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Friday, August 15, 2008

Running For Cover Hiding Your Shame

After it was brought to my attention and after I verified the fact that the Bermuda Police Service saw it fit to counter act the article on the Crushing Fool blog, which was titled "The Puppet Master and his String Puppets. the article give (checkable facts) evidential explanation of the factors that lead up to my suspension from the Bermuda Police Service. anyone with common sense (which is not common) will realize this article is laced with truth. Yet the Bermuda Police Service want to tell intelligent people like you that I have misrepresented the facts, and they want you to to buy into their folly with out producing one shed of evidence to prove what they were saying was correct.

Do you really expect Commissioner George Jackson and his accomplices Superintendent Mike Jackman and Rondalph Liverpool to confess to the injustice they handed down to me, an injustice that saw the People of Bermuda bearing the cost. If these men were to admit that they abused the resources of Bermuda to do Ralph Gonsalves bidding, what do you think will happen to them?

If it can be proven that I was suspended and receiver full salary for six months without working for the monies I received; and such suspension was as a results of the people who were put in place to manage the island resources missed used such.

Let’s take a look of the series of events that lead to my departure from Bermuda and the commissioner’s release.

Any member of the St. Georges Seventh Day Adventist Church as well as the flight records for Jet Blue would confirm, that I was schedule to leave Bermuda at 12 pm on the 5th August 2008, on Jet Blue. However I had some unfinished business. Such as, the person who had purchased my car still had a quantity of money for me which was to be delivered to me when I hand over the car to her. My report to the Governor was not fully completed and was not yet in the hands of the Governor, the leader of the opposition, Wayne Furbert (who will be an independent in the Bermuda parliament in September 2008) and the Minister of Home affairs. This could be verified by checking with the royal Gazette printers on Burnaby Street in the City of Hamilton (who did the copies and binding for the report that is titled "A Standard for Change "‘A four Years Study of The Bermuda Police Service’). Which I took to the printers on Tuesday 5th August 2008, I collected the report and make arrangement to hand over the report to The Governor’s ADC on the 6th August 2008, who facilitated this process.
At 10 am on Tuesday 5th August 2008, Inspector Steve Donnelly came to my apartment at 12 Headquarters Hill Prospect Devonshire, Steve Donnelly informed me that he was asked to come and find out if I was still sick (I was recovering from a broken Coccyx bone, and a lower left hernia Repair). He also informed me that he is only the messenger. I politely informed inspector Donnelly, that as far as I am concerned I am no longer a member the Bermuda Police Service, and I am not entertaining visit from anyone who is representing the Bermuda Police Service. Steve Donnelly then left my apartment and went on his merry way.

How convenient for the Commissioner of Police to have said that he have terminate my employment from the Bermuda Police Force. This was done after I have submitted my report to the Governor of Bermuda.
This was done after Commissioner Jackson was informed by the governor (The commissioner of police immediate boss) of the report (which was prepared by me) he had before him; it was then that commissioner Jackson and his accomplices went into defensive mode and come up with the plan to try and discredit me, which was their original plan.
When you consider that I had submitted my resignation to the commissioner of police on June 4th 2008 to be effective on 5th August 2008; thus giving the Bermuda police service two months noticed not the one month required. Yet it was claimed that I was dismissed at a later date. The commissioner of police press release was damage control, and it was done in an effort to save face.

On Monday 4th August 2008, at 9:35 pm, I returned home from the Shillingford’s residence where I attended a Roti Night as my last celebration with them before I leave Bermuda. When I got to my apartment I discovered my door which I secured before I left home was opened, my light was on and my carpet was wet. I did not report this matter because I believe the person/people who entered my apartment was acting under the instruction of the Commissioner of police who was trying to delete the report I presented to the Governor, the leader of the opposition and the office of the minister of Home affairs etc. also he had his agent enter my apartment and deleted an incriminating recording of the meeting I had with him on that faithful day when they tried to set me up to breach the police confidentiality code, in order to justifiable terminate my service.

The strange thing is I loved, admired and had a great deal of respect for George Jackson (hence the reason the quality of my work was always outstanding). So much so that in the month of July 2006, when I went to St. Vincent and the Grenadines (the home land of Allan Palmer, Randy Liverpool and George Jackson) and I was invited to the Bernard John daily talk show, I proudly give life/bring recognition to George Jackson and his accomplishment to the People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines: so much so that the next time the George Jackson visited St. Vincent and the Grenadines he was given red carpet treatment by the Prime Minister of St. Vincent Ralph Gonsalves (who has an allegation of rape hanging over his head) hence the reason he felt a sense of obligation to do the dirty work of Ralph Gonsalves. Previously to this event, George Jackson who has been visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines on numerous occasions and no one knew or recognized him.
It was hilarious to hear Commissioner of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Keith wood pipe Miller a man who have been mentally castrated referred to me as a trouble maker. Mr. Miller if having courage to standing up for my rights and the rights of those who cannot stand up for themselves, then without a doubt I will bear the title of trouble make with dignity and pride.

If by standing up to particular Superintendent of the RSVGPS try to get me involved in their corruption practices then I guess I am a trouble maker, If by challenging and making the commissioner of police of St. Vincent rethink his intention to forcefully make deduction from the salaries of the hard working men and women of that organization to purchase a Cherokee machine: then I guess I am a trouble maker.

If by instructing PC Let (a young police who was charged with the South Rivers Murder) to retain a lawyer of his choice, then I did all in my power to ensure that young Let other police officers (who got into trouble whilst acting in the line of duty) legal fees are borne by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines: then I guess I am a trouble maker.

If ensuring that the three police officers (who were suspended arrested and charged with the Union Island homicide) were properly coached by the best before they attended the PI which the magistrate concluded had no charge to answer, then I am a trouble maker.

If when Ralph Gonsalves used the influence of then inspector Brewster and Sgt. Charles (men who received prominent and speedy promotion to senior ranks when the Ralph Gonsalves Labor party took government) who failed in their efforts to get me to have the men and the women of the R.S.V.G.P.S to join the impasse against the James Mitchell’s NDP Government then I guess I am a trouble maker. I can go on and on, but one thing I have never fought a bottle for my benefit.

Guess what? I am in good company, I am now associated with these important men who were considered trouble maker men like.
Martin Luther King was considered a trouble maker by prejudice white America and its then oppressive political system; however it was because Martin Luther King persisted even unto death, that today Barrack Obama can achieve such political accomplishment today.

Nelson Mandela was considered a trouble maker by the supporters of South Africa apartheid system; he who suffered the indignity of a twenty seven years jail term because he stood up for his rights and the rights of his people but later became president providing governance even over his oppressors.

P.M Ralph Gonsalves (Still has an allegation of rape and several allegation of Sexual assault hanging over his head).
George Jackson, Randy Liverpool and Mike Jackman are not the first people Ralph employed to do his dirty bidding to me; in St. Vincent and the Grenadines he employed Superintendent 313 Cornelius Charles who harassed me every day for about three months in the name of Ralph Gonsalves Vincent Beach and the Unity Labor Party.

Mr. Charles attack climaxed when he instructed Cpl. John the Prime Minister’s outrider (a man whom I save from a rape charge) to chump up bogus charges and take me to court as a defendant for something I did not do. Thank God truth, honesty, justice and integrity prevailed.

Cornelius Charles only stopped his daily harassment of me after he suffered a heart attack. It was then Mr. Charles declared to me "you are not going to kill me, I am transferring you". The next day I was transferred to Biabou Police Station.

To the Staff nurse (who will remain nameless) who suffered the indignity of being raped by the police officer named above, whom I use my influence and friendship with her to cause her to drop the alleged charges of rape; Please accept my apology.

To Ralph Gonsalves, Keith Miller, George Jackson, Randolph (Randy) Liverpool and Mike Jackman, my future is not and will never be defined by your small mentality neither will I be confined by your expectation for me. My future accomplishments will never be determined by you all. You all are/were just stumbling blocks but I am going to made you all into stepping stones. So sit back and watch.