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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frencesca Dill A Youth Role Model

The beauty of any country is not found in the physical beautiful of the environment or in the infrastructural development of the state. The beauty of any place can be found in the warmth that populates the heart of the people, which in turn reflects in: the level of charity they show to their elders, the disable and the other unfortunate member of their community.

Our lord Jesus Christ in unearthing the hypocrisy of the people of his time said to them how you can love Jehovah who you cannot see when you are unable to love your brothers/sisters who you can see and know.

Fortunately for me my curiosity have lead me to places where the ordinary Bermudian and the guess workers that inhabits that country will not care to go; and in doing so I have met some wonderful people who have dedicated their time for the edifying, up-lifting and enhancing the quality of life of the many unfortunate souls that also inhabits Bermuda. Unfortunately these are the group of people who are often neglected by those of us who are too important and too rapped up in our selves; that we do not have or make time to care for the Island’s unfortunate. The populaces are not willing to lend a voluntary hand to ensure that they get that all important sense that foster self-worth that each of us needs, which is: the sense that they are needed, appreciated and loved.

But there are a worthy few who willingly contribute to enrich the life of the community forgotten people. One such person is young Francesca Dill. This preteen who attends the Saltus Secondary school has stepped up to the plate and on a consistent basis, devote her time and her talent to the student of the Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy.

When this young lady should be at home in her mirror grooming herself like most girl her age do, playing with her Wii, chatting up her friends on her cell phone, or out and about participating in the thousand of trivial things that people her age find to occupy their time; Francesca who is a classically trained vocal artist, volunteers her time and use her God given talent to bring peace, melody, love and joy to the hearts of the student that attends the Dame Marjorie Bean Hope academy.

Although the teachers at the school crave the opportunity to be a part of Francisca’s performance and to have their heart soak up the peace and tranquility this talented preteen voice brings to her hearers. Unfortunately for the teachers her performances are exclusively for the students, yet I was privilege to be exposed to and had my heart thrilled, by this vocal virtuoso who has a heart of gold.

As it is said the acorn does not fall to far from the tree and the parent are still the biggest and the most powerful influence in the life of a child. I am happy to report that Francisca was taught by the example of her mother, who has an overly enlarged heart for doing charity work. Her mother Katherine is one of the stalwarts who go above and beyond what anyone can and could ever possible asked of a volunteer to any organization.

Show me a child in action and I will show you the values his or her parents holds dear, the quality of the home in which that child lives and the quality of parental guidance and nurturing that child receives. To the parent who read this, it is always a good thing to make a little sacrifice and indulge in wholesome conversation and get involved in meaningful activities even if it is only for the sake of your child/children. That is what responsible parents do.

It is important to note that Francesca and her family are not perfect people, like every family they to have their problems; but they do not let the difficulties of life keep them from doing what is good for the community.

So to Francesca and the other members of the Dill family, I tip my hat to you; keep up the good work. I know that such charitable love must have some significant value even right here on earth.