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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tanya A Bermudian Queen of Hospitality

A few months ago I met a beautiful young lady by the name of Tanya, (a shy woman) after our first conversation we share with each other our contact numbers. Tanya and I became very good friends. As our friendship grew I invited Tanya to attend church with me and she accepted the invitation. I was happy that she did. One of the bible workers asked Tanya if she will like to learn more about Jesus and offered to conduct bible studies with her which she accepted.

Two months after I met Tanya I had to do a surgical procedure. The doctor asked me if I will like to do this procedure as an in-patient as an out-patient. Although I was willing to comply with whatever the doctor recommend as his knowledge of these things far superseded my insignificant research on the condition. Without an understanding of what is required for an out-patient recovery, on hearing these choices the masculinity in me stepped in and I choose to have the procedure done as an out-patient.
Tthe doctor explained if I am going to be an out-patient I need to have someone with me at the hospital and to ensure I got home safely after the procedure. This in itself created a problem, after all I am in a foreign land no family and all of the people I can consider my friends in Bermuda is caught up in making a living. (In Bermuda when it comes to livelihood and friendship most people will put livelihood first)

I searched my mind, and my only hope was Tanya. When I made the request to Tanya, she made a few phone calls shift her business around then assured me she will be there. The arrangements were made. The plan was after the surgical procedure I will go to Tanya’s house until the effects of the anesthetic stop affecting me, and then I could drive home.

To my great surprise when I stopped feeling the effects of the anesthetic, I discovered the pain was so tremendous, I was unable to stand. For the first time in my life I was at the mercy of a person that was not a close family member or a close friend. Thoughts raced through my head at the speed of light. What am I going to do? I asked myself.

And then like the voice of an angel I heard the words, if you will like you can stay here and I will take care of you until you are better. Could it be true, is Tanya offering to take care of my in my state of helplessness. The pride in me wanted to reject the offer but the reality that confronted me caused me in humility to say thanks with a grateful heart.

I must say that Tanya took care of me as if I was her close family. I will forever be grateful to her. Tanya is a woman of class, a symbol of Bermudian hospitality, Yes Tanya is truly a young woman with the scarce quality the Bermudian of yesterday possessed and were proud of. Thank you very much Tanya.