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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Competence v/s medocrity

Yet another young Bermudian have lost his life at the hands of one of his country men, once again another senseless murder have occurred, an unwanted event that send shock wave throughout the Island and send the citizen into a state of fear just like what happened in December and so many times before that. Yet again the Citizen of this normally tranquil island has justified reason for concern.

And once again the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) will embarked on one of its many stop and check operation and give it some fancy name such is operation take back the streets, or protect the community; literally turning Bermuda into a “Police State” all of which is just window dressing, this is just the BPS way of convincing the community and themselves that they are really making a difference, but in the process they only seek to inconvenience law abiding citizen who make a remarkable contribution to the development of this very economically stable community. Yes a few people will be arrested for some fifty dollars warrants, and they will suffer the indignity of being put into hand cuffs, placed into a police car, and taken to the nearest police station where they will be detained until that fine is paid.

I must say that these operations do not help in making Bermuda a safer place to be. It only makes the community who may have possible information which can or may help in their investigation even more reluctant to come forward and provide the necessary information. Tell me, how can the Bermuda Police Service justify setting a chap to snag an individual for a fifty dollar warrant while a murderer is out there on the loose. In other words these operations are only opportunity to get press coverage, thus giving the community the impression that the police are doing something to make the island safer. The Bermuda Police Service specializes in window dressing. I see the present Bermuda Police Service as a reactionary institution rather then a proactive institution.

Another quality I observed in the Bermuda Police Service is, although the service has a systematic method of promoting individuals, the people who put themselves up for promotion (by doing the police promotions examination) are the mediocre constables and other ranks who are looking for a way out of performing duties they do not feel/or is not competent doing. And so they look for quick upward mobility hoping to get away from the responsible of their present rank. In other words although the present promotion system is very unambiguous, it leaves to much room for the promotion of incompetence.

Take for example Sergeant of Police Gregory Grimes and Inspector of Police Hillary Beckles. These are the two most knowledgeable police officers in the BPS unfortunately these two men work at a standard that upset a lot of the higher ups. (they are not perfect don’t get me wrong) These are two men who perform their duties by the book, and in the process they ensure the community rights are safeguarded and the officers under their supervision develop a standard of professionalism that is synonymous with a good police officer. I must confess these two men are even more competent then most of the officers above their rank. Police officers from every department call these two men for advice and information as it regards to the law the application of law and court and police procedures.

Mr. Grime’s reluctance to seek upward mobility has placed him in a position where he is supervised by men and woman far less competent than he is; when a difficulty arises or when the shit hits the fan, these people can be seen locked inside Mr. Grime’s office seeking his advice, his opinion and his expertise.

The Bermuda Police Service is totally afraid of competence, innovative or independent thinkers; but most of all they are afraid of people who have a keen sense of their human rights and are willing to confront any issue of that nature and in the process maintain their dignity. Take for example Michael Hayles a Jamaican national, who have stood up on two occasion for his rights, once when he was asked to perform undignified duties (duties that the Bermuda Police Service have contracted a private/independent contractor to deal with) and the other where he file a report against a white police (inspector) officer who had allegedly use racial slurs and discriminated against him. For confronting these two issues Michael contract renewal is threaten. Yet the Bermuda Police Service is willing to renew the contract of less competent officers but not Michael Hayles. In this era of increase criminal activities, Bermuda wants only competent, independent, innovative Police Officers to enforce the law in this blessed country.

The management of the Bermuda Police Service must put away their personal petty feelings and do what is best for Bermuda. After all the exempt companies who invest millions of dollars in this island, the tourist who visits Bermuda and spends their hard earn money, who in turn expects to be safe, the local business community who invest in this country, also every citizen and resident deserved the best police officers working on this island that Bermuda can afford. Not mediocrity. The national security of a country and the protection of it’s’ citizens is not a game for small men with tiny mind and big egos; it is a job for intelligent mature adult that are able to make hard decisions even at the sacrifice of their personal preference and ego. After all we are speaking about matters of life and death for the whole community.

The post of commissioner will be made vacant soon, and there are a few ambitious men who are willing to do anything for that job, I know three of these men. I will take time out to give my opinion on two of them; these are the two who are willing to sell their souls to the devil for the post of Commissioner of Police of the Bermuda Police service. I will start with Superintendent Mike Jackman Then I will deal with Randolph Liverpool. then I will deal with My candidate will be a surprise and I will deal with him last. (all this is dependant on if there is no further development)