from the Bermuda police department) and laced my drinking water and other suitable food commodities with very powerful hallucinogens, hoping to bring my sanity into question, as they did to Sergeant Dawson Dates, sending the highly intelligent, honest, supportive, dear and helpful police sergeant to the psychiatric ward as a patient. Did I shut up? No, I did not; however, I became extremely cautious and take the needed precautions.

When the George Jackson, the Commissioner of Police, the chief manager of the Bermuda Police Service talent and resources, caused his imbecile cronies to slap me with 23 internal charges, with the hope I would buckle in humble submission and accept their efforts to discredit my implacable character; did I wither like a flower and crumble in embarrassing submission? No, I did not! But I fought even harder than I did before, to ensure the efforts of these evil men failed and they did.

It is interesting that all of the hardship outlined above and more constitute the mental, physical, and life threatening assault that was launched upon me, as a result of the wishes of the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph E. Gonsalves. Unfortunately for Ralph Gonsalves and the bunch of lawbreakers that follows his lead, with Yahweh’s help and guidance, together we (Yahweh and I) managed to defeat all of their evil, spiteful and revengeful plans that were aimed at my mental obliteration, physical ruin, and the total destruction of my character.

You may not know it, but even when I was going through the tremendous hardship that was created for me, even when I was in the process of evading hired killers, whose contracted mission was to end my life, I never feared for my life and never stopped expressing my opinions (written or vocal).

During the month of December of 2008, I hurriedly returned to the USA via St Croix, after I fled Dominica in the West Indies from a hired gun, a hit man from Jamaican, who lived in St Lucia by the name of Andrew Kirk Patrick Mitchell. Mitchell had a nine millimeter pistol and an automatic assault rifle with enough ammunition to kill a village. He also had in his possession, US$35,000 and, although he had no form of identification and was a total unknown to the citizens of Dominica, he had access to a rented vehicle.

It appears my recent writing, which have been critical of the manner in which the St Vincent and the Grenadines prime minister is going about the task of managing the country’s resources, have stirred up some more anger. My writings were not merely laced with the flaws, the inconsistencies, the incompetence and the total lack of vision which is exhibited by Ralph E. Gonsalves and his administration, but I always find it in my heart to publicly offer Ralph E. the appropriate solutions, corrective measures, and or other positive steps that are relevant to the matter I took the time to address.

I cannot believe Ralph Gonsalves, his administration and other associates, who have their hands full trying to administer the affairs of the country, and are doing a bang up job (bad/poor job) at it, are still engaged in wasting government time and resources, planning and plotting, trying to ensure that I, Allan H. F. Palmer, fail in my endeavours.

I will let you know, your efforts can only delay the inevitable but cannot stop my success. Ralph, did you all notice I have not taken any action or made any effort to deny you or your appointees remote access to my computer, even though recently you have deleted many files before my eyes? Yet I still manage to get my message out; I am still able to cause books to be published, and I am still able to write new education programs.

It is said when you try to push and keep a good man down, you have to stay down with him to hold him down where you want him, if you are to keep him from elevating. But watch it, when all of your efforts have failed, one day you will wake up only to discover that everyone around you has left you behind, and you will be left in the dust of he who was the centre of your hate and victimizing energy.

How does it feel to know you were unable to stop my recent triumph, which I will speak about soon. I know you will kick yourself in your backside to learn you and all of your victimizing actions towards me greatly contributed to my overwhelming victory. This is America, the land of opportunity, and I am going to make it; there is no option.

To Ralph E. Gonsalves and all who were offered and accepted the challenge to launch attacks of negativity and other schemes against my character and life, I am inviting you to please sit back and watch the launching of this rocket ship but most of all participate in the voyage and be captivated by the volume of my accomplishments. I know there will be stumbling blocks, setbacks and pitfalls; unfortunately, I do not know the size, the degree or the level of the setbacks these obstacles will present but one thing I know; I have the will, the disposition and the propensity to overcome the worst case. For I have already visualized the worst case scenarios and have devised plans to conquer them; this is how I know I am capable of overcoming the worst my imagination can conjure up.

I am aware of a simple fact that I have got to be better than the rest, I know and believe deep down in my heart, I have got to work twice as hard as the hardest working person. I have got the heart of the a lion and I am ready, I am willing and I am surely able; but even more important than my determined and willing disposition, Yahweh is in my corner and he is fighting this battle for me. Tell me, how I can fail? If Yahweh is for me, who can be against me!

Allan Palmer