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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Staticical Review of This Blog and Some Victories

Author of this Blog: Crush

It is interesting that as of May,2010; BlogSpot the host of this blog and thousand of others, place an activity monitoring mechanism on its blogs. this give blog administrators the ability to monitor the external activities of the blog. I am shock at the amount of activities this blog had from the month of May to this current date (November 21, 2010). What is interesting about this is the titles that received the attention and the international location from which this blog was being viewed.

It is amazing that 52 percent of this blog’s readership is from the United States of America, 10.5 percent are from Russia while 10.4 percent of the readership is from the United Kingdom; Bermuda account for 6.9 percent of the readership.

It is fascinating how this blog have take on a geographic swing, over the pass year. It is not that Bermudian are not reading the blog; however, I have a suspicion that the swing of interest and the fact that Crushing fools is attracting an overwhelming U.S.A readership could be as a result of tourist researching Bermuda in order to make up their minds as to whether or not they should visit the island. I cannot account for the overwhelming Russian visits to this site which can also be as a result of potential tourist researching Bermuda.

My above conclusion came after I reviewed the statistics, as it relates to the articles that got the most overall views between the periods. Of the four most popular posting, the number one article that was read is: “My short presentation before the M.T.A board of directors of the State of NY” which saw 37.5% of those who visited the blog, it is very interesting to note that this article was written two months ago, yet it was the most read article; the second most read article was Ralph Gonsalves V/S Lady Justice this could be as a result of the heighten election activities that is going on in St. Vincent and the Grenadines at this point and time; and may be responsible for the 20.7 percent of the readers, who took interest to this article. The article “Barack Obama the Fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream” was third place, the content and the caption of the posting will surely arrest the attention of my USA visitors to this blog. And then the article that will really capture the attention of tourist planning a trip to Bermuda was 4th place: “Bermuda the Wild Wild West.”

It is interesting to note that between 8:00 am on the 20th November 2010 and 8:00 am on the 21st November, 2010; 42 percent of the visitors read the article Ralph Gonsalves V/s Lady Justice, yet no one from St. Vincent and the Grenadines viewed this article yesterday.

The current activity on this blog is very surprising. What is even more surprising but understandable was the geographic turn this blog took. It is very comforting to know that this blog is still as popular today as it was when I wrote the first article calling for the people of Bermuda to take their country back from the criminal elements that was taking over their land. As a result of this blog I have suffered much hardship, which even saw me walking away from a profession I loved, enjoyed and was excellent at. I was followed day and night by the Bermudian authorities, my home was outfitted with listening devises, my cell and home phone was tapped, my mail were intercepted and scrutinized; my packages were intercepted and opened (passport was removed from a FedEx package by the Bermuda Police) I have had threats to my life and a Jamacian hit man, who resided in St. Lucia that goes by the name of Andrew Kirkpatrick Mitchell was sent to kill me like a common dog.

Although the Bermudian authorities made it look like my prosecution came as a result of my blog, it was really motivated by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves who was accused of raping a female police officer and sexually assaulting a Vincentian/Canadian lawyer; as a result of my actions, of writing in the News paper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and my many regular radio presentations on the Radio Station in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I know this was the reason for my prosecution because I recorded the Bermuda Commissioner of Police issuing threats to me; telling me, if I do not desist from writing articles to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines News paper and making presentation of the radio station of the said country.

When I consider all things, I am happy that my writings, although they leave much to be desired is still interesting enough to have a following. To all who have been following this blog from its beginning, I say thank you. To all those who have by one way or the other brought to my attention events that I have wrote on thank you also. I must also thank those who took the timeout to post their comments; even those who post messages of hate, insults and degrading comments that was designed to hurt and offend me I also thank you for reading this blog and for taking the time for posting your comment, even though your comments were not published. It is one thing to disagree with my opinion; however, to be downright nasty is another thing. Thanks and I love you all.