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Friday, January 30, 2009

Do You Remember These Crazy American lol

The Crazy & adventurerous bunch of college youths filing into the H.P.S about to be booked for skinny dipping in the Bacardi Fountain Photo by: lol

Most of you may have long forgotten the group of young people that came to Bermuda and decided to go skinny dipping in the Bacardi fountain at 65 Pits Bay Road Pembroke. This was really amusing. Some of the crazy things people do for a little attention.

I once saw a man (white man) who rid his livery Cycle along Front Street and up Parliament Street in front of the Hamilton Police Station bare buttocks, I mean mother naked, in order to win a five dollar wager. Can you believe that?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frencesca Dill A Youth Role Model

The beauty of any country is not found in the physical beautiful of the environment or in the infrastructural development of the state. The beauty of any place can be found in the warmth that populates the heart of the people, which in turn reflects in: the level of charity they show to their elders, the disable and the other unfortunate member of their community.

Our lord Jesus Christ in unearthing the hypocrisy of the people of his time said to them how you can love Jehovah who you cannot see when you are unable to love your brothers/sisters who you can see and know.

Fortunately for me my curiosity have lead me to places where the ordinary Bermudian and the guess workers that inhabits that country will not care to go; and in doing so I have met some wonderful people who have dedicated their time for the edifying, up-lifting and enhancing the quality of life of the many unfortunate souls that also inhabits Bermuda. Unfortunately these are the group of people who are often neglected by those of us who are too important and too rapped up in our selves; that we do not have or make time to care for the Island’s unfortunate. The populaces are not willing to lend a voluntary hand to ensure that they get that all important sense that foster self-worth that each of us needs, which is: the sense that they are needed, appreciated and loved.

But there are a worthy few who willingly contribute to enrich the life of the community forgotten people. One such person is young Francesca Dill. This preteen who attends the Saltus Secondary school has stepped up to the plate and on a consistent basis, devote her time and her talent to the student of the Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy.

When this young lady should be at home in her mirror grooming herself like most girl her age do, playing with her Wii, chatting up her friends on her cell phone, or out and about participating in the thousand of trivial things that people her age find to occupy their time; Francesca who is a classically trained vocal artist, volunteers her time and use her God given talent to bring peace, melody, love and joy to the hearts of the student that attends the Dame Marjorie Bean Hope academy.

Although the teachers at the school crave the opportunity to be a part of Francisca’s performance and to have their heart soak up the peace and tranquility this talented preteen voice brings to her hearers. Unfortunately for the teachers her performances are exclusively for the students, yet I was privilege to be exposed to and had my heart thrilled, by this vocal virtuoso who has a heart of gold.

As it is said the acorn does not fall to far from the tree and the parent are still the biggest and the most powerful influence in the life of a child. I am happy to report that Francisca was taught by the example of her mother, who has an overly enlarged heart for doing charity work. Her mother Katherine is one of the stalwarts who go above and beyond what anyone can and could ever possible asked of a volunteer to any organization.

Show me a child in action and I will show you the values his or her parents holds dear, the quality of the home in which that child lives and the quality of parental guidance and nurturing that child receives. To the parent who read this, it is always a good thing to make a little sacrifice and indulge in wholesome conversation and get involved in meaningful activities even if it is only for the sake of your child/children. That is what responsible parents do.

It is important to note that Francesca and her family are not perfect people, like every family they to have their problems; but they do not let the difficulties of life keep them from doing what is good for the community.

So to Francesca and the other members of the Dill family, I tip my hat to you; keep up the good work. I know that such charitable love must have some significant value even right here on earth.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is It Possible To Be Honest In Today's Society?

To be an honest individual in today’s world is a tough but not impossible task. It is tough because of the mentality of the people who inhabits the world. Today’s world is made up of to many dysfunctional people, who were born of dysfunctional families that occupy very responsible position within the community.

Today we are faced with individuals who are products of negative cycles. The world is literally filled with teenager who have prematurely dived, were forced, or accidentally stumbled into parenthood. A critical stage of life they are not ready or were prepared for.

Such is not only a shock for the young person but it can be considered a rude awakening. An awakening to a world of responsibility they did not know existed, a world where they are forced to become provider, protector and nurturer when they are not mentally professionally, academically or otherwise equipped to do either of these things that was trusted onto them.

Then we have many unscrupulous men and women in the society who for many reason, are incapable to govern their desires especially their sexual desires; and as a result of their lack of control they pray on the helpless children in our community. Forever corrupting their mind by imposing and violating their most precious and covered part of them: their sexuality. Many of our children are sexually violated and in turn their lives are destroyed. They doom these children to lives of homosexuality, prostitution, violence, and various insecurities.

And then there are the parents who are just poor parents. They fail to (not because they do not know better but because they could not care) take the time and give back to their children what their parents did and give to them. For these people their child or children are viewed as obstacle that keeps them from moving forward, having fun and doing what ever they want to do no matter how trivial their hearts desires are.

Today, we are confronted with dysfunctional men and women that came up in dysfunctional homes, were taught by dysfunctional parents etc. now these people are involved in society, they holds key position and they are expected to uphold the moral, set standard, mold young minds, shape policies, enact laws, set standards, uphold ethics, and live a life that is an example to the other members of the society.

Here lie the beginning of the problems our society are confronted with; you can see the uphill task that we are faced with in today’s society. We expect children who were not taught how to live and be good citizens, parents, and employee to enter into society and function as normal. In most cases they were never taught how to be patient, how to go without, how to endure conditions and circumstances that will build character.

Here our children are called upon to performed function and get involved in activities that should be administered onto them. They are asked to teach their children lessons that they themselves were not taught. It is like picking up an individual with first grade mathematics knowledge and putting them into a school to teach the subject and expect the students to get passing grades.
In closing I am forced to ask these big questions which are: is it possible and how can we get back to our roots?

  • How do we correct all the wrongs and the evils that were inflicted on the victims?

  • Heal all the hurts?

  • Mend all the broken hearts?

  • Bring the hearts towards home?
Could we ever recreate the kind of society that is free from the hurt that corrupt our community?

We have seen grown, responsible, educated individuals who have failed to live up to their expectation and realized their true potential. For a moment of pleasure and the little indiscretions, which have resulted in the propagating of the wrong messages; they set the wrong examples for those looking on in hope, of learning some of life important lessons.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Personal and Honest Reflection of 2008

...........The Prince just before going to church. Such a stately looking Gentleman

Like most people who have entered the New Year, I have decided to enter 2009 with a charted plan. I prepare such to ensure success do not evade me, while preparing for any disappointment and adversity that I will encounter. In doing so I took time to honestly reflect on 2008. In so doing, I came by some experiences that made me smile with sarcastic amazement; Experiences such as the plotted to destroy my self-esteem, moral, my character and my integrity. (The Antigua Sun, Barbados Nation , St. Vincent 705 Radio, Caribbean Net News, the Royal Gazette etc.) But like a strong and wise man, I knew that with the passing of time I will overcome every event of unwarranted stress, oppression, and even the barefaced violation of my civil, human and other rights. The question is: would my oppressors?
Like an episode out of a spy movie, my oppression began after I focused my writings to the news paper in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (the land of my father and of my birth) and the online News paper the Caribbean Net News with the objective to ensure the police woman who brought the allegations of rape and sexual assault against Ralph Gonsalves. Coincidentally a few weeks before my crusade for Justice on behalf female Police Constable Andrews, I started this blog (Crushing fools).

The blog give the police authority, occasion to confront me about my campaign against Ralph Gonsalves which was done by George Jackson under the guise of addressing the Crushing Fools blog. However my lack of fear in the face of their threats of immediate suspension angered Mike Jackman and Rondalph Liverpool.

This meeting marked the beginning many months of harassment, with many unmerited investigation, by several serving officers of the Bermuda Police Service. This was followed by round the clock surveillance, which included vehicular and fool surveillance, unlawful invasion of my private domestic and cell phones lines(tapping), the unlawful seizure of my passport from a FedEx package at the FedEx facility: it is important to note, that this was done with the knowledge of the FedEx management. They broke into my home and erasing personal material from my computer as well as removing personal document and other things from my room. Although all of the action done against me was unlawful their action crossed the line into inhumane behavior when they pour water on the carpet in my room, a room for which I was paying monthly; making my living quarters uninhabitable.

Have you come to the conclusion that the activities that were perpetrated against me are all unethical, illegal and most of them are crimes? What kind of society a can Bermuda have when the guardians of the law are directly involved in criminal activities; what type of society you can have when the law men are also the criminals? With lawmen like there policing Bermuda, Bermudian are in big trouble. Is it any wonder that Bermuda have seen a drastic spike in its crime rate and have seen the murder rate almost tripled. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the Bermuda Police Service is afraid to publish the crime statistic for 2008.

Bear in mind that I lived on the Bermuda Police Service compound; I was a tenant of the commissioner of police and the Bermuda Police and as landlord keeps keys to all of the apartments.

When my then supervisors were doing all in their power to frustration me I was writing the book Saving Christmas, dealing with my editor, illustrator, while arranging competent Bermudian to proof readers the book and eventually published the same. I as well as doing the research that was needed to bring the Hamilton Police Station mould situation to the public attention, I also preparing and submitted the study a Standard for Change. We all know the outcome of this very interesting saga.

While I was going through my adversities, I had friends who give me the reinforcement I needed to be strong. I must make mention of a few of these people: Mr. Kenrick Shillingford and his wife Anolda a wonderful Dominicans couple who take timeout to visit me at my home, the Shilingfords have organized family activities just so that they can invite me to their home, and there was also a wonderful Bermudian couple, Hilton Davis and his wife Ilis. The Davis will look for any reason to have me over to their home; they invited me to family functions they will also call me on a regular basis just to find out how my day was doing. Without the support and encouragement of these two families, I could have been pushed to actions that all would have regretted.
Renowned Jazz Musician in action as he charmed the spectators with his skills in a public performance in Manhattan

2008 was not made up of all adversities. I have celebrated many successes even in the eyes of the adversities I experienced. I prepared, and submitted the Study: A Standard for Change, I exposed the Hamilton Police Station toxic mould infestation, which was killing and making the people who worked in that facility ill, I wrote and published the Book Saving Christmas, I met and was present to see an old Jazz Great Frank Owens in a live performance.

I visited Dominica and had a wonderful time I also created the Dominica’s Nature’s home site. And many more that I will rather not speak about in this environment. Well; since you forced my hands, Yes I fell in love however there is nothing more to tell.

I truly enjoyed 2008. I had just the right number of adversities (character building experiences) and the correct number of successes. And on looking back I must declare 2008 my best year ever.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Who was Bryan Bell Riding on his Way to Promotion

After examining Assistant (Acting) Commissioner of Police Bryan Bell's Performance, I am forced to asked this question; whose back did Bryan Bell hitched a ride on, to gain his promotion in the United Kingdom? In every institution there are people like Bryan Bell. They run about taking credit for work they did not do while they forcefully keep the work horses (the people with the ideas and the know how) in the back ground.

You can see this coming out in the document A Standard for Change his lack of meaningful plans to tackle "Bermuda Drug Problems" as well as the document he wrote to me which I reply to (reply to Bryan Bell) are testimonies of this. No police with any knowledge of the law or policing will ever write such a letter.

Take a look around and you will see you are surrounded my many "Riders" or Bell it is important that you call them out. Now, if you are guilty of riding some unfortunate soul; Just asked yourself this question. Would I like to be treated in the same way I am treating (put the exploited persons name here) you know you will not be.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Courage and Slimy Awards

It is with the knowledge that no one is perfect, (although it may be hard to believe; yes I must confess that I am not perfect either) that I take this opportunity to celebrate some people in the community, who on a daily basis look for the opportunity, to go beyond the call of their expected duty or responsibility as citizens. Such is done in their quest to serve their fellow men. On the other hand, there are a few in Bermuda who has consistently allowed their dishonesty, poor judgment, petty spite, idiocy, their disrespect for others, themselves and the institutions that was put in place for the protection of all and the harmonious running of the people’s affairs; to govern their actions.

It is with this in mind that I have created the courage award to recognize the selfless efforts of those who step up and courageously perform acts that benefits their fellow men. These people may have normally go unnoticed. In the same breath I will be giving out the Slimy (Slime bag) award to those who have been poor example to Bermuda's youths. The Nominees for a Courage and slimy award for 2007-2008 are as follows.

...............................Nominees for the Courage Awards

The nominees for the courage award for Valiant efforts are:

  • Steven Winchell: for his selfless action of pulling an injured man from a burning boat.
  • Britney Robinson: for her efforts in trying to save the life of a tourist at Snorkel Park.
  • The unknown man: for pull the unconscious victim from the Hamilton harbor.
  • Warren Vincent: for putting himself in harms way to stop the runaway horse and carriage at harbor night thus preventing lost of life and further injuries.
The nominees for the courage award for Community Service are:
  • Esme Williams: for her work with Bermuda's youths (Big Brother Big Sister program)

  • Ethel Liverpool: for her Works with Bermuda's youths in her effort to revive the Girl Guide Association.

  • Jermaine Richardson: for his work in adult education. For successfully managing and coordinating a GED program.

    • The nominees for the courage award for Politician of the year are:

      • Paula Cox: for her statesman and professional conduct in her public and private life.
      • Alex Scott: For dignified conduct even in the face of embarrassment, for his statesman and professional conduct.
      • Michael Dunkley: for his courage in the face of defeat and for his statesmanship.
      • Dale Butler: For his statesman like behavior, his bold and honest writing and his passion for youth development.
      The nominees for the courage award for professional conduct are:

      • Larry Dennis: for his work in keeping public officers from misusing the public funds and exposing corruption.
      • Roslyn Bascombe Adams: for professional behavior in the Medial field.
      • Martin Weeks: for his work in bring professionalism and ethics to the Bermuda Police Service.
      The nominees for the courage award for impeccable police are:
      • Martin Weeks: for his work in bring professionalism and ethics in the Bermuda Police Service.
      • Gregory Grimes: for his knowledge, integrity, community service and efforts to ensure that justice is done.
      • Anthony Muchette: for dedicated work to his community in youth development.
      • Antion Daniels: for his bold new approach to crime fighting.
      The nominees for the Courage award for youth oriented Organizations are:

      • Pride: for work in Drug prevention among Bermuda’s youth
      • Mirrors Program: for efforts in building character in Bermuda’s youths
      • Big Brother Big Sister: for providing mentors and program to facilitating the mentoring of Bermuda’s youths.
      The nominee for the lifetime courage award is:

      • Rickeesha Binns: for embodying and presenting an awesome display of guts, will and the strength of the human spirit; for surviving and recovering from a life of drug addiction and prostitution to becoming a community activist and to winning the Bermuda’s idol competition.
      .....................Nominees for the Slimy Award
      Nominees for the Slimy award for oppression are:

      • George Jackson: for his role and action against Allan Palmer, Michael Hayles, and Nicole Allers.
      • Derrick Burgess: for his public declaration and action in oppressing foreign workers.

      • Randolph Liverpool: for his conniving work behind the scenes to ensure his bosses mess up so he can get their post and for encouraging them to do his dirty bidden all in the name of betterment of the institution.
      • James Howard: for victimizing Michael Hayles, by ensuring that his contract was not renewed because he refused to comply with an unlawful order.
      The nominees for the slimy for dishonesty are:

      • Andre Curtis: for his effort in allegedly misappropriating funds from his Faith Base Tourism project, and for getting involved in international fraud that may ruin many people who are working for worthy cause, and for alleged criminal activities at home also.

      • Nelson Bascome: for his role in motivating criminal proceedings to be brought against him while minister of Health.

      • Dr. Brown (Premier of Bermuda): for his effort in ensuring that allegation of dishonesty was associated with him in the B.H.C scandal and his efforts to make public document private.
      • Dennis Pamplin: for using his wife name, position and respectability to smuggle drug and gun into Bermuda and thus causing her public shame and embarrassment.
      The nominees for the slimy for whiner are:

      • Wayne Furbert: for whining about the injustices in the United Bermuda Party (UBP), but never took the bull by the horn and make the changes that were needed when he was leader of the UBP and for leaving the UBP without putting together an alternative to the PLP and the UBP.

      • Lt. Cornel David Burch: For Whining about the decision which was arrived at during arbitration thus caused the Government to spend much more money than the unions were asking for.

      • Larry Scott: for crying flowing his self debasing personal notes was made public.
      Nominees for the slimy for insensitivity are:

      • Derrick Burgess: for publicly declaring that foreigners who speak out against their company’s policies must expect to be fired.

      • Lt. Cornel Burch: for his insensitivity to the homeless of Bermuda

      • Dr. Brown: For his insensitive in the area of race. For encouraging the racial divide among the Bermudian community and for making remarks and action against the white Bermudians.
      The nominees for the slimy for poor sportsmanship are:

      • Melchisedec Gibbons: for spitting on referee Anthony Francis.

      • Lionel Cann: for behavior that is unbecoming a sports man whilst representing Bermuda in the international arena; Cann failed to preform his ambassadorial duties with the dignity of a man his age. His action resulted in him being placed on 12 months probation and getting a two match ban both incidents occurring months apart.

      • Kris Frick: for failing to be a good youth ambassador while representing his country overseas. Frick deserted his team whilst performing his ambassadorial duties.
      The slimy life time achievement award goes out to:

      • Yet to be announced
      You can submit your category and nominees for any of the awards, feel free to post your submission on this blog or send them to allanp460@hotmail.com or editorallanp@hotmail.com.