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Friday, July 24, 2009

Bro. George Jackson: Where is My Commendation?

On the 26 th of November 2007, While on duty at the Hamilton Police Station there was a male prisoner (who will remain nameless) being detained at the Hamilton Police Station. While there the young man attempted to commit suicide. The method of self-termination he chooses was to hang himself by the neck using the basic bed linen that was provided by the Bermuda Police Service to bring those who are detain the basic level of comfort. There were no recognizable tell tail signs, that would have alerted any of the officers on duty that the prisoner was suicidal or had suicidal tendencies.

Fortunately for him the prisoner's suicide attempt was not successful, although he came close in that, he went into a state of unconsciousness and the constriction of his airway was almost permanently close, this critical fact could have complicate his resuscitation and thus it made the rescue of the prisoner impossible. To get the victim down from his place of self-execution, ensure that the linen was removed from around his neck, and clear the victim’s airway took the combined efforts of three officers working feverishly to accomplish this task.

After which we had to ensure that the victim/prisoner was transported to the King Edward Memorial Hospital in good enough time to ensure that the people who had the training and the equipments that was required to revive the victim get the opportunity to do so.

The quick and effective action of my colleagues and I ensure that we got the victim down from his place of hanging to the place of resuscitation (the hospital) in good enough time for him to be revived.

As a result of our life saving actions we were given good performance (a written recognition for exceptional or outstanding performance) logs and recommended for a commendation/merit ward, which should have been awarded at the end of 2008 the beginning of 2009. Unfortunately I did not received my merit award, for the critical role I played in preventing the victim from meeting an untimely death, the Bermuda Police Service from a costly and time consuming investigation, bad press, community criticism but most off all the trauma of family and friends. I guess I am the only person who played a role in this rescue who was not so rewarded.

I know it would hurt my friends George Jackson, Bryan Bell, Michael Jackman, and now retired Randolph Liverpool’s hearts to award me a commendation, (which I deserved) after all of the stress I cause them. It is important to know that the Stress I cause the management of the Bermuda police Service was in retaliation to all of the evil they did to me.

Big George Jackson, and the others; Regardless of how you feel about me personally, the fact remains that I work for that and deserve to be given a commendation for my efforts. I will like to have my commendation for the role I played in saving the life of the prisoner and preventing all of the negatives that would have followed. ha ha ha ha.