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Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Bermuda Police Association & the Issue of Mold

After members of the Bermuda Police Association have suffer death that can be attributed to working in an unhealthy environment, its members are continually becoming ill with all manner of life threatening diseases and after such a valiant display of strength with publicly defying the Government of Bermuda in a protest march; I refused to believe that the Members of the BPA executive committee and its members are afraid to do what is right in a life and death matter.

What is even more unfortunate is, the fact that after two years, of such a deadly revelation being brought to the attention of the Commissioner of Police the B.P.A and the Government of Bermuda; police officers are still forced to function in these tremendously unhealthy environment: Not only that, other citizens who are arrested are detained and kept in such environment also. The Government of Bermuda has an obligation to ensure that when an individual is arrested that individual is kept in a safe place, where no harm can come to him or her. Anyone that is arrested and is detained at the Hamilton Police Station automatically becomes susceptible to life threaten illness, and their chances increases depend on your medical disposition.

The Government of Bermuda are asking supposable intelligent men and women the members Bermuda Police Service to risk death and terminal illness while they perform their duties. This is a most idiotic request and it is only idiots who are going to follow such a request.

When it was discovered that the Cedar Bridge School was infested with mold; the Government without delay evacuated and relocated the entire school population. No one could have asked the teachers to function in such a condition. Why the members of the Bermuda Police Service are still operating in this unhealthy mold environment? The silence and willingness of the police to operate in such an unhealthy environment is testimony of the frailty and lack of courage of that institution. Or is it a situation where the prolong exposure to mold have already destroyed the police ability to think rationally?

This only goes to show how strong the Bermuda Police Association executive and members are. It also show how much respect the Government of Bermuda have for the Police Service the protector of the community.

Mr. Carl Neblett how many more officer have to die, become ill or have the near death experience before you develop the balls or the aptitude to do what is right and is required of you; your Officer need to be treated with more respect, they need to be relocated immediately.
In Service to Humanity
Allan H.F Palmer