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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas A Christian festival or Pagan

Christmas is a festival that is widely celebrated by Christendom; unfortunately, most Christians celebrates this festival out of ignorance. They are ignorant as to what they believe as Christians and what Christmas is all about. It is also a sorry state, when you hear ministers of the Gospel, in their effort to indulged in the things of the world; make comment such as Jesus is the reason for the season. This is so far from the truth. Let me take this time to inform you that Jesus Christ, the Son of Yahweh; has nothing to do with Christmas; his birth, life, death and resurrection has nothing in common with this widely celebrated festival of indulgence. As a matter of fact, the very origin of Christmas is an abomination of El Shaddai.

What is the origin of Christmas?

Before I answer this question, let me give you a little back ground information about country of Roam; the country from whence Christmas has its origin. Roam was a pagan nation and the ruler and citizen of roam, worshipped many false God; which included the elements, nature (trees) as well as the Heaven body (stars, moon, sun etc.); these along with the worship of other idol, Created an environment that give rise to many defile ceremonies and festivals. When Christianity reached the shores of Roam, the Christian religion grew in popularity among his Roman subjects.
What was unfortunate about this is, most of the Roman Christians refused to turn away from their defiled and evil practices. Instead of the Church taking a stand on the word of Yahweh holding fast to the word of God, they chose to marry paganism with Christianity. This union was a totally unholy and a spiritually unhealthy union: the Devil’s delight. For many century and up to today the lies of the Devil is not only being propagated by Roam; but most of Christendom is selling this the darkness magic of idolatry too many unsuspecting believer, which is still affecting millions of Christian.

Now let’s take some time to discuss the beginning and the origin of Christmas.

Pagan Roam had a festival, which was called Saturnalia, This festival was a tribute festival or a sacrificial carnival which was held in honor of the God of Saturn himself. It began on 17th of December and ran to the 25th day of the same month. This festival is believed to began in the year 217 BC. During this period citizen of Roam were exempted from all crimes committed; as part of the festival they indulged and participated in drunkenness, sexual misconducts, violent behavior etc.

Each Roman District was to appoint an innocent citizen and that citizen, were forced to indulged in drinking of alcohol and physical pleasure for one week, beginning on the 17th of December, then on the 25th December which was the last day of the festival; these so called enemies of Roam were all brutally murdered as a sacrifice. These acts brutality were done to destroy the forces of darkness.

The Greek writer Lucian in documenting an eyewitness account of the activities that occurred on this festival speak of drunk revelers dancing through the street naked as the sing songs, many people were raped (I would imagine men and women) in public as they indulged in many sexual acts that would have otherwise been unlawful.

In the 4th Century the church leaders in their effort to convert the masses of Pagan Roam to Christianity told the pagan Romans who were entrenched in this practice (Saturnalia) they will be able to continue to participate in Saturnalia as Christian. Here we have a situation where Believers in Jesus Christ whose core believed were in Yahweh and his government and in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for their sin were given the right away to participate in the violation of the Law of Yahweh; the principles for which Jesus died and in the process violate their own dignity and decency as well as that of their fellow citizen. It is important for us to conclude that no man on earth neither an angel in heaven can give another permission to break Yahweh’s laws.

The American Experience:

The puritans of Massachusetts were the only people of the new world to take any meaningful action against Christmas. When the citizen of Massachusetts discovered the origin of Christmas, it became illegal for any citizen of Massachusetts to celebrate Christmas. The anti-Christmas law was enacted in 1659 was the legal instrument that make it unlawful for Christian to celebrate Christmas in that part of the country and it remained illegal for citizens to do so until 1681 when the law was repealed. For twenty two years the citizen of Massachusetts took a stand against Christmas because of it’s pagan back ground and the other pagan practices that is still associated with it.

The Roman’s Church Effort to Sanitized Saturnalia:

Later in an effort to reform the reluctant pagan and to persuade them from participating in Saturnalia; the leaders of the Roman Church (which was the world’s super power of that era), without biblical proof or other documented facts declared that the 25th December the Birthday of Jesus Christ, with the hope observers of Saturnalia would have chosen their love, respect and obedience to Yahweh and Yahweh’s son Jesus Christ thus causing a curbed in their appetite for the taste of the sinful practice of Saturnalia; but it did not.

Apart from perpetrating a verbal fraud; lying about the birth of Christ, the Leaders in the Roman Church tried many things to change the hearts of its congregants from the pagan practice of Saturnalia without success. It was a long and rough road from Saturnalia to what is celebrated today as Christmas.

In 1466 Roman Catholic Church revisited the most deprived customs of Saturnalia; as a substitute for the acts of indecencies to others and self the Jews became victims of this festival. The Pope Paul 11 Forced Jews to raced naked through the streets but not before they were forced to eat and drink to a point of discomfort; this made their naked run not only difficult but comical. This was done to and for the entertainment of Roman citizens who laugh at the nude discomfort of the Jews while mockingly taunted and threw objects at them. Later in the 18-19 Centuries the Jewish leader became the laughing stock of this festival. The Rabbis were forced to ware clownish outfit and while walking through the town citizen would laugh at and mockingly pelt objects at them.

In 1836 The Jewish community wrote a letter of protest to Pope Gregory the 16th asking him to stop the abuse of the Jews which was common around the season of Saturnalia.

The Christmas tree:

It was believed by the Greco-Roman that the Gods themselves transformed into tree and the first human was descended from a tree. It was also widely believed that the tree was magical, it roots extended into the underworld and thus the tree has access to the predominant place of the God’s of the ancestral spirit. They also believed that the branches which reach up to the heaven accessed another realm of great mystery, the predominant place of the goddesses. Birds were believed to be messengers from the gods and the fact that they nested and rear their young in tree were another sign of the holiness of the tree. The trunk of the tree was considered a bridge between the underworld where the predominant spirit of the ancestors dwell and the heaven where the Goddesses dwell.

The worship of trees had an integral part in pagan Roam’s customs, at times the trees that were to be worship were cut and took into their homes, where they were paint and beautifully decorated. This practice was also married into Christianity and was merged as a part of the Christmas tradition and is still practiced today around Saturnalia or Christmas time.

Gift Giving:

In pre-Christian Roam, the emperor of Roam compelled the most despised of the Roman citizens to bring offering and gift around the Saturnalia time. this was later adopted along with the custom of the yearly practice of the cult who followed Bishop Nickolas give gift to children on the 6th December to commemorate the death of Bishop Nicholas’ who was later granted sainthood by the Roman catholic Church.

The conclusion:

Can you in all honesty after knowing the history of Christmas find pleasure in celebrating such defile and wicked festival? Not if you are a believer in Yahweh and a follower of Jesus Christ. Given to the Roman Catholic Church, for the correct price, they can lend acceptance and sanctity to the atrocities of African slavery and Hitler’s holocaust.

Any minister of the Gospel, who tries to encourage the celebration of Christmas by infuse Christ in to dirty pagan celebration: Christmas and in the process cause the followers of the living God to indulges such celebration is no better than the Roman Catholic pries who sells indulgences such as forgiveness etc. or Jeroboam the King of Israel who lead Israel down the slippery path of idolatry for his own personal gratification and gain. As a result of Jeroboam’s selfish action, Israel became a ruin and its people were taken into captivity became slaves to the heathen nations suffering the curse of Jehovah as was outlined in Duet. 28: 16 onward; a curse which Israel endured for many centuries.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Song: Mr. Integrity, A tribute to Arnhim Eustace of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Below is a song that I wrote to honor Arnhim Eustace a politician who resides and fight to change the way of life in of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I hope you enjoy this song and the video I prepared to accompany the song.

Song Title:               Mr. Integrity
Written by:              Allan Palmer
Music Arrange by:  Godfrey "Cherry" Ince
Lead Vocals:           Allan Palmer
Back up Vocals:      Allan Palmer

        Below is extract of an article that was taken from the blog Vincy Kalaloo that was written by Amor Rodney.

Eustace the Black Aristocrat

Arnhim Eustace is simply a man of class. He has never written an autobiography so very little is known Arnhim Eustace

about his formative years. Arnhim grew up in Kingstown, Edinboro to be exact. His mother was a teacher and his father was a businessman. Like Gonsalves, Eustace had a good education, having been trained as an economist. He spent most of his working life at the Caribbean Development where he retired as the third highest ranking member of staff.

Eustace does have an aristocratic bearing and he may be described as a proud black man. For all of his adult life he has been associated with decency. Eustace is not known for tempestuous outbursts; he is not known for the use of profanity; neither has he been tarnished with misconduct towards the opposite sex. Indeed Mr Eustace has been invariably described as “straight as a pin”. And, he has aptly earned the sobriquet “Mr Clean”.

As a national figure, Eustace has the tendency to restrict his public statements to critiquing government policies and to advancing the proposals of his party. One cannot recall hearing him ranting and raving in personal attacks and insults to anyone. Eustace is the consummate professional and the epitome of civility in public affairs. So much so, his critics often describe him as “soft”. However, Eustace’s general approach is but a reflection of his aristocratic bearing. He is a man of superior manners, impeccable speech, and exemplary conduct. Mr Eustace his a man of class!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Staticical Review of This Blog and Some Victories

Author of this Blog: Crush

It is interesting that as of May,2010; BlogSpot the host of this blog and thousand of others, place an activity monitoring mechanism on its blogs. this give blog administrators the ability to monitor the external activities of the blog. I am shock at the amount of activities this blog had from the month of May to this current date (November 21, 2010). What is interesting about this is the titles that received the attention and the international location from which this blog was being viewed.

It is amazing that 52 percent of this blog’s readership is from the United States of America, 10.5 percent are from Russia while 10.4 percent of the readership is from the United Kingdom; Bermuda account for 6.9 percent of the readership.

It is fascinating how this blog have take on a geographic swing, over the pass year. It is not that Bermudian are not reading the blog; however, I have a suspicion that the swing of interest and the fact that Crushing fools is attracting an overwhelming U.S.A readership could be as a result of tourist researching Bermuda in order to make up their minds as to whether or not they should visit the island. I cannot account for the overwhelming Russian visits to this site which can also be as a result of potential tourist researching Bermuda.

My above conclusion came after I reviewed the statistics, as it relates to the articles that got the most overall views between the periods. Of the four most popular posting, the number one article that was read is: “My short presentation before the M.T.A board of directors of the State of NY” which saw 37.5% of those who visited the blog, it is very interesting to note that this article was written two months ago, yet it was the most read article; the second most read article was Ralph Gonsalves V/S Lady Justice this could be as a result of the heighten election activities that is going on in St. Vincent and the Grenadines at this point and time; and may be responsible for the 20.7 percent of the readers, who took interest to this article. The article “Barack Obama the Fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream” was third place, the content and the caption of the posting will surely arrest the attention of my USA visitors to this blog. And then the article that will really capture the attention of tourist planning a trip to Bermuda was 4th place: “Bermuda the Wild Wild West.”

It is interesting to note that between 8:00 am on the 20th November 2010 and 8:00 am on the 21st November, 2010; 42 percent of the visitors read the article Ralph Gonsalves V/s Lady Justice, yet no one from St. Vincent and the Grenadines viewed this article yesterday.

The current activity on this blog is very surprising. What is even more surprising but understandable was the geographic turn this blog took. It is very comforting to know that this blog is still as popular today as it was when I wrote the first article calling for the people of Bermuda to take their country back from the criminal elements that was taking over their land. As a result of this blog I have suffered much hardship, which even saw me walking away from a profession I loved, enjoyed and was excellent at. I was followed day and night by the Bermudian authorities, my home was outfitted with listening devises, my cell and home phone was tapped, my mail were intercepted and scrutinized; my packages were intercepted and opened (passport was removed from a FedEx package by the Bermuda Police) I have had threats to my life and a Jamacian hit man, who resided in St. Lucia that goes by the name of Andrew Kirkpatrick Mitchell was sent to kill me like a common dog.

Although the Bermudian authorities made it look like my prosecution came as a result of my blog, it was really motivated by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves who was accused of raping a female police officer and sexually assaulting a Vincentian/Canadian lawyer; as a result of my actions, of writing in the News paper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and my many regular radio presentations on the Radio Station in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I know this was the reason for my prosecution because I recorded the Bermuda Commissioner of Police issuing threats to me; telling me, if I do not desist from writing articles to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines News paper and making presentation of the radio station of the said country.

When I consider all things, I am happy that my writings, although they leave much to be desired is still interesting enough to have a following. To all who have been following this blog from its beginning, I say thank you. To all those who have by one way or the other brought to my attention events that I have wrote on thank you also. I must also thank those who took the timeout to post their comments; even those who post messages of hate, insults and degrading comments that was designed to hurt and offend me I also thank you for reading this blog and for taking the time for posting your comment, even though your comments were not published. It is one thing to disagree with my opinion; however, to be downright nasty is another thing. Thanks and I love you all.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Culture From Around the World Part 6: American (USA) Icons.

What is culture? Culture is the way of life of a people and it includes all of the habits, rituals, celebration, and rights. It also includes the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the method and means of preparing such and their reason for doing what they do; in other words culture include the entire way of life of the people. An understanding of ones culture and the culture of another aids to make us cultured, which is: it shapes our attitudes, behaviors and beliefs; it also affords us characteristic that positively aids and impacts our social and general conduct. So in my effort to contribute to and transform my friend in Bermuda into even more cultured citizens I will take the time to share with you exhibits as is displayed at the Brooklyn Museum. I hope you will share in my experience and quest to be even more cultured.

The War Council 1776. The people depicted in this sculpture are Abraham Lincoln Sitting, Com. of the Federal United Army Ulysses S. Grant (who later became president) and Sec. of War Edwin M. Stanton.

Pres. George Washington (later stage in life)

Young George Washington  

General John Blackburn

George Washington

Robert Fulton Born 1765 was a New Yorker who made his name as an engineer/inventor. He was accredited for inventing the first commercial steamboat. He was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte to design the Nautilin: which is considered the first practical submarine in history.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

About Alex Scott, Ewart Browne, Dale Butler And Premier Paula Cox

                                                          Ex-Permier Dr. Ewart Browne JP, MP

Dr. Eward Browne’s action, of voluntarily stepping down as leader of the P.L.P, the political party he led for the pass four years and simultaneously from the office of the Premier of Bermuda; left him standing like a dignified giant. Dr. E Brown have proven that he is not like most small island politician, such as Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Hugo Chaves of Venezuela, Erick Geary of Grenada, Fidel Castro of Cuba etc. all of whom became too easily addicted to power, who are willing do or who would have done anything, to hold onto political leadership of their countries; even at the destruction of their party, the country and at great lost of life to their constituent.

Many people saw Dr. Browne’s bid, for the leadership of the Peoples Labor Party, as a hostile take over; a sign of his lack of loyalty, to the man whose leadership he was subjected to, while he was the Premier: Mr. Alex Scott JP. MP. However; Dr. Brown’s actions was just a demonstration of democracy in action. He exercised his constitution and organizational right to seek the position of leadership of his party which in turn elevated him to the chief political office of his country: the Premier of Bermuda.

I got to know the caring gentleman that is Premier Alex Scott and his wonderful wife from performing police security detail at the then Premier’s home. Premier Scot and Mrs. Scott, would leave the comfort of their house and venture outside to find out how I was doing and if there were anything they could do to relief  my minor discomfort.

                                              Ex-Premier and First Lady Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Scott

I must also confess I found Premier Scott's politics to be gentle, understanding and involved the races. On the other hand I saw Dr. Ewart Brown’s approach to management and leadership as confrontational and aggressive. I must in all honesty say; although Dr. Ewart Browne style was completely different from that of Mr. Scott’s and at times he made many people angry; he did not make any major breach that could have upsetting the volatile race problem that exists in Bermuda, although he came very close.

When Ewart Browne, for whatever reason; choose to relinquish the post of Premier at the appointed time, not choosing to hold on to political/parliamentary power at all cost, he earn my respect and I am sure the respect of the thousand of Bermudian who though he was power hungry and developed a dislike for him, after he (Dr. Brown) exercising his right to pursue the highest political officer in Bermuda, at the lawfully appointed time and via the delegates of the party he was affiliated to.
                                                                      Dale Butler JP, MP
Dale Butler: Mr. Dale Butler is a very honest and dignified man and it seems like Mr. Butler’s honesty was infused into the speech he presented to the delegates and it was his honesty that was responsible for ensuring his overwhelming defeat by the favorite Paula Cox. I have met and spoken to Mr. Butler on a few occasion; however, my understanding of Dale was developed through his honest, powerful and change inspiring writing. From his writing I can say that Mr. Butler has a genuine love and appreciation for his country and its people. Mr. Butler's action shows, his love goes beyond playing politics in order to ascend the high and coveted political office of Premier. I believe that Dale Butler will never violate his conscience and hamper his ability of affecting real and positive change in the lives the people he serves and the system that governs his country.

So when Mr. Butler make his presentation before the delegates, who held in their hands, the power to make or deny Dale the post of leader of the P.L.P and Primer of Bermuda; he refused to cater to the delegates prejudicial and stereotypical mentality; but rather, he choose to be true to his conscience in attempting to teach the old boys and girls new tricks by giving an all inclusive speech. In other words Dale Butler latterly ruined all chances of obtaining the leadership of the P.L.P and the Premiership of Bermuda. If my estimation of Mr. Butler is correct, as always, he was looking at the bigger picture; the picture as it can and should be: a colorless society where all Bermudian regardless of their political affiliation and the color of their skin are given the opportunity to work for the betterment of Bermuda.
                                                         Primer of Bermuda & Minister of Finance: Paula Cox JP. MP.
The New Premier of Bermuda: Madam Paula Cox, whom I refer to as the reluctant and loyal leader. I so refer to her for the simple reason: for many years key members of the P.L.P have thrown their support behind Paula Cox in a bit to make her leader of the P.L.P and in turn Primer; however, they were unable to convinced her to betray her leader even in time when he was very unpopular.

Paula Cox had been a very efficient minister of finance, a good constituency representative, a dignified parliamentarian, and a faithful follower. I have no doubt that she will be a very good Premier. My only hope is, the members of her party The P.L.P; those with and without portfolio will give to her the same level of support and loyalty she give to her former leader Dr. Ewart Brown.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Bermuda Police Service Mould Condition Verified

In 2008, I brought to the public’s attention, the unhealthy conditions, of the facilities that are occupied by the Bermuda Police Service. I did so by writing and posting articles on the blog Crushing fools, writing letters to the then Caribbean News Net; as well as, in a document to the Governor Of Bermuda, which was also sent to The Premier of Bermuda: Dr. Ewart Brown, the minister of Public Safety; David Burch as well as members of the opposition U.B.P the document was titled “A standard For Change” ‘A four Years Internal investigation of the Bermuda Police Service. In the document I informed the above listed people and their offices of the unhealthy conditions that exist in those buildings among other things.

It was interesting to note that most people though I was only stirring up trouble, because of the difficulty I was experiencing with the management of the Bermuda Police Service. In my writings I spoke of the doctored report that was released by the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), which was design to hid the reality of the conditions as it exist in the buildings that houses the BPS and to keep us (enlisted and civilian workers) ignorant of the dangerous environment the Bermuda Government invited us to work in. As in everything else, the truth of my words are once again being confirmed and is now being validated by professionals in the field.

It is reported that a Supreme Court order, which was issued by the Supreme Court of Bermuda, gave the authority to Michael Pugliese and Dr. Jack Thrusher mould experts the permission ran test on the Hamilton and the Somerset Police Station. After the testing was completed, the test revealed such a high concentration of mould that those who were invested with the responsibility of conducting the test, refused to reenter the buildings without protective mask and later stated "The condition of Hamilton Police Station is such that the officers who work in the station should be wearing protective breathing masks in order to protect themselves from the air contamination resulting from the microbial growth in the building. The building should be torn down, it is not habitable."

What were unfortunate, is many healthy men and women had become ill and die as a result of the unhealthy condition that existed in the premises that housed the Bermuda Police Service, conditions that was known to the Government of Bermuda and the leadership of the Bermuda Police Service? Yet they knowingly, hid evidence and enticed loyal men and women to work in an environment that was/is killing them.

The action of these people constitutes a crime of omission: here we have a situation where responsible citizens were playing God. They placing healthy men and women with families, in unnecessary danger; they did so by putting them in a situation where they fell pray to a hazardous work environment. The Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service did this with the knowledge that the chances of there employees of becoming ill and even dying was a high one. This boils down to many categories of crimes, which includes causing the contraction of an infectious diseases, murder, manslaughter etc.

The questions that are dominant on my mind are: will anyone be brought to Justice for the illnesses and death that was caused by such negligence? Will the D.P.P see it fit to commission an independent investigation and bring criminal charges against anyone who knowingly endangered the life of hundreds of men, woman and civilian who have became ill and die as a results of the informed decisions of key members in the Bermuda Police Service and the Government of Bermuda?

Justice must be done, but then again poetic justice is always being served and it is being served up in Bermuda in a big way and it is being served up every day. What do you expect of the youngsters, how can you condemn the criminal behavior of Bermuda youths, when the adults who are invested with the responsibility and the authority to ensure the protection of citizen and visitors alike are also committing many criminal acts and are not being held accountable for such actions?

Example is still the greatest teacher and our life is still the best examples that we can give to out children. Have the leaders (political, religious, community etc.) in Bermuda been providing the best examples for the countries youths? Is it conscionable for those leaders in Bermuda to expect the youths to act different from way they are acting and behaving today?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Integration A New Segration

Art work from Website "Chruch Awaken"

The systems that made slavery, apartheid and any other form of racial segregation legal, were not only wicked but was a slap in the face of the Creator God, who made all man equal. Such legal government systems, should have never existed, however; such existed and exist as a result of man’s inability too fully appreciate, understand and accept the beauty that is found in differences. Such inability has the capacity to manufacture fear and fear if it is not dealt with appropriately; can be easily transformed into hate. We must always remember, where there is hate, there are extreme and ugly behaviors. So it will be correct to conclude; such behaviors and system were/are born out of fear that eventually, evolves into hateful actions and behaviors.

Western integration was born out of the idealistic intention, which had as its primary goal: the unification of the races. I must conclude, the approach that was used to accomplish this critical social change; although it was absolutely necessary, it was the wrong approach. I was necessary in that the members of the white or the Caucasian community was not willing to let lose on the lifestyle, they have grown accustom to and enjoy; a life style that had at its roots the exploitation of blacks; as well as, the rooted belief that members of the black race were less than human and it was within their rights to treat their property like property.  Legislative integration was the wrong approach for true integration must and can only come about, through mutual respect and appreciation for and among those that are divided; qualities that were none existent between the races, at the time legislative integration took effect.

Most members within the white community saw the new system of integration, as taking away their God given rights to hate and practice hate; one that forced them to interact and play with those they had nothing in common with. On the other hand; the black population who existed under a system that encouraged segregation in its varying forms, saw integration as a welcome opportunity to get involved and participate in activities they were denied of: because of the color of their skin.

As a result of legislative integration, there arose some new situations, which saw some members of the white community resisting such changes at all cost. They were willing to sacrifice even their civility; they broke the law, trampled on societal norms and violated all semblance of ethic to resist such changes. The level of hate was so high that white sympathizers, were treated with the same level of contempt as their black counterpart. This leads me to ask a very important question, which is: did such ideology and practice evolved from a misunderstanding of differences and a lack of an appreciation for the same or was it a case of people’s desire to be evil and practice the same?

Members of the black community longed for the opportunity, to embrace the freedom they were unjustly denied of, for so long; a freedom they only dreamed of but now, a freedom they hoped to embrace and experience. Unfortunately, the black community were to experienced a rude awaken, from their dreams of freedom. This occurred when their dreams collided with a very harsh reality of the day. For although the laws were enacted; they were not enforceable. There were two main reasons that made these laws UN-enforceable and they were: 

1. The dominant white decision makers that govern the community were not ready to surrender the privileges and the life style that they enjoy as a result of these system.

2. The section of the community, endowed with the authority to enforce the law, also benefited from this system. They were not willing to acknowledge and sought justice on behalf of someone who, in their opinion, was less than human and inferior (blacks people) against those who were considered their own: members of the white community and the presumably superior race.

This belief had a tremendous impact on the new system and was responsible for changing the landscape and social dynamics of the western hemisphere. It fueled an underlying anger and hatred on both side of the fence that sought only forced the people into a new dimension of segregation.

When one considered that western segregation saw the black community being denied of their basic human rights and privileges; it appeared that the members of the black community had nothing to lose and every thing to gain; such was a threat to the acceptable way of life of the white community.

Later, when perception had changed, consciences were troubled and the laws became enforceable; the community saw another side to and of segregation which still exist. This resulted in the withdrawal of members of the white community from the community wherein they lived. The greater part of the white populations refused to interact or associate with the blacks for business, religion, social activities etc. they participated only in activities that were absolutely necessary.

The self imposed recursion of members of the white community, provided more opportunity for the members of the black community, which was seen as part of the perks that came along with their newly acquired rights. With the newly acquired rights came a bold and intrusive attitude which under the circumstances was not justifiable but very much understandable. This was so when one considered the degree of brutality some whites were willing to inflict on blacks in order to deny them of their God given and their legal rights.

Integration was intended to be a positive tool, that was meant to enhance the life of the people in the black and the white community; however, it was totally misunderstood and misapplied by the people it was meant to help. As a result; a system which was meant for the good of both, the black and the white community, backfired and instead of becoming a blessing, it became a curse. A curse which continue to affect the said communities even up to today. 

Integration was meant to provide the Caucasian community with an appreciation of blacks, their talent, and skills; they were to inaugurate the strengths of the races to create a better community for all.
It was meant to give member of the black community, the opportunity to exist in the community on equal footing, with that of their white counterpart. Unfortunately the two supreme objectives were lost in the hate that existed previous to integration and that which developed after legislative integration came into effect.

Some ways Legislative integration negatively affected the black community
• It seems as if a large cross section of the black community have been told NO! You can’t! You are not good enough; so many times and for so long, that they actually believed, they were not good enough and this was reflected in their negative attitude towards anything that was black owned, made and inspired; in relation to that which were white.

• Another aspect that deeply affected the black community; was the No factor. Some members of the black community have been told NO so many times, for so long and for no justified reason that when they were giving the legal opportunity to participate in the community affairs, they were willing to defy the authority of the white population and claim their now legal right to participate in that which was forbidden as a result of racial prejudice.

As a result of the lack of white support, the negative psychological reinforcement among blacks towards that which was owned and produced by members of the black community; the defiant attitude among some within the black community that spurred on their zealousness, to ensure they were not denied of the opportunity, to participate in their newly found rights had serious negative impact to black enterprise. The combination of attitudes saw black art, black talent, black invention etc. suffered tremendously.

Here a situation was created where the white community refused to acknowledge and or support anything that was made, organized, operated or created by members of the black community; while On the other hand, a large cross section of the black community had been so cultured and conditioned to believe that nothing black was good; in other words nothing that was made, created, organize, operated etc. by members of the black community was good and the things of the white community was better than anything the blacks made. While another section within the black community patronized the white businesses etc. just to defy the white racist owner and to practice their new found liberty. You can see the negative impact these three situation had on businesses, inventions etc. that were made and operated by and within the black community.

This inferiority mental complex within the black community and the willingness of the defiant black to challenge the white racist community in order to practice their liberty, led to the failure of many black enterprises. The failure of the black businesses etc. which resulted from a lack of support from the black community only sought to transform the community into what it is today: a race of consumers. Even today, unfortunately; we can tell from the common practice, of the overwhelming majority of people of and from the black community; that the belief that nothing that was created by members from and within the black community is good; is still prominent.

In short while the black enterprises went out of business, the white establishment, leagues, invention, creativity, schools, organization etc. flourished and as a result, the black intellectual and talent flocked to the doors of the white form and run organization to lend them their expertise, skill and talents aa well as their consumer support.

A good and amplified example of this was the United States of America as well as Bermuda. In the USA we saw black entrepreneurs started black base ball, basket ball; foot ball league, theaters etc. to facilitate the Negro players and talents, who as a results of the color of their skin; were denied the opportunity to compete and participate in the white ran and owned leagues. It is strange that the Negro leagues had better players, coaches and teams than that of the white leagues thus the competitiveness was also greater than that of the white leagues. Yet it was the sole ambition of the black superior player to make it in what was the inferior leagues to compete against inferior players. In Bermuda it was the businesses. We have seen many black business suffered for basically the same reason while the white businesses experienced prosperous existence for centuries.

in the U S A, the sports and art situation was a unique one, in this case it was not about a desier to be apart of something that was better but the black players and artist were longing for the acceptance and recognition of the whites segregationist and they did all in their power to be accepted. Today we called those people heroes, champion of the civil rights movement, men and women who tore down barriers and open doors for blacks. However in my opinion I see this as an institutionalized and accredited failure.

Such should have been the opposite; in that, the white inferior players, singers, actors, dancers etc. should have been upping their game in order to participate and gain acceptance in the black leagues and to preformed on black stages. These socall heros were instramental in ensuring that members of the black community continue to be seen as inferior and they did so at tremendous damage to their pride, self-esteem and black dignity.
It was only when the white leagues and teams saw the economic benefits of inaugurating blacks supertalents into their leagues etc. that such happened at tremendous negative impack upon the black leagues. This resulted in the black establishments being forced to go out of business for lack of talent and by extension lack of gate return.

In the area of invention the transitional segregated system created many challenges for black inventors to patent inventions, as a results many black inventors lost their invention to the wealthy business men and women of the day who became wealthy by patenting and initiating mass production of the invention they had not participated in the creation of, while the inventors lived and die in poverty. 

Legislative integration failed to benefit the community, for it only sought to change the dynamics of segregation and facilitated the evolution of a more complex, discreet, not easily identified form of segregation. A needed system that was not properly managed by the community; in the processed and in more ways than one the system failed to benefit those whom it intended to help in the manner it was intended. However it only sought to drive a transparent wedge between the races that continue to keep the races apart.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Plots of the Devil -Aagainst the Protection of Jehovah

It is no secret that ever since I was a little boy I had an opinion and because I was born into a family with an open mind, I was encouraged to express my opinion freely, openly and without fear. I can remember as a youth, I would call into the popular interactive radio program: "The Search Light," which was aired on the state own radio station: 705 Radio. On that program I will share my opinion about issues that affects the Community in which I lived. I would address topics that were political, moral, social and economical in nature.  I can also remember when I was 15 years old, I submitting and had my first letter published in the Vincentian News Paper: the oldest news publication in St. Vincent and the Grenadines; this marked, the beginning of my public writing.

I then joined the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force in 1994. Before my emergence into the Police Force, I have already been impacting lives in so many people in so many ways on the land of my birth. I have been a gospel artist with reoccurring performance in the Island biggest Gospel shown: Gospel spectacular which was hosted by Emerald Gospel group, which had the Victoria Park as its venue, Gospel explosion which was hosted by the Unity Gospel Group, which also had the Victoria Park as its venue. Both shows had thousand of patron from within the region as well as a wide range of internationally renowned guess artist. I also participated in the annual shows that were hosted by the other groups on the island.

I also organized and ran a Christmas Lunch program for the Homeless, Which saw my friends which included, Yvonne and Gideon Soleyn, Rosemary and Leroy Richardson, Glenroy Providence, Jerry Cuffy among others participating in this venture. Each year I will invest in providing meals for the homeless and with the help with my friends who are named above this was a success each time I did it. Every Christmas morning I will walk the entire length of Kingstown in an effort to seek out and informed the homeless of a free Christmas meal that would be provided at Bentic Square in Kingstown and they will show up and be treated with the courtecy and dignity they deserved to be treated with.

I can remember many people wanted to join into this endeavor, however; I try to encourage them to start their own program for it was needed. The last year I conducted this program, Peter Prescott along with the other regulars join me in the preparation and distribution of the meals.

I was never one whose actions were governed by money or personal benefits but I was always touched and I was always concerned about those who are less fortunate than I am. I have very little tolerance for those who abuse their authority, position, social status and finances to exploit the underprivileged or those who they are more fortunate than.

I know that I have rightfully offended many people with my objective writings, my vocal expressions as well as my actions. I also know that I am a target of revenge for many people whom I have so offend, especially some insecure members of the Bermuda Police Service (fortunately most of them were asked to retire), some with in the Royal St. Vincent Police Force, The Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Ralph Gonsalves and some of his cronies.

The unfortunate thing is; some of these people think it is with in their best interest, to ensure I fail at what ever I do and they go out of their way to try to sabotage anything they find out I am doing. I have seen the evil of their hands at work, and I have seen and heard when their quality control officers come around to see how their demon inspired plans had affected me.

They have sent their demons possessed associates to try and entice me to get involved in some foolproof investment and get rich quick deals, hoping I will lose my investments, they have sent anonymous bad reports about me to employers (some of which were fake employees I set up for the purpose) and they hoped that such will remain secret. I wish them all of the best in their endeavors.

I will remind those who have set themselves up as my adversaries that, I am serving and relying on a the Creator God, Jehovah, Yahweh, The Host High God who will opens door for me that no man can shut and If I am running a little late he will keep it open until I get there. This same God closes door that no one can open. There is not a Lillie that falls to the ground without his prior knowledge or approval. The winds that blow on the water does so only at his will; even though he commands the wind blow upon the water, the water dear not make a ripple unless he commands it so to do.

This is the God who holds my success in his hands; this is the God you are fighting against, yes HE is the same God that have been fighting my bottles and who continue to fight with and for me. It is totally impossible for me to lose, my success is assured, my happiness is already handed to me and there is nothing that no one can do to change this fact.

Have you ever wondered why your extensive foolproof plots and plans always seems to fall by the wayside, even when my life was in danger and with no help from me? Have you every wondered why your soldiers offten return to you with a reposr of mission unaccomplished? Have you ever wondered why even when I should be under tremendous pressure I am happy and going about as a free spirit? It is because my success is already a rap and there is nothing you can do to change that fact.

It make no sense sneaking around, for if you call me and asked me, I will tell you what I am doing and what the Lord has planned for me. I am not hiding from man nor demon that which the lord has already provided for me; the reason for my boldness is simple; who Yahweh blesses no man of demon can ever curse.

Only if you can see the confident smile of victory that is plastered upon my face as I write this article. So until your next plot against me fails; I will say to you, fight on my haters, may my God have sympathy upon you all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Short Presentation Before the MTA Board Of Director Of New York State

On the evening of Tuesday 21th September 2010, at 6:30 PM, I attended a town Hall Meeting that was held at the Brooklyn Museum. This meeting was organized by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in accordance with the law of the state of New York and was held before the board of directors and other decision making persons that are responsible for the general management of this vital institution. Such meetings are a lawful requirement of the MTA before they can make or take any major decisions or actions that can affect the public. As a member of the commuting public who rely on the MTA to get to and from my destination throughout New York City, I felt it necessary to attend this Town Hall meeting to offer my opinion on the matter.

There were over a hundred people who made presentation at this Town Hall meeting and I was fortunate to be among the conscious public transportation commuter who saw it necessary to ensure that my voices was heard.

Each person was given the duration of three minutes to make the presentation, below is the short three minutes impromptu presentation I made.

Good evening ladies and gentle men, I hope that you are able to understand my rich West Indian accent. It is no secret that the MTA provides a very vital service to the commuting public. It is unfortunate that the MTA have dug itself into a deep financial ditch, it is also unfortunate that the MTA can only find two means of increase their cash flow which are:

1. They put thousands of low and middle income workers out of work, while the people who are making the significant wages that can impact the indebtedness of the MTA remain employed and without wage cut.

2. They increase fare.

These are not creative means of accomplishing the objective that the MTA now faces.

I have a few questions that I will like to ask.

1. After the last increase in fare, did the general ridership increase or decreased?

2. Did the increase in fare positively impacted the MTA profitability or did they experience a decrease in the general income of the MTA?

The MTA is a retailer and they retail the service of transportation like any retail enterprise the MTA need to increase the volume of sales, if they ought to be profitable. The MTA also need to find significant ways in which to reduce its operational cost.

The Challenge

Let me challenge you guys. When I look at the podium I see well intended dignify men and women. With that in mind let us speak about leaving a legacy. I know you all are capable men and women; you need to work to leave a legacy for your children and your grand children. Your children and grand children must be able to boast at school and with their peers that my father or mother, grand father or grand mother was responsible for turning around the MTA without breaking the backs of the poor people, I know you all are capable of coming up with creative means of accomplishing this, it is time to get your creative juices flowing and leave a positive legacy for your children and grand children thank you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carl Neblet, The BPS Commissioner of Police and A Case To Make Public; Private Medical Records.

Bermuda Police On Duty

It is my hope that Carl Neblet and his supporters, do not think that I am against or that I in any way dislike him (Carl). In order to set the record straight, I must declare that I think Carl Neblett is a very nice person. Unfortunately for him; his personality does not provide him with the nature that is needed to effectively confront the problems and issues of the Bermuda Police Association (B.P.A) in the manner they should be dealt with; a manner that will bring lasting solution to most of the issues the Association's members are faced with. As a result, the men and woman of the Association are misled and misrepresented. My opinion of Call as a person and Carl Neblett method of operating as head of the BPA are different and it in no way means that I will not be critical not of Carl Neblett the person but of the silly and avoidable graft and decision he continue to make.

Let us take a brief look at and in the process consider the latest saga that is currently being played out within the Bermuda Police Service, where the Commissioner of Police (C.O.P) have decided to take two police officer to civil court. This new court action that was brought by the commissioner of Police, is designed to force the said officers to reveal to him their medical records. This request was made to and was denied by the officers who are being taken to court after they have been on sick leave for more than two years now.

Although I think the steps Commissioner De Silva is currently taking are strange ones, I would believe that he is following legal counsel. The police act has within its pages, the means by which such issues of prolong illnesses can be resolve in a manner that can bring closure to such matters, without the bitterness than the current course of action may leave within the ranks. It is not my intent to delve into such issue in this article.

I am sure that COP and the attorney General are aware that certain information are deemed confidential and no court of law will order there release unless it is in the interest of public safety or other critical matters, No court of law is going to violate the community's rights and set new court president to satisfy an employees curiosity.

What caused my underwear to become tied up in knots, was the below extract from the Royal Gazette. In an interview with the Call Neblett the leader of the BPA the organization that is endowed with the legal responsibility to look out for the interest and protect the rights of the members Bermuda Police Service below the rank of inspector.

Asked about the latest court action, Acting Detective Sergeant Carl Neblett of the Police Association (BPA), which represents the interests of officers, said: "As far as the BPA is aware, this is a civil matter between the Commissioner of Police and the plaintiffs.

"The Bermuda Police Association is not involved in this upcoming case in any way. Two of the officers involved in this upcoming case have not notified or approached the BPA and we do not know who their respective lawyers are."

There are several disturbing factors in the short quote of Carl Neblett, that was recorded in the Royal Gazette article.Together let us take a look at this issue from the prospective of the officers involved, Neblett’s response and the actions of the BPA.

This is a civil matter between the Commissioner of Police and the plaintiffs. Firrst I will address the quote

1. It is unfortunate that the two police officers are called plaintiff by their most senior welfare representative. This is a clear sign that Call Neblett and the BPA have already distance themselves form those involved even though they so call plaintiffs are bring forced to surrender their rights. and even though the Association is fully unaware of the facts of the matter.
  1. This matter is an internal matter 
  2. It is a work related issue where two of the BPA’s members are being attacked by one who is in authority and one who does not falls under the banner of the BPA.
By virtue of the foregoing characteristics the outlined dynamics makes this issue a BPA matter.

2. Mr. Neblett form your prospective as a constable, a member of the BPA and as a prominent Leader of the BPA, and from the BPA prospective; the parties involved in this matter are not plaintiffs: they are first your colleagues and second they are BPA members those whose interest you volunteer to look out for.

3. The BPA does not represent the interest of the officers. Well that one I know from experience, the BPA represents the interest of management because, it is easier for the Association to be on the side of management for many reasons that has nothing to do with "securing a promotion".

4. The BPA is not involved in the upcoming case in anyway. The fact that it is a civil proceeding does not automatically exempt the BPA from working on behalf of its member in a work related dispute with management. Carl at lease you know that the level and or functions of the proceeding do not take away the responsibility of the BPA to represent its members.

5. The officers involved have not approached or informed the Association of the matter that is brought against them. Give me a break Carl, this mentality is low; it matters not whether the persons involved brought the matter to your or the attention of BPA. A person who has any genuine concern for the people they represents often forget about personal pride and does what is right. That is what a true leader of such an organization will do. They will not wait on the victims, for an invitation to provide representation to a colleague in trouble but on finding out of the problems will ensure that they get to the bottom of the matter and offer any support they can; this is what true representation is all about.

Let me make it clear, the affair of the three police officer as it relates to the presentation of their medical records and the court proceeding that is brought against them are in deed the business of the BPA and they should be in the forefront with the members; unless for reasons not given the by the BPA have cause the Association to have make a conscious decision to disassociate themselves from the matter. The Bermuda Police Association must adopt the attitude that whenever information is brought to their attention by whatever means, they (the executive) must make an effort to contact the member who is experiencing such difficulties even if is to lend moral support.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Jackie Agustus an Other Victim of the Curse of the BPS

Once again the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) has suffered another lost; once again, another faithful servant of and to the Bermuda Police Service, has fallen victim to the curse that has been plaguing that institution for many decades now; a curse that has taken the life of  hundreds of employees and ex-employees of the Bermuda Police Service. Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Augustus: the Bermuda Police Service tailor/seamstress who was responsible for fitting and outfitting the members of the BPS in their uniform is now dead. She is the most recent person to be added to the list that make up the statistic, of people associated with the BPS and who fulfilled her assignment on the compound of the BPS, who was devastated by sudden, unexplained, critical illness and she subsequent scummed to her illness. 

Like Sergeant of Police Gary Young and hundreds of others before him, Ms. Augustus was strong, capable and able person when she was diagnosed with cancer and within one month of her diagnosis she rapidly deteriorated and died. Jackie took her last breath on Sunday 22nd August 2010, and in the process, she found relief from her suffering.

To Jackie’s friends and family she was a helpful, caring, faithful, and a loving person who they could have relied upon in time of trouble and when they had other needs; however, to the cold Government of Bermuda and the frigid management of the Bermuda Police Service; Jackie was just another number on the pay role. Now she had graduated and will become just another number on the statistic sheet of BPS employee who contracted cancer, other terminal, or life-threatening disease, suffered and subsequently die.

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Augustus had a memorial service, her friends, family and employers had many good things to say about her; she was buried now we all are wait for the next victim (BPS employee or BPS Ex-employee) to fall pray to what ever environmental condition is causing the member of this institution to become critically ill and suddenly die.

Is the cause of the illnesses to hard to find/discover? Or is it a case of; I am in good health and my family are not affected so why should I care?

It is important that we remember, Andrew Thomas, Paul Marsden, Timothy Herbert, Gary Young, Jackie Augustus and the others who have meet their untimely death, did not have nothing to worry about, for they were all healthy; that is, until they became ill and were forced to stare death in the face.

I wrote to many institution (health and other institutions) in Bermuda; I did so, in an effort to rally support for my ex-colleagues; the members of Bermuda Police Service, in relation to the plight they are faced with. I received a response from the highest political authority on the island: the office of the Premier, who assured me they were looking into the issue as it related to the sudden, tragic illnesses and death of the men and women in the Bermuda Police Service.

There are two things we can all agree on, and they are:

  • Something is terrible wrong.
  • It is critical that it is look into immediately.
Carl Neblet; it is time you wake up from your conscious sleep, rally the members of the Bermuda Police Association; the organization that you have been leading (some say down the wrong path) for more than a decade now and make some serious demand upon the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service. It is criminal to ask healthy people to work in an environment that is killing them. This cannot be allowed to continue for your inactivity is killing innocent men and woman. Carl you ought to be careful, for the life you are going to save, may very well be your own.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ralph Gonsalves, Desmond Morgan and The National Commercial Bank SVG Ltd.

           The API Presentation of Ralph Gonsalves: Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
                                                  Click link above to play the video

After listening to a presentation that was made by Ralph Gonsalves: the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on the Government information program: The Agency for Public Information (A.P.I); I was shocked at the debt to which the Prime Minister had sunk, in order to pull the wool over the public eyes. Prime Minister Gonsalves, took time and effort to justify the questionable business transaction of Desmond Morgan, the ex- Chairman of the National Commercial Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines; a transactions Morgan initiated with the said institution while he chaired the institution’s business.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves' understanding of economic and his business sense leave much to be desired. After listening to his presentation I asked myself one question, which was and still is: what is the state of the economy in the land of my birth? This thought came to my mind after I remembered Ralph Gonsalves is the Minister of finance and his main responsibilities are to manage and grow the resources of the country.

Let me take this opportunity to lend a rational view to Prime Minister Gonsalves presentation.

In the opening of Ralph’s speech, he describes Desmond Morgan; the Husband of the attorney General (the Government legal counsel) as being honest in his dealing with the National Commercial Bank P.L.C. But did the action of Desmond Morgan and his business dealing with the N.C.B can be described as honest. I will take some time to address this matter also.

The point at issue in the Desmond Morgan’s saga, is not whether he had a legal business transaction with the National Commercial Bank, but whether he use his influence as Chairman of the N.C.B, his affiliation to the Unity Labor Party (U.L.P) and his friendship with Ralph Gonsalves to manipulated and or pressure the bank management and staff into giving him a loan to organize and run the failed Blue Skies Communication Company? Did Mr. Morgan also use his influence to neglect his responsibility to service the loan which is now over two million dollars with the interest? Another question which answers must be found for is; why didn’t the bank, follow bank policy and common practice, by liquidate the collateral interest of Desmond Morgan, which is alleged to have a value some of 4 million EC dollars? Collateral that Morgan put up to secure his loan.

If the bank had followed its policy, common, expected and good business practices in this case, they would have recover the money owing to them by Morgan and his company and in the process, avoid a lengthy and expensive court procedure to recover monies owing to the institution.

I was also shocked and very much ashamed when The Prime minister try to justify a scheme that was proposed to the N.C.B by Morgan. A scheme that requested the bank to allow him to invest its collateral interest to form a new company Omega limited. Morgan was to then deposit the shares certificate and the transfer of shares with the N.C.B and in the event Morgan continue with his pattern of continual neglect of his financial obligation to the National Commercial Bank, then the bank will automatically become the owner of the shares of a worthless company.

Here we have a situation, where Desmond Morgan, had a well though out plan to dump his worthless business upon the State owned bank and walk away with the invested value of the property he put up as security, to ensure he get the loan, safe and secure in his pocket; while he leave the share holders of the National Commercial Bank: the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with the burden of bearing a debt, which a key member of the U.L.P: Desmond Morgan had accumulate and subsequently abandon.

To allow Desmond Morgan to reinvest the properties he put up to secure his loan is to take away the bank only real mean of recovering the monies Morgan owe to the National Commercial Bank thus making it almost impossible baring a court order, for the Bank to obtain its money.

Ralph must come to the understanding that financial institutions, such as the National Commercial Bank and institutions of its kind that follows good business practice; choose only to deals or trade with and in money; and the use of collateral are to aid the banks in recovering from, its delinquent borrowers, money owed to the institution. It also acts as a tool to motivate the borrower, thus ensuring they take their obligation to and with the bank seriously, which lead them to develop the type of responsibility that cause them to be consistent in servicing their loans.

Another point that I must bring to Ralph’s attention is: it is not the intent or objective of any such financial institution (banks) to acquire, and manage for a profit; any such unrelated retail, wholesale and or service oriented business. Therefore the N.C.B will not have any financial interest whatsoever, in acquiring any business that cannot be liquidated into that which the bank trades.

Now, one may asked; why Ralph Gonsalves would sacrifice coming on national television in a prearranged interview that were arranged by him and his advisor and was conducted and presented by the A.P.I be exposed to an international audience; which only portrays him to the entire world as a financial imbecile?

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Relationship that Exsists Between the Victims of Rape and their Predators

When a person is raped, they experience many psychological effects, this is as a result of the unwanted sexual imposition. Apart of the psychological effects that was discussed in the article titles the “The Psychological Effects of Rape" there are other effects that impacts the victim. Such effects lends to a very unhealthy unspoken relationship between the victim and the predator.

Over time, this relationship evolves into one of fear on behalf of the victim and subtle aggression on behalf of the predator. This is the type of relationship that develops between the victim who chooses to hide the shame they feel and in the process avoid the societal stigma that is associated with having such heinous defilement imposed upon them.

Most people, who have not been blighted and has suffered the unfortunate experience of being sexually victimized, may not be able to comprehend the chemistry that exists between these two individual (the victim and the rapist). However; because our understanding does not allow us the ability to comprehend this relationship as well as the psychological power the perpetrator has over his subject, in no way mean that such relationships does not exist. In some cases the victim and the aggressor are unaware of the development of a psychological pattern that impacts their behaviors and emotions especially when there is a confrontation of any type (a meeting of the eyes, an encounter on the streets at a function etc). This also includes the awkwardness that occurs when they are forced to interact.

It is important to note that any time a victim of rape or any form of sexual abuse; becomes so afraid of the stigma that is associated with rape and because of their fear’ they cause their predator to escape the long arms of the law and by extension the justice system; they not only deny the system to work on their behalf, they encourage the perpetrator to create new victims, put themselves at a grate long term disadvantage and they deprived themselves of the opportunity of living as normal a life they could ever hope to live under the circumstances.

The predator will become bolder in his demeanor while the victims wither away on the inside. The victims are then forced to spend awaken days planning to avoid a confrontation with their rapist and finding new creative way of ensuring that their secret is kept secure.

In most cases, victims of rape, who chose to remain silence about being raped are often raped again either by the same person or another rapist. You may not know that these sexual predators have developed the predator’s instinct and thus are capable of identifying and isolating easy victims knowing who it is safe to impose upon etc.

As time passes, the victim may even stand up, in the defense of their abuser. This may be done in the hopes that their victimization will not make public; they will deny the inhumane and hideous treatment their predator inflicted on them, and in some cases they will aggressively denounce any victim of their predator who found the strength and courage to stand up and take action against such an individual for sexual the crimes that was committed against them.

In the case of a young person, who were raped and sexually abuse especially if such was done over a prolong period of time; in such cases, as time elapses, the victim becomes more and more like a slave, and very often complying to the sexual pleasures of his/her victimizer who sways a manipulative, psychological control over them. In some cases this unhealthy and unlawful sexual imposition may have been the first and only sexual encounter the person may have ever known and as a result; this unhealthy and unlawful sexual relation becomes normal to the victim. The victim may become entrapped in vicious sexual practices and thus passing down the victim’s personality to their children; creating the environment for their children too become victims of such abuse and or rape.

I must mentioned here, that approximately seventy five percent of the person who were raped were born of/to and were socialized by a dominant parents who were themselves were silent victims (a person who were raped and kept their rape a secret).

It is a common fact that when silent victims of rape or sexual abused are involved or induced to participate in conversation that reflects or portrays their abuser negatively, the victim will often shy away from such conversation and avoid anyone that is critical of the person that has or is praying on them. This is so for fear that the aggressor may discover; the victim were disloyal, thus forcing him to reveal the embarrassing secret they both share; thus exposing the victim, to the shame they spend most of their time; trying to avoid.

The unfortunate things about the victims are: he or she always see his or her self as the victim and therefore fail to see the leverage they hold over the predator. In a community and civilization where, there are laws that are put in place to protect the victim; this give the victims of rape and other sexual crimes much power; unfortunately their fear whether real of perceived hampers them from understand the power they have. The victims of rape who were brave enough to come forward and ensure their predator were exposed and face the justice system actually took back their life and their independence form the predator. These people even without counseling will be/are awarded the opportunity to live as normal a life that is possible under the circumstances. it must be understood, there is no removing the scars of rape but the wounds that were created do not pain as much as they use to.

In order to avoid exposure, the victim try to please his/her sexual exploiter, he or she will try very hard not to anger their sexual predator, and in most case they feel safer when they are isolated. We have the unfortunate story of Jaycee Lee Dugard; who was abducted when she was 11 years old and remained the sexual prisoner of her abductor: Philip Craig Garrido and his wife Nancy, who kept that child hostage for eighteen years even causing her to bear him two children. In the mind of this child, this sexual encounter was the only sexual experience she had ever known and as it was done for an extended period of time, this sick exchange became normal to her.

Unfortunately; in this society that we all love so dearly, we have many victims of rape and sexual abuse who are so afraid of the stigma of rape; and in turn, they are afraid to do anything to upset their rapist or sexual abuser, they do not have an understanding of the power they possess, the power to confront their aggressor before the court of law and see them locked away for a long time and in the process break the victim’s cycle and avoid passing the victim mentality, personality and behavior unto their children.

If you are a victim of rape or sexual abuse, speak up and take back the power your predator had taken from you. Yes you I am speaking to you.