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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

About Alex Scott, Ewart Browne, Dale Butler And Premier Paula Cox

                                                          Ex-Permier Dr. Ewart Browne JP, MP

Dr. Eward Browne’s action, of voluntarily stepping down as leader of the P.L.P, the political party he led for the pass four years and simultaneously from the office of the Premier of Bermuda; left him standing like a dignified giant. Dr. E Brown have proven that he is not like most small island politician, such as Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Hugo Chaves of Venezuela, Erick Geary of Grenada, Fidel Castro of Cuba etc. all of whom became too easily addicted to power, who are willing do or who would have done anything, to hold onto political leadership of their countries; even at the destruction of their party, the country and at great lost of life to their constituent.

Many people saw Dr. Browne’s bid, for the leadership of the Peoples Labor Party, as a hostile take over; a sign of his lack of loyalty, to the man whose leadership he was subjected to, while he was the Premier: Mr. Alex Scott JP. MP. However; Dr. Brown’s actions was just a demonstration of democracy in action. He exercised his constitution and organizational right to seek the position of leadership of his party which in turn elevated him to the chief political office of his country: the Premier of Bermuda.

I got to know the caring gentleman that is Premier Alex Scott and his wonderful wife from performing police security detail at the then Premier’s home. Premier Scot and Mrs. Scott, would leave the comfort of their house and venture outside to find out how I was doing and if there were anything they could do to relief  my minor discomfort.

                                              Ex-Premier and First Lady Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Scott

I must also confess I found Premier Scott's politics to be gentle, understanding and involved the races. On the other hand I saw Dr. Ewart Brown’s approach to management and leadership as confrontational and aggressive. I must in all honesty say; although Dr. Ewart Browne style was completely different from that of Mr. Scott’s and at times he made many people angry; he did not make any major breach that could have upsetting the volatile race problem that exists in Bermuda, although he came very close.

When Ewart Browne, for whatever reason; choose to relinquish the post of Premier at the appointed time, not choosing to hold on to political/parliamentary power at all cost, he earn my respect and I am sure the respect of the thousand of Bermudian who though he was power hungry and developed a dislike for him, after he (Dr. Brown) exercising his right to pursue the highest political officer in Bermuda, at the lawfully appointed time and via the delegates of the party he was affiliated to.
                                                                      Dale Butler JP, MP
Dale Butler: Mr. Dale Butler is a very honest and dignified man and it seems like Mr. Butler’s honesty was infused into the speech he presented to the delegates and it was his honesty that was responsible for ensuring his overwhelming defeat by the favorite Paula Cox. I have met and spoken to Mr. Butler on a few occasion; however, my understanding of Dale was developed through his honest, powerful and change inspiring writing. From his writing I can say that Mr. Butler has a genuine love and appreciation for his country and its people. Mr. Butler's action shows, his love goes beyond playing politics in order to ascend the high and coveted political office of Premier. I believe that Dale Butler will never violate his conscience and hamper his ability of affecting real and positive change in the lives the people he serves and the system that governs his country.

So when Mr. Butler make his presentation before the delegates, who held in their hands, the power to make or deny Dale the post of leader of the P.L.P and Primer of Bermuda; he refused to cater to the delegates prejudicial and stereotypical mentality; but rather, he choose to be true to his conscience in attempting to teach the old boys and girls new tricks by giving an all inclusive speech. In other words Dale Butler latterly ruined all chances of obtaining the leadership of the P.L.P and the Premiership of Bermuda. If my estimation of Mr. Butler is correct, as always, he was looking at the bigger picture; the picture as it can and should be: a colorless society where all Bermudian regardless of their political affiliation and the color of their skin are given the opportunity to work for the betterment of Bermuda.
                                                         Primer of Bermuda & Minister of Finance: Paula Cox JP. MP.
The New Premier of Bermuda: Madam Paula Cox, whom I refer to as the reluctant and loyal leader. I so refer to her for the simple reason: for many years key members of the P.L.P have thrown their support behind Paula Cox in a bit to make her leader of the P.L.P and in turn Primer; however, they were unable to convinced her to betray her leader even in time when he was very unpopular.

Paula Cox had been a very efficient minister of finance, a good constituency representative, a dignified parliamentarian, and a faithful follower. I have no doubt that she will be a very good Premier. My only hope is, the members of her party The P.L.P; those with and without portfolio will give to her the same level of support and loyalty she give to her former leader Dr. Ewart Brown.