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Friday, June 06, 2008

Rhiana Moore’s Murder a visible threat against women and children

Rhiana Moore’s Murder a visible threat against women and children

The Murder of Rhiana Moore has once again highlighted the exploitation of two of society’s minority and weaker sect. For years many civilize countries, there governments and Non Government Organization (NGO) around the world have been trying without success to change the mindset of the people and curb the what appears to be an out of control occurrence that often raises its ugly head. It is time for violence against Children and violence against women to stop.

With one inconsiderate act of the murderous hand that cause the death of a 14 year old female child Rhiana Moore, has brought to the forefront the perpetration of violence against women and children two of societies minority and in most cases defenseless foe.

These two societal sect are often the victim of countless abuse in the name of love and disguised as other means of concern etc. these victims are made to suffer in silence because of the stigma and shame that is associated with being a victim. Rhiana’s death should be the last straw and should be used as a catalyst to motivation this community to champion a worthy cause, which is to stomp out from this community violence against women and children.

I was shocked but not surprised that the death of this female child did not meet the outcry of the concern Government official or the necessary NGOs that operate within the Bermuda Community. NGOs that daily work diligently for the betterment of children though mentoring programs etc.

This helpless child had met her end in a manner that no child in any community should have to confront. It is time that the member of this Bermuda community found their voice and come forward and lend heart and voice against violence against women and children. It is the duty of any civilizes community to lookout for their women folk but more so their children after all we must come to the realization that the children are the future of Bermuda. If this is so, what future does Bermuda have if the futures of this country are constantly becoming victims of abuse of one form or another with no one to champion their cause?

The children and the island the females needs a champion will that champion be you?