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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nature, Humanity and Homosexuality

Homosexuality, is one of the most defile indulgences that is practiced in civil society. It is so for several reasons, which are: it goes contrary to the laws of nature, against human sexuality, against Yahweh’s word/law, and because it is not practice naturally by the animal kingdom: those creatures that are considered to be, less intelligent than us human. However; there are some who are now teaching, the lower members of the animal kingdom to indulge in homosexual acts.

Unlike humans, who are plagued with the adoption of habits that follows families for generation and thus cast a blight or bless families with the habits that constituted a family traditions and cycles. However; it is not so with members of the animal kingdom. The offspring are not affected by the habit of the parents or the customs of the pack, flock, school etc. but they adopt their habits base on their survival needs.

For example a child of a thief, will learn from his parents, the skills and temperament of a thief; he will learn such subliminally and otherwise and therefore, if there isn’t the appropriate, timely and serious intervention that child may become a career or habitual thief. If a domestic dog was taught by its owner, how to steal; that dog will apply that which it was taught, for to do otherwise will impact its treatment by the owner; and by extension, its survival. In other words; it will impact or threatens the dog’s survival so he complies. There is not a chance that pups born to that dog will ever pick up the ability to steal, becomes aggressive, or any other habits because its parent (s) had those traits. However; if condition merits, the dog steals to survive, then it will; never because it learn the traits from its parents.

It is safe to say, we as earthly creatures, with the highest level of intelligence there is, have managed to turn the gift of higher senses, understanding, knowledge, perception and communication into a curse. This is evident, in the way we destroy the society and community in which we live; in the way we make a mess of our marriages and family, the way we nurture our children into becoming such terrible people etc.

Human uses their intelligence to destroy themselves, their society, the other creatures that shares the earth with us as well as earth; by moving away from the things that are natural, violating the laws of nature and ignoring the laws and other instructions of Yahweh: The creator of man and everything that exist, had prescribed for us to live sound, healthy and spiritual lives.

While human with his intelligence defies nature, and rejects the way of the creator; yet members of the animal kingdom through instinct, continue to follow the instruction of their creator and the laws of nature.

Lets take a look at a pack of lions, you will noticed that the roles of the gender are still the same, the manner in which they operate and live are as Yahweh have ordained it. The birds still fly south and the beers still hibernates in the winter; the monkeys still lives in trees and they still socializes and nurture their young as nature requires and Yahweh commanded. There is one thing that is common among animals; wile and domesticated, which is: their manner and purpose of mating has not changes.

There reason for mating is for procreation, the time and manner in which it is done, remains the same. It is important to note; intercourse does not take place outside its season and or at the correct times; for them mating is not about pleasure but to preserve the species. It is also important that I point out, the manner for mating is still the same; the male has intercourse only with the female and the female has intercourse only with the male.

So why have human strayed so far from the laws of nature and the laws of his creator?

Among the religious community it is believed the deterioration the human kind is experiencing, is as a results of sin; while the average person rationalized and concludes the reason can be attributed to things such as greed, the love for power, lust of the flesh, hate etc. whatever the reason you attributes to the demise of the human species to; there is one thing we all can agree on is; the Human Species is in a free fall and it seems there is nothing to reduced the speed at which we are falling; to stop or to break our fall. In other words, we are plunging to our own destruction.

You may ask, where homosexuality came from.

From my knowledge, the first mention of homosexuality is found in the book of Leviticus 18:22; Yahweh informed his people and later in Leviticus 20: 13; he reminded his chosen people the Israelites that it is an abomination for a man to lie with man as he does with a woman. Later in the bible we learn that the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because the sins of the people of Sodom, which was mainly sins of homosexuality was so wide spread and offended the awesome, righteous, perfect and holy creator God.

I do not know what was the reason for such practice in ancient time, but it is believe that the Greeks and the Romans hold fast to the concept that when a man have sex with another man, he actually took that man's power; therefore, the victim became subject to the aggressor. As a result, it was the objective of men of means and power to have sexual intercourse with as many men as possible; thus maintaining a high standing, on the social, economical, and religious ladder.

It was also believed that little boys and young men will one day grow up to be men of means, prestige and power. Whoever violates that little boy or young man will be elevated above whatever pinnacle that person attained. So the rape and sexual exploitation of little boys and young men were widely practiced.

Like any raped victim or victim of sexual abuse, their abusers or rapist holds a manipulative control over his or her victims; a control that has fear of exposure of the shame that is associated with his or her violation; thus the victims become subliminally, and otherwise subjected to the abuser. It becomes almost impossible for the victims or abuse person to refuse granting a favor or request of his abuser; even a request for sex.

This is why Yahweh prescribes death to anyone who participate in homosexuality, because in doing so they become subject to a control that should only be held by Yahweh. It makes it almost impossible, for the victims to every serve Yahweh in the manner in which he should be served: as Creator God. It must also be known' most victims go on to create sexual victims of there own and such, may mark the beginning, of a vicious cycle. A cycle that can eventually contaminate an entire generation as what happens in Sodom and Gomorrah. So when Yahweh destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and all that moved in that city by fire, he was just executing the punishment that was the consequence of their homosexuality as was outlined in Yahweh's words in Leviticus.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Is Yahweh A Chauvinistic God? Or Is He Just The Creator God

460Before you attempt to read this article, you need to answer a few questions; you are not answering these questions for me but for your soul’s salvation. It is important that you answer these questions intelligently and honestly. Below are the questions I suggest you should answer before continuing this article.

• Do you believe Yahweh to be, the creator of the Universe and everything in it?

• Do you believe Yahweh is perfect, Righteous and Just in all of his actions?

• Do you believe that Yahweh has the right to do with his creatures whatever he wishes?

• Do you believe that whatever Yahweh did for us or decides to do with us, to us, for us and through us will be in our best interest?

• Do you believe that Yahweh has the right to justly destroy all of humanity if he so pleases?

• Do you believe and accept the bible to be the expressed word of Yahweh?

• Do you believe that there is nothing recorded in the Holy Bible that Yahweh did not want recorded there?

• According to the story that is recorded in the bible, which addressed the un-sanctified activities of the devil in Heaven; do you think the Devil was out of his place for aspiring to and for taking action to be like his creator?

• Do you think the manner in which Yahweh's dealt with Lucifer (Devil) was Justify?

Now that you have answered the above questions, you can read on.

The Bible has only one authority, which is Elshaddi; the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Within this trinity there is an organizational structure, with Yahweh as the supreme of the three, Jesus the son of Yahweh and the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of Yahweh. Although each member of the God Head has different assignment/responsibilities they are the same in objective: which is to bring unending fulfillment and joy to all of Yahweh’s created beings.

Is Yahweh a chauvinistic God?

Although the plan of salvation is free, each person must; (for themselves) make a decision whether they want salvation or not, then they are required to accept the priceless gift which is without cost. A sign that one has accepted Yahshua’s (Jesus’) gift of salvation is their obedience to his father; Yahweh’s words. We must also come to an understanding that everything Yahweh, his son Jesus, the Holy Spirit and or the Angels ever did and or said, will ever do and or say were/are deliberate and is only a very minute part of a colossal, detail and complicated master plan that has universal implication.

Let us take a walk through the bible, the word of Yahweh and see the significant and the roles of the genders, as was planned by Yahweh. What better place to start than the book of the Beginning Genesis: Let us begin with Genesis 1: which give a synopsis of the whole creation leaving out the lengthy detail of what actually took place. In Genesis 1: 26; Elshaddi said, "Let us make man in our own image and give 'THEN' dominion over all the earth." This statement by itself can give the impression that the man and the woman are equal and therefore had equal responsibility, but this is not so. Hence the reason Yahweh took the time in Chapter 2 of Genesis to go into some details as to what actually took place and in doing do actually define the roles and the importance of the genders in the whole scheme of things.

Let us take a look at this. In Genesis Chapter 2: 15. “And the Lord took the man and put him in the Garden which was located east of Eden, which is by name the Garden of Eden. In the summery of creation on the earth as is stated in Gen. 1:26 Yahweh use the *plural pronoun “THEM” to qualify his overall plan for human kind as it related to Yahweh’s earthly creation. They (human Kind) were to be in charge of Yahweh’s creation. But in Gen.2: Yahweh used the definite pronoun “THE” man in speaking of Adam. Let us take some time to reexamine some interesting facts about the Creation that you are aware of and put them in their right prospective.

Yahweh develops a relationship with “THE MAN.”

Yahweh took the time to give “THE” man or the first man the opportunity to develop a one on one relationship with him. This was to prepare the first man for his God appointed responsibilities. Adam was to be responsible for the Earth and its inhabitants and accountable to Yahweh. In order for the first man: Adam, to be able to execute his sacred obligation as Yahweh would have him; Adam needed to know who his creator was; what the benefits of loyalty to his creator were, what the expectations were, and what were the benefits to be derived from the relationship.

This was accomplished in several ways.

• Although man did not witness the awesome creative wonder of Yahweh, he saw the Great God of the Universe at work. Gen. 2: 8 for after man was created Yahweh planted a garden east of Eden. The woman was not yet created.

• Yahweh took time to relocate the man from where he was created: Eden, to the Garden which Yahweh had planted East of Eden. The woman was not yet created.

• Yahweh told the man what are his limitation within the Garden; which was to eat of every tree of the Garden except for the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil. The woman was not yet created.

• Then came, man’s first assignment, which is recorded in Gen.2 19-22; Yahweh brought every created thing to Adam (the First man) to see what he will call them. One by one Yahweh introduced his creatures into The Garden of Eden, Adam’s new home. Here Adam was blessed with the privilege of naming every living thing that Yahweh created. The Woman was not yet created.

• After Yahweh had formulated a relationship with the first man: Adam, then the woman was created and Adam also had the privilege of naming, even the woman as is outlined in Genesis 2:23; and Adam said this is bones of my bone and flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken from man.

There are two things I will like to make note of:

• From the account of what took place the woman was the last of Yahweh’s creation and she was the only being that was not created in Eden but was created in the Garden that was planted east of Eden.

• Every creature including the man bore witness to the creation of the woman.

• Let us move over to Genesis 3: and there is recorded the fall of man. It took but a moments for woman committed spiritual suicide, not satisfied with destroying herself she then teamed up with the devil to destroy the remainder of Yahweh’s earthly creation. She brought corruption and death to every tree every beast of the field but most of all man. Now because of the deceptive action of the woman; every man and creature that entered into this sin cursed earth are doomed to suffer the plague that is associated with sin. With one decision, the woman destroyed the perfect Earth that Elshaddi had spent seven days creating.

• Of all the created being the woman was the youngest, she had the lease experience and therefore she knew Yahweh the lease; yet, she took it on herself, without counsel from Yahweh and or the man to make the biggest decision that could have been made.

From that day, the woman believes she has the rights and dominion over the earth and over man. It is important to note, even after sin, Yahweh did not reverse the roles of the genders. It is unfortunate that after Adam's mistake, Man have not, in their own life, correct the mistake/wrong that Adam made/committed; but rather' choose to remain in his self imposed weakness, by not using his God given wisdom and spirit of discernment: but chooses not to implement intestinal fortitude and God given wisdom in dealing with the woman.

All through biblical and world history woman was responsible for corrupting Strong, wise and Godly men, as a result Yahweh have only entrusted his work to but a few woman. In secular history, Yahweh have entrusted the more profound accomplishments, inventions, mathematics, scientific and other theories, revelation etc. to MAN.

Everything that is secret to Yahweh such as the family, the Marriage, and children seems to be corrupted by the woman. Every day men are persuaded and choose to; eat from the hands of the woman the forbidden fruit; all in an effort to please the woman. Man violate Yahweh laws at the prompting of the woman and in doing so he simply and smilingly hands over his peace of mind, his right and his manhood to the woman; giving her control over his life, his home, his children and his marriage; hence the problems that exist within the family, marriage and with our children today.

It was never Yahweh’s intention for the woman to have dominion but the man and because of this, Yahweh did not prepare the woman for that role but he prepared the man. She was not given the opportunity to be so nurtured and trained for such a huge undertaking; she was not afforded the privilege to developed the relationship with Yahweh that was needed; which would have equipped her to hold and properly manage such dominion: as is outlined in Genesis 2: 19-23. The man however, was afforded that sacred privilege.

Man have got to turn back to Yahweh, be faithful to Yahweh under all circumstances, keeping all of Yahweh's laws; forsaking all foolish counsel of any foolish woman and be willing to deny himself of the pleasures of this world just for a little season. It is only then that his family life on earth, his marriages and his children will be free from the corruption that now engulfs the world.