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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Courage and Slimy Awards

It is with the knowledge that no one is perfect, (although it may be hard to believe; yes I must confess that I am not perfect either) that I take this opportunity to celebrate some people in the community, who on a daily basis look for the opportunity, to go beyond the call of their expected duty or responsibility as citizens. Such is done in their quest to serve their fellow men. On the other hand, there are a few in Bermuda who has consistently allowed their dishonesty, poor judgment, petty spite, idiocy, their disrespect for others, themselves and the institutions that was put in place for the protection of all and the harmonious running of the people’s affairs; to govern their actions.

It is with this in mind that I have created the courage award to recognize the selfless efforts of those who step up and courageously perform acts that benefits their fellow men. These people may have normally go unnoticed. In the same breath I will be giving out the Slimy (Slime bag) award to those who have been poor example to Bermuda's youths. The Nominees for a Courage and slimy award for 2007-2008 are as follows.

...............................Nominees for the Courage Awards

The nominees for the courage award for Valiant efforts are:

  • Steven Winchell: for his selfless action of pulling an injured man from a burning boat.
  • Britney Robinson: for her efforts in trying to save the life of a tourist at Snorkel Park.
  • The unknown man: for pull the unconscious victim from the Hamilton harbor.
  • Warren Vincent: for putting himself in harms way to stop the runaway horse and carriage at harbor night thus preventing lost of life and further injuries.
The nominees for the courage award for Community Service are:
  • Esme Williams: for her work with Bermuda's youths (Big Brother Big Sister program)

  • Ethel Liverpool: for her Works with Bermuda's youths in her effort to revive the Girl Guide Association.

  • Jermaine Richardson: for his work in adult education. For successfully managing and coordinating a GED program.

    • The nominees for the courage award for Politician of the year are:

      • Paula Cox: for her statesman and professional conduct in her public and private life.
      • Alex Scott: For dignified conduct even in the face of embarrassment, for his statesman and professional conduct.
      • Michael Dunkley: for his courage in the face of defeat and for his statesmanship.
      • Dale Butler: For his statesman like behavior, his bold and honest writing and his passion for youth development.
      The nominees for the courage award for professional conduct are:

      • Larry Dennis: for his work in keeping public officers from misusing the public funds and exposing corruption.
      • Roslyn Bascombe Adams: for professional behavior in the Medial field.
      • Martin Weeks: for his work in bring professionalism and ethics to the Bermuda Police Service.
      The nominees for the courage award for impeccable police are:
      • Martin Weeks: for his work in bring professionalism and ethics in the Bermuda Police Service.
      • Gregory Grimes: for his knowledge, integrity, community service and efforts to ensure that justice is done.
      • Anthony Muchette: for dedicated work to his community in youth development.
      • Antion Daniels: for his bold new approach to crime fighting.
      The nominees for the Courage award for youth oriented Organizations are:

      • Pride: for work in Drug prevention among Bermuda’s youth
      • Mirrors Program: for efforts in building character in Bermuda’s youths
      • Big Brother Big Sister: for providing mentors and program to facilitating the mentoring of Bermuda’s youths.
      The nominee for the lifetime courage award is:

      • Rickeesha Binns: for embodying and presenting an awesome display of guts, will and the strength of the human spirit; for surviving and recovering from a life of drug addiction and prostitution to becoming a community activist and to winning the Bermuda’s idol competition.
      .....................Nominees for the Slimy Award
      Nominees for the Slimy award for oppression are:

      • George Jackson: for his role and action against Allan Palmer, Michael Hayles, and Nicole Allers.
      • Derrick Burgess: for his public declaration and action in oppressing foreign workers.

      • Randolph Liverpool: for his conniving work behind the scenes to ensure his bosses mess up so he can get their post and for encouraging them to do his dirty bidden all in the name of betterment of the institution.
      • James Howard: for victimizing Michael Hayles, by ensuring that his contract was not renewed because he refused to comply with an unlawful order.
      The nominees for the slimy for dishonesty are:

      • Andre Curtis: for his effort in allegedly misappropriating funds from his Faith Base Tourism project, and for getting involved in international fraud that may ruin many people who are working for worthy cause, and for alleged criminal activities at home also.

      • Nelson Bascome: for his role in motivating criminal proceedings to be brought against him while minister of Health.

      • Dr. Brown (Premier of Bermuda): for his effort in ensuring that allegation of dishonesty was associated with him in the B.H.C scandal and his efforts to make public document private.
      • Dennis Pamplin: for using his wife name, position and respectability to smuggle drug and gun into Bermuda and thus causing her public shame and embarrassment.
      The nominees for the slimy for whiner are:

      • Wayne Furbert: for whining about the injustices in the United Bermuda Party (UBP), but never took the bull by the horn and make the changes that were needed when he was leader of the UBP and for leaving the UBP without putting together an alternative to the PLP and the UBP.

      • Lt. Cornel David Burch: For Whining about the decision which was arrived at during arbitration thus caused the Government to spend much more money than the unions were asking for.

      • Larry Scott: for crying flowing his self debasing personal notes was made public.
      Nominees for the slimy for insensitivity are:

      • Derrick Burgess: for publicly declaring that foreigners who speak out against their company’s policies must expect to be fired.

      • Lt. Cornel Burch: for his insensitivity to the homeless of Bermuda

      • Dr. Brown: For his insensitive in the area of race. For encouraging the racial divide among the Bermudian community and for making remarks and action against the white Bermudians.
      The nominees for the slimy for poor sportsmanship are:

      • Melchisedec Gibbons: for spitting on referee Anthony Francis.

      • Lionel Cann: for behavior that is unbecoming a sports man whilst representing Bermuda in the international arena; Cann failed to preform his ambassadorial duties with the dignity of a man his age. His action resulted in him being placed on 12 months probation and getting a two match ban both incidents occurring months apart.

      • Kris Frick: for failing to be a good youth ambassador while representing his country overseas. Frick deserted his team whilst performing his ambassadorial duties.
      The slimy life time achievement award goes out to:

      • Yet to be announced
      You can submit your category and nominees for any of the awards, feel free to post your submission on this blog or send them to allanp460@hotmail.com or editorallanp@hotmail.com.


      1. Allan,

        Good call with Martin Weekes. One of the finest people I have ever met. Tony Mouchette is a fine man too.

        I'll give you a "courage" award for sticking to your principles too.

      2. Mr. Palmer, I am nominating you for a slimy: for getting into matter you have no business in. Lets see if you will post this one.

      3. The nominees for the courage award for strength are:

        Jim Butterfield: for walking away intact from a professional plot that was devised by the government of Bermuda, which saw Jim losing his Bermuda Cement Company.

        Larry Dennis: for suffering the humiliation of a criminal investigated and going to jail for doing his job.

        Mr. Palmer, this is very creative writing.

      4. You are a natural and gifted writer,
        Witty, charismatic, brilliant, and
        intelligent. Allan H. F Palmer,
        is armed with a pen.
        May your words resonate to hearts, and minds
        throughout four corners of the Earth.
        God bless you my brother.
        Have no fear of the wicked.

      5. I totally agree with the person with nominated you for the slimy award. You get into business that doesn't have anything to do with you and want ppl to feel sorry for you and take your side. I also think your writing is terrible and needs a lot of work. Ber muda is not your problem any longer, so leave us alone. It don't matter if this gets printed cause I am voicing my opinion and I know you hate critcism and probably write a lot of the good comments yourself.

      6. My brother or sister, first of all thank you for reading crushing fools and for taking some time to post your comments; let me encourage you to continue to exercise your democratic rights, and speak against injustice and for truth. There is not a more nobler assignment an individual can take on.

        let me make it clear once and for all……….I have never gotten into trouble………………people in the debt of their evil have created difficulties for me………..however in all of the difficult situations I find myself in, I have never go crying to anyone (not even my family members) for sympathy. I stand up and I fight like any “man” should…………..I have learnt from an early age how to deal with my difficult circumstances………I always take the opportunity to bring to the public attention the wickedness and injustices of the so call nice people (wolves in sheep clothes) who are involved. I do not have a problem with my writing…… Do you?.........then you know what to do……….. have a wonderful New Year and I hope you enjoy my next post…… All in all I love you my friend or should I say _________.