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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Readers Opinions on the Issue of Police & Mold

The following are comments that were posted on this blog on Two topics. Two comments were Posted on the 27/07?2008 and 6/08/2008, although one was left on tow different topics as anonymous it signed Patriot and the other was signed Pauletta. I am of the opinion that thay are worthy of their own posting.


Mr. Palmer, I don’t know you and knowing who you are is not important. However I was in a particular business establishment having a social drink, when I overheard a conversation, I recognized two of the men that were involved in the conversation to be members of the P.L.P they were speaking of your Crushing Fools blog and you. I must admit, your writings have angered a lot of self acclaimed important people in Bermuda.

After listening in on the conversation for quite a while I quickly wrote the words crushing fools on a napkin. (Like most Bermudian I have a poor memory) When I got home, I did a quick search on Crushing Fools. I read with interest the online journals posted there; it was only then I fully understood the conversation the group was involved in.

Strange enough last week, (either the 29th or the 30th July 08), I was driving along Parliament Street, I drove pass the Hamilton Police Station (H.P.S); there I saw activities which suggested to me, they are replacing the carpet in that building. They were doing one of two things destroying the evidence or making a sorry attempt to create an environment suitable to working in. I will like to suggest that they were destroying evidence.

Do you know what the sad thing about your blog, your boldness and your honesty is? It is the fact that it took a foreigner to come to my country and started a shake up on this island. I would have liked for these issue to have been address by a strong Bermudian man (black or white).

I made some inquiries and discovered that there were quite a few names were left out of journal. All of whom were diagnosed with unexplained illnesses that was resulted from working in that plague-ridden building. I am going to get more names after which I am going to post them on this blog. I will be posting the full names. I hope you will see it fit to approve them when they are posted.

You have the Government of Bermuda, the Bermuda Police Service and the Bermuda Police Association running for cover. Please, I beg you keep them on the run, and thanks for being vigilant.

Wednesday, 06 August, 2008


Wow! Anonymous, you are really missing the issue. One of the biggest points to think about here is that life and good health are much more important than money. Think about it this way, if a multi-millionaire was diagnosed with an incurable disease and had only five days to live, what would he most be concerned about. It's a no brainer, right? Of course, his life. I think this is exactly what Alan is trying to get us to think about.

Now on to the matter at hand - which has greater value money or life and good health. As I read this commentary, I sometimes wholeheartedly agreed with some of the views expressed and other times vehemently disagreed with others. Here are my thoughts.

*This article was thought provoking and intriguing. Many of the "facts" were researched and shown to be true. Facts and figures speak for themselves and hold weight.

*Throughout the article a myriad of questions were posed. I hope that in time they will be answered.*The bottom line is that life and good health far outweigh money.

*Why can't someone have money and life and good health? Why does it have to be or instead of and.

*I am glad that the BPS challenged the BDA Government to abide by the arbitration ruling. I firmly believe that if someone says something, then he/she should be held by it. After all, a person’s word is his/her bond. I am glad the BPA is holding the government accountable. It is long overdue.

Alan, you have clearly missed your calling. All the best in your future endeavors.

Sunday, 27 July, 2008