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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Bermuda Police Service Mould Condition Verified

In 2008, I brought to the public’s attention, the unhealthy conditions, of the facilities that are occupied by the Bermuda Police Service. I did so by writing and posting articles on the blog Crushing fools, writing letters to the then Caribbean News Net; as well as, in a document to the Governor Of Bermuda, which was also sent to The Premier of Bermuda: Dr. Ewart Brown, the minister of Public Safety; David Burch as well as members of the opposition U.B.P the document was titled “A standard For Change” ‘A four Years Internal investigation of the Bermuda Police Service. In the document I informed the above listed people and their offices of the unhealthy conditions that exist in those buildings among other things.

It was interesting to note that most people though I was only stirring up trouble, because of the difficulty I was experiencing with the management of the Bermuda Police Service. In my writings I spoke of the doctored report that was released by the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), which was design to hid the reality of the conditions as it exist in the buildings that houses the BPS and to keep us (enlisted and civilian workers) ignorant of the dangerous environment the Bermuda Government invited us to work in. As in everything else, the truth of my words are once again being confirmed and is now being validated by professionals in the field.

It is reported that a Supreme Court order, which was issued by the Supreme Court of Bermuda, gave the authority to Michael Pugliese and Dr. Jack Thrusher mould experts the permission ran test on the Hamilton and the Somerset Police Station. After the testing was completed, the test revealed such a high concentration of mould that those who were invested with the responsibility of conducting the test, refused to reenter the buildings without protective mask and later stated "The condition of Hamilton Police Station is such that the officers who work in the station should be wearing protective breathing masks in order to protect themselves from the air contamination resulting from the microbial growth in the building. The building should be torn down, it is not habitable."

What were unfortunate, is many healthy men and women had become ill and die as a result of the unhealthy condition that existed in the premises that housed the Bermuda Police Service, conditions that was known to the Government of Bermuda and the leadership of the Bermuda Police Service? Yet they knowingly, hid evidence and enticed loyal men and women to work in an environment that was/is killing them.

The action of these people constitutes a crime of omission: here we have a situation where responsible citizens were playing God. They placing healthy men and women with families, in unnecessary danger; they did so by putting them in a situation where they fell pray to a hazardous work environment. The Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service did this with the knowledge that the chances of there employees of becoming ill and even dying was a high one. This boils down to many categories of crimes, which includes causing the contraction of an infectious diseases, murder, manslaughter etc.

The questions that are dominant on my mind are: will anyone be brought to Justice for the illnesses and death that was caused by such negligence? Will the D.P.P see it fit to commission an independent investigation and bring criminal charges against anyone who knowingly endangered the life of hundreds of men, woman and civilian who have became ill and die as a results of the informed decisions of key members in the Bermuda Police Service and the Government of Bermuda?

Justice must be done, but then again poetic justice is always being served and it is being served up in Bermuda in a big way and it is being served up every day. What do you expect of the youngsters, how can you condemn the criminal behavior of Bermuda youths, when the adults who are invested with the responsibility and the authority to ensure the protection of citizen and visitors alike are also committing many criminal acts and are not being held accountable for such actions?

Example is still the greatest teacher and our life is still the best examples that we can give to out children. Have the leaders (political, religious, community etc.) in Bermuda been providing the best examples for the countries youths? Is it conscionable for those leaders in Bermuda to expect the youths to act different from way they are acting and behaving today?