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Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Open Letter to Leader of the Opp: Arnhim Eustace

Rt. Hon. Arnhem Eustace (Leader of the Opposition& the N.D.P)
C/o N.D.P Headquarters
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Dear Mr. Eustace,

It is with a tremendous level of humility, that I take this opportunity to write this letter to you; to address a situation that has the potential to escalate into a national catastrophe. One that can have a long lasting and devastating effect on your liberty and the liberty of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I speak of the referendum which will seek to enact the proposed St. Vincent and the Grenadines constitution act 2009, which was passed in the house of Assemble by default on 3rd of September 2009.

Recently I received and reviewed a copy of revised document and I was shock by the quality of the document, the Government of St. Vincent has invested so much time, talent and resources to produce. I am also shock that a man like Ralph Gonsalves who holds a PhD. In political science and a LLB in Law along with his cabinet could be so legally dumb to have sanctioned such a poorly prepared document and take such document to the house for the approval of intelligent men like you, the Major, Dr. Lewis among them.

This lead me to asked the following question, Have my friends Mike Brown and the other former educator in the ULP lost their ability to comprehend written English language? are they no longer interesting in educating the nation’s people? how can they actively participate in the miss-education of the people they say they love? Did Rene Baptiste the prolific lawyer, and a woman whom I like; take the time to review this document? Rene do not strike me as one to knowingly betray her country and her people. I know there is more to the efforts of the Unity Labor Party Government than that which meets the eyes or as members of the aged population (old people) will say: “there is more in the mortar than the pestle.”

I do not have to tell you that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is now the laughing stock of the every government and their people in the western hemisphere, even the ordinary man who was afforded the opportunity to examine this document are crying shame on us as a nation. Do you know that, associations such as the Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and other sporting association has stronger constitutions for the management of their affairs, when compare to the Constitution act 2009, which is to be used as the supreme law of a sovereign nation? This whole sorry affair is like a humorless joke and no one in their right senses is laughing.

Could Ralph and his cronies be so ignorant, that they will allow such a pathetic document to be put forward to the people, for our approval as the supreme law of this sovereign nation? Ralph Gonsalves is attempting to cause the realization of our greatest fears; which is, to trick us into allowing him to treat the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and their resources in the same manner he currently treats the office of the Director of Public Prosecution and the Police Force. Whatever his plans are, we cannot allow them to be realized; the price will be too high, even higher than the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines should be allowed to pay. Mr. Eustace this is the reason we are relying on you to ensure that such do not happen.

I know that you are the people’s voice and you and your team have been working tirelessly to educate the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines so that they could make an informed decision and vote against this snare (the constitution act 2009). I do not know your entire plans in accomplishing such an important task; however, at this late hour; I will like to make some suggestion which I hope you will give serious consideration to.

To lose an election due to fraudulent means to any political group, is one thing and although it is a serious infringement on honesty, democracy and the constitution; the stolen term will come to an end and the electoral process will come around once more, giving those who lose, the opportunity to take corrective measures thus ensure that such miscarriage of democracy not happen again. However to have the constitution act 2009 of St. Vincent and the Grenadines be approved in a referendum by fraudulent means carries with it, a far greater price and far more severe consequences.

I have taken the temperature of the situation on the ground and I have no doubt that the people will vote against enacting of the Constitution act 2009 in the referendum, and this will result in Ralph, and his evil intention (will) lawfully suffer a devastating defeated. However, I know for a fact, in this case the voice of the people will not be heard. I know that Ralph Gonsalves and his dishonest group have already put the machinery in place to secure a victory by fraud.

This is serious times, and a referendum victory even by fraudulent means only opens up the way for Ralph Gonsalves to ratify the necessary changes to the constitution to ensure that he enslave Vincentian in the same manner Hugo Chavez now enslaves his people using fear as his whip.

You have to understand that Ralph Gonsalves has too much to lose not to have the constitution act 2009 approved by the people he dislike and too often disrespect. There is no secret that the result in the referendum is an indicator of how the next general will go for the ULP Government. Ralph Gonsalves is fully aware that he cannot afford to have the reign of power pry from his fingers by the will of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He is fully aware that a new administration and a different Director of Public Prosecution, he could be made to stand trial for the rape and sexual assault of the police officer and the sexual assault of the Vincentian/Canadian human Rights lawyer. This is a chance he cannot afford and is not willing to take. I know that although Ralph’s victims are silent now, they are uncomplainingly awaiting their day in court.

Now, I will recommend that we call upon international observers, to over see the referendum; I will like to also suggest that you use your most trustworthy and vigilant of supporters to monitor the poles. These pole monitors must be very militant they should be outfitted with micro recorders and even mini video recorders to document any irregularity that may occur in the station before, during and after the voting. We do not want any ballot boxes to be discovered in any hiding places after the fact. In conclusion let me remind you of a fact I know you are aware that Ralph Gonsalves cannot be trusted; however I say again do not put anything pass him for Ralph Gonsalves is desperate and is willing to do anything to hold onto the reign of government at all cost.