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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Barrack Obama And Those Who Oposes Him. Why?

According to the political pundits in the USA, Barrack Obama ran the best organized, political campaign in the history of America politics; and it was his eloquent speeches, his ability to reach out to and organize ordinary people and the fact that Barrack Obama was the only meaningful candidate that was not rapped up in the bureaucracy of Washington, that got him elected president.

It is no secret that the USA economy was and is crumbling and and such effects can be seen and felt from foundation or the bed rock as well as the head had been so shaken that if some speedy and meaningful repairs are not done soon it may crumble into ruins. Unfortunately this was all the doing of the Greed of the many executives in corporate America who (which includes but are not limited to Wall Street and the banking industry) spend their times formulating policies, and projections which were responsible for encouraging foolish and unethical business practices. Such ensure that the books reflect tremendous increase of profits; thus securing and ensuring that they (executive) collect the enormous bonuses. Knowing fully well that although the books reflect strong growth, such growth was not formulated on sound business practices and was built on collapsible foundation. This coupled with poor governmental supervision as well as the regulators (government officials: elected and appointed) neglect to adequately monitor and regulate Wall Street.

It was with the sense of the economic urgency, that the American populace forget, if only for the moment about the differences that divide the people and look beyond their petty prejudices and voted for Barrack Obama to govern the affairs of that Great and mighty nation. But there are certain things that cloud the mind of the haters and causes common sense to take a back seat.

There are no full proof remedy that can cure the US economical problems, the weaken white Republican party, under the guise of concern for the country are putting stumbling blocks in Barrack Obama’s path, a path which was cleared by Jehovah and a path which they has no control over. The current state of the USA economy does not give any of the political leaders the luxury to be participant in petty party politics; it is shocking and scandalous when you hear rational men and women ignoring the economic dangers and refusing to give their full participation and support to ensuring that President Obama has the most appropriate stimulus bill to begin reforming USA economy. No one is expecting them to ignore rationality, common sense and good practice but they are expected to pull together in solving the nation’s problems.

The question is how could the people’s representatives, just sit around with their thumbs up their asses while those whom they represents are losing their jobs, their homes, their families, insurance coverage, their retirement packages and their life. Unfortunately that is what prejudice does, it take rational, intelligent and reputable men and transform them into heartless don’t care beast.

Let’s get to the heart of this matter. Many people in America and around the world were afraid that white prejudice America will kill Barrack Obama. However that is not and was never really one of my concerns. White prejudice America is going to ensure that Barrack Obama serve his elected term/terms as president.

It is important to understand that White prejudice America is no longer interested in Killing Strong Black Men. As a matter of fact white prejudice America will never again knowingly kill another Strong Black man who has become an example. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was the last strong black man white prejudice America killed and will ever kill. That was in itself was their biggest mistake. Now today; reluctantly they are made to pay homage to him. His birthday is now a public holiday and yearly they are called upon to plan for it; there are monuments: libraries, museums roads etc. that are being and has been erected in his honor. This represents the perfect backfiring of a fool’s proof plan.

Today in stead of taking the life of our black strong example; white prejudice America has decided to take their characters instead, leaving us living example of our disappointment. Let us take a long and careful look back and see how all of our black talented role models who the world have grown to love, respect and looked up to were chopped down like dogs, and we all join in and destroy what ever was left of them.

Do you think that it was by chance, O. J Simpson, Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Coby Bryant, Magic Johnson, Jessie Jackson, Arthur Ash, etc had their names and their character dragged through the mud and every thing they ever had that were of value, snatched away from them?

Do you think it is by chance that we have seen blackmen that has no values, ethics, or principles (gangsters, drug users, womanizers, women beaters, child abusers, murders and other criminals minded) are elevated in society’s eyes while strong, intelligent, talented conscious black men are suppressed, exploited and deprived of meaningful opportunities? Look at PDD, Snoop Dog, JZ, Biggie Small, Little Wayne, Chris Browne, little Kim etc. the people who are elevated for the black youths around the world to look up to.

Look at the white talents that are promoted, all squeaky clean men and women. While white America holds up the best of their race for the white children to pattern, they push the dirty dregs of the black community for the little black child to emulate. President Obama have punch a big hole in the persona of what a black man should be, he has burst their bubble: he is loyal to his family, the husband of one woman, a loving father, educated, honest, motivated and a committed black man: he is committed to his family, his country and his community. Barrack’s image made him public enemy number one and more than ever they (white raciest America) have to proof to him, us and themselves that no black man is capable of such. They are plotting and planning even as you read this article for Barrack’s social, political and other demise.

We have got to believe it that White America is going to be on Obama’s back, until he falls. They will be plotting, setting snare, (women to lure him into adultery, dishonest men to make illegal offers, even create a drug habit) even giving him bad advise in order to ensure Obama fail as a man, a father, a husband, a politician but most of all he must fail as president. What is most unfortunate is the fact that they will use some of his most trusted and close colleagues, family and friend to bring this man down. They are going to tackle him where he is weak and most vulnerable and when that fails they are going to fabricate stories about him to leave doubt in the minds of those who look up to him.

So when you see and hear Barrack Obama is experiencing tremendous difficulties don’t worry for it is the evil work of prejudice. Thank God that the majority of white people have evolved and have put away their prejudices however there are a stubborn few who refuse to change. here is president Obama's problem.

Let me make it clear, this is just my interpretation of what I have seen. It is also factual however my understanding and expression does not make me a racist. I love white people as well as black people and like any black person who does wrong I am going to speak the truth whether you like or agree with it or not; I am going to do the same with the white people. I love black, white, Asian, and Indians (east and Amerindians) all the same.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bermuda Gombey An Untapped Potential

Striking a pose with a Gombey after their performance at the Davis Mother's day Celebration at Hermatage Lane 2008.

It is always a good thing to visit another country and be fascinated by the cultural mystique of that country. It is even a better thing to get an opportunity to dwell in that place, experience and gets to understand what make the people tick and even more so understand the cultural art form of that country.

I was fortunate to have had such an experience in Bermuda. I came to Bermuda and for the four years plus I was there. So I dive head first into the Bermudian culture. I understood that one can only be effective in a community if one understand the culture and get to know the people. I got to know the culture and the talents that contribute to the culture from which germinated the rich heritage that Bermuda possesses. My interest was peaked as a professional and as well as for the following reasons:

  • I have an over heighten sense of curiosity; hence some of my Bermudian friends referred to me as being porky. I could not take offence because it was the truth.

  • I was involved in the arts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, my participation in the national dance festival and other dance production had once earn me the nomination of best male dancer.

  • I was also a Gospel artist back in the day, performing in all the biggest gospel concerts alongside the biggest regional and international artist.

  • I have written and recorded many songs for different. Gospel, calypso, Christmas carol etc.
While I was in Bermuda I made it my business to attend concerts, presentations, exhibitions, recitals etc. Apart from being affiliated to and my interaction with the members of the P.H.C Majorettes my favorite was the beautiful rhythm, splendid colors, the agility and the potential of the Gombey. I even wrote a Gombey (with the rich Gombey rhythm) song which I will cause to be record one of these days. I love the pulsating rhythm of the Gombey drums, I was fascinated by the detailed designs of the costumes and I was intrigued by the agility and energy of the performers.

What troubled me however was the lack of story telling that was embedded in the performances. The Gombey troop presents freestyle dancing. Free style dancing is where a dance troop give individual dancers the spotlight to express there impromptu creative skills.
From my understanding; Gombey dancing is what you call tribal dancing and as such the tribes had different dances to celebrate different events, ceremonial and otherwise. All of the dances told the story of the occasion they were celebrating.

This aspect of dance is missing from the Gombey presentation. Each troop need to come up with several concepts that they will portray in their presentation. They must name the concepts, choreograph formations and moves and arrange music to match that concept. Such music can be arranged without infringing on the uniqueness of the troops individual drum style and rhythm.

Some simple concepts the troops can bang about are:

  1. Choosing a chief: where eligible elders compete for the head/chief of the tribe

  2. Battle for the bride: where eligible bachelors vie for the right to choose the best female for his bride.

  3. The victory dance: a dance to celebrate a victory over the enemy (what ever enemy it was).

  4. The death dance: a dance to celebrate the life of a falling elder, chief etc.

  5. The War Dance etc.
The troops can even address current issues. Here is where the creativity of the choreographer comes in.

There are many more concepts that can be explored. This can have many advantages especially in the tourism industry such as:

  • develop the tourist product

  • make the dance more marketable

  • develop choreographers

  • develop new music style (that is unique to Bermuda)

  • enhances the musicians creative abilities
Gombey dancing is very intriguing as it is but this twist will mark the evolution of the art as it is known. There is nothing wrong with change; change is good because it represents the evolution of the people. What is critical however, the powers that be must ensure that such changes are properly documented. If the culture is properly documented and the changes are recorded then the progression of and culture will never be lost.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mark Clarke: Honest or Dishonest; You Be The Judge

..........................We May delay the inevitable but we cannot stop it.

There is a little yet powerful and very popular saying in St. Vincent and the Grenadines that is used to describe people who we take on face value. It goes like this: to see me and to live with me is two different things. This is so truth. Very often we see a person in public or we have limited surface interaction with a person and from the limited interaction and our visual of that person’s demeanor we draw conclusions about that person’s personality and character. Unfortunately 90 % of the time we are dead wrong. Yet we speak of that individual or people as if they are and were saints. But what would their best friend, close relatives and those who had running with these people have to say about them.

For me expressing myself is therapy hence the reason why I write. This brings me to a well known Bermudian police officer. When I entered the Bermuda Police Service I heard many negative allegations about many serving members of the Bermuda Police Service, allegations which I paid very little attention to. However when one is confronted with a personal experience one is forced to remember, rethink, and reexamine the allegations then draw a conclusion base on that experience.

When senior management of the Bermuda Police Service took the liberty to exhort their authority against me, one of the people who were unleashed on me was, Mark Clarke. Mark’s actions against me (a police who had not committed a criminal offence or any other offence for that fact) was not only oppressive it was exploitative it was illegal. Mark on numerous occasion proceeds to violate my rights as a suspect in an internal matter. A fact which I ensure he put into writing; after all it was a caution statement. Each time he violated my rights and I bring it to his attention I ensure that he wrote down what I said.

At times I wondered if Mark Clark knows and understood the Judges Rules, for he surely did trampled upon it whilst dealing with me. (The judge’s rules are guidelines that an investigator must follow when interrogating a suspect) To violate such will result in the violation of the rights of a suspect and a prisoner. I guess like everyone else this was to be a routine thing and I go away licking my wounds and life move on as normal I guess they did not know with whom they were dealing. My experiences with Mark Clarke lead me to ask some serious question:

  • If mark would treat his fellow officer who knows the laws and police procedures better then most, what have he been doing to those people who are ignorant to their rights as a suspect, the laws and police procedures?

  • If Mark was willing to violate my right to impressed his bosses who has very little knowledge of policing what have he done to those Bermudian who he took before the court in order to impress the same bosses and the judge, the magistrate and the other lawyers that may be involved in the cases?

  • es mark knows and understand the judges rules, the purpose of these collection of guidelines, and the consequences of violating such?

  • What kind of police man is Mark Clarke?
Mark Clark has proven to me that what I have heard about him when I entered the Service maybe true. Could it be that Mark may have unlawfully and illegally arranged the downfall of many of his country (Bermudian) men and women by exploiting their ignorance, by writing and giving untruth as truthful evidence against them to make himself look good?

By looking at the man you will never thing that he will or is capable of doing such things. But it is all there in writing. Where I have informed him of my rights and asked him over and over if the law do not mean anything to him.

To all police officer who may read this commentary just remember your dishonest deeds will come back to bite you in your buttocks one day. For the same reason Mark, Jackman and Liverpool's dishonesty is going to take a big bite out of his character. You know what is unfortunate but nice about mark's investigation is the fact that the man was not smart enough not to make a written record of his dishonest actions.