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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Peace Rally; Serious Business or Show?

As I sit before my computer to put my thoughts into writing, Bermudian will be gathered at Bernard’s Park to show their disapproval for the violence that is taking over the island. Being a good judge of human nature I will attempt to stick my neck out and offer some prediction as to what to expect. I am very sorry that I did not put my ideas into writing and post it before today; for my thoughts could have aid the organizers implement some simple idea which could have been beneficial in motivating the islanders to make a commitment to themselves and their community.

Below I am going to make some predictions and I hope that I am totally wrong.
As you read this article the gathering would have been dismissed, the hype would have die and the organizers, the eloquent speech makers, the performers, the supporters and the spectators are back to life as it was before the extravaganza. The police would have make their ceremonial appearance in the form of traffic control, and patrols, maybe a member of the BPS may have make a presentation but I doubt it.

There have been talks of the violence both by the presenters and in the little gatherings of friends, family and acquaintances that gather there. There were also talks of what the of what the community have to do to curb the violence.

To most, this whole extravaganza was just another opportunity for the organizers to display that they can once again organize a community event that will get support, it was also an opportunity for the guess speakers to show off their writing ability and eloquence; in other words is was just another exhibition and the below questions will help me prove it.
  • Did the organizers and participant have any real and meaningful objective behind the event?
  • Was it just another event to prove that that you love their community and you are willing to do what you could?
  • What was accomplished?
  • Was it really worth the time effort and other resources that went into the event to meet the gold?
  • Is Bermuda better (crime wise) off after the event?
  • Are the organizers, guess speakers and participants ready to make a real commitment to cooperate with the police by passing on pertinent information to the police in a timely matter and are willing to go to court to ensure that justice is done and send a clear message to the criminal community that enough is enough and they are willing to go the extra mile to keep their community safe if not for themselves for their children.

I Allan H.F Palmer say no six times to all of the questions I asked above.

I hope the organizers and the police did not fail to capitalize on the steered emotions to move the participants into action. This was the perfect opportunity for the organizers as well as the police to use the emotion of the people to get them to commit to self-help anti violence/crime organizations such as neighborhood watch, community eyes, and anti-violence committees.

But knowing the way people think I can bet; they were not concerned about the community enough to think that far. I pray to God that I am wrong but I doubt it.

I just want to provoke thoughts and spur Bermudians in to action to ensure they play an active role in the sanity, safety and tranquility of their community.

Please for give any errors grammatical and or otherwise

Friday, August 29, 2008

Guns, Gangs & a SWAT team the Bermuda Story

Recently, Bermuda has seen and is experiencing a rise in gun related crimes. This rise in gun related crimes are as a result of two basic factors; drugs situation which is an opportunity for disenfranchised youth to make big bucks quickly and the formation and expansion of the island’s gangs. Unfortunately these two dynamics are interrelated; in that the gangs are formed as a means of protecting particular drug turfs, drug pushers and the profits that are associated with the drug trade.

The dynamics of Bermuda drugs situation have experienced dramatic change over the years. The most significant change and the change that will cause a significant increase in the use of guns among the drug community of Bermuda is a simple one. The drug pushing or the vulture community have experienced tremendous numerical grown over the pass years. The vulture community has seen an increased in the number of people who are importing narcotic onto the Island (Bermuda) in its various forms and a rise in the number of people (retail sales people or pusher men/women) who are offering the same for sale on the streets.

However Bermuda population has not experiences significant numerical growth over the same period; and the addicted or the suffering community (which is those members of the population are suffering the pain and indignities of being a drug addict) is not large enough to adequately support all of the people who have chosen to exploit, make slaves and zombies of their fellow citizen. Now they are fighting each other to ensure they get the portion of the drug profits they think they deserves. In other words the Bermuda drug using population is too small to satisfactorily sustain the growing drug dealing community that is doing bottle for the market.

Although the foregone is the main cause of the escalation of the gun related crime in Bermuda, I am going to assure you that unless something is done soon, Bermudian are going to see a drastic increase in the lack of tolerance among the opposing fractions and thus, very trivial occurrences will triggering acts of violence among the gangs which will adversely affect the law abiding community. It will not matter what reasons they will given to justify the expected future acts of violence, one thing we will be aware of is the root cause of such violence, which will be the drug lord’s inability to meet their expected financial target in the time frame specified. We all know that such targets are needed for the drug lords and their cronies, (which includes pushers, corrupt police officers, Customers officers politician and other who benefits from the proceeds of drugs) to live the type of life they have grown accustom to living: the life of glamor.

Now that I have shown you the reasons that are responsible for causing the elevation of the Gun crimes in Bermuda (as it apply to the Bermuda situation) a situation that is now taking over the tranquil island of Bermuda and has trigger an element of concern in the common man and woman of the island as well as the political and other leaders of the land.

This led me to ask a serious question. How has the appointment of the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) who was appointed to tackle the drug problem working out? What plans and program have he put into place to curb the influx of drugs entering the country, hitting the streets and the crimes that are associated with the use sales and smuggling of the illegal substances into the island of Bermuda.

The unfortunate thing about the Bermuda situation is the fact that those who are appointed to manage the crime situation in Bermuda (the management of the BPS) are at a lost as to what to do and how to tackle the problems that confronts this island.

When one hear the primer suggesting to his constituents (all Bermudian and those who resides there in) that his government is considering implementing a SWAT team to Bermuda, it leads me to asked who is advising the Primer of Bermuda.

What is a SWAT team? A Special Weapon And Tactics team is a group of people who have received specialized training in weapon use and handling and strategic combative policing tactics, who is expected to intervene in serious situation especially hostage and hostile situations involving weapons with minimal lost and injuries to member of the public.

Why would the Bermuda Police Service want a SWAT team, when they already have one? The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a SWAT team. It may not be call a SWAT team, but their core and continued training are the same training of a swat team. Have you ever saw the ERT in their combative uniform? Their combative uniforms are even more sophisticated than those of super power like the USA and England? So knowing all this, why is the Bermuda Government going to invest good money into building a unit that already existed?

It seems as if the Government of Bermuda is willing to throw good money after implementing something that is already in existence for many years now; the same way they have thrown away good money to employ an Assistant Commissioner of Police who have failed even to maintain the status of Bermuda Drug problem; but after the appointment of the ACP Bermuda have seen a total cave in where policing the Bermuda’s drug problem is concern.

Although the current system under which the ERT function is not emergency oriented, but rather symbolic; although they are SWAT trained and equipped the team is really an after the fact show of force unit. This cause me to asked why is the Government of Bermuda is spending and has spent so much money on the core and continual training of the ERT when base on their present mode of operating, they will never be present to render actual help to the community in the event there is a real emergency that needs their urgent assistance.

Bermuda is already a militant or police community. a greater number of officer on the streets and a new unite in the BPS are not going to serve the problem that now confronts Bermuda. The political and other leaders of Bermuda have got to put their together, brain storm and come up with a plan that matches the unique Bermuda situation. it will also be a waste of time and money for the Government to import another program from the USA, England and Canada because it have seen some success in those parts of the world. The problem that Bermuda now experienced has it own unique characteristic and need a solution that is also unique to Bermuda.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Creating an Icon

When I heard that I made the local TV news (photograph and all) and when I saw my photograph and a headline that accompanied the story which read "Vincentian Controversial Police Officer Discharged from the Bermuda Police Service" and when I saw the story on the Caibbean Net News; my heart was filled with a sense of pride. This sense of pride came for the following reasons.

The News Stories pointed out some of the qualities that make me unique. In order for one to be controversial one have to be ambitious, honest, an independent thinker and courageous. I will be the first to admit I am controversial, I am a man with an opinion and I am not afraid to let my opinions be known even if my opinion differ or do not support the views and opinion of whomever.

1. That the press have recognized my newly found status in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and in Bermuda, a status I have embraced; one that I love.

2. That I have been elevated from the simple neighborhood and street corner gossip to that of a headliner, to breaking news story that went on for over a week.
3. The fact that I was not accused of pushing, smuggling or offering drugs to any ones children.
4. The fact that I did not stole or got into trouble for any act of dishonesty.

5. The fact that I made the news for displaying strength, integrity, honesty and courage.

6. But most of all, the fact that I am still a practical example of my parents and God’s expectation; and this is what those who opposes me would love to and attempted to rob me of; but they can’t take that away from me.

It is no secret that I am a man who loves attention but I am very selective of the type of attention I am associated with. I must admit I basked in the attention of all the phone call the MSN contacts and emails from all of my friends and acquaintances and from people I never expected support from. They ranged from police officers, politicians, community and religious leaders but most of all the ordinary man form St. Vincent, Bermuda and other countries.

There is no hiding the fact that there are going to be three groups of people expressing their opinion on what they perceived happened. Their will be those who will rejoice over what they considered my down fall, their will be those who are going to support me no matter what, and their will be those who could not care one way or the other about me and the events of my life.
Let me take this opportunity to thank Ralph Gonsalves, George Jackson, Randy Liverpool and Mike Jackman: for giving me another opportunity to motivate other people like me who just needed an example (My example) to find their strength to be an objective voice regardless.

For affording me the opportunity to show my children and all of the children I have ever mentored: those who participated in my program the Adventurers hikers, Read and have Fun or such program like the Big Brother Big Sister program; but most off all the children of Bottom Town whom I hope from my example will learn and understand that they can become a news headliner for being positive, strong, courageous and honest virtues once cultivated no one can take away from you no matter how hard they try. But most of all I hope they learn from my examples how to make the stumbling blocks others place in your way into stepping stone and life obstacles should not take our destiny from grasp of your hands.

It is my only wish to teach those who look up to me how to be strong.

Allan H.F Palmer

Friday, August 15, 2008

Running For Cover Hiding Your Shame

After it was brought to my attention and after I verified the fact that the Bermuda Police Service saw it fit to counter act the article on the Crushing Fool blog, which was titled "The Puppet Master and his String Puppets. the article give (checkable facts) evidential explanation of the factors that lead up to my suspension from the Bermuda Police Service. anyone with common sense (which is not common) will realize this article is laced with truth. Yet the Bermuda Police Service want to tell intelligent people like you that I have misrepresented the facts, and they want you to to buy into their folly with out producing one shed of evidence to prove what they were saying was correct.

Do you really expect Commissioner George Jackson and his accomplices Superintendent Mike Jackman and Rondalph Liverpool to confess to the injustice they handed down to me, an injustice that saw the People of Bermuda bearing the cost. If these men were to admit that they abused the resources of Bermuda to do Ralph Gonsalves bidding, what do you think will happen to them?

If it can be proven that I was suspended and receiver full salary for six months without working for the monies I received; and such suspension was as a results of the people who were put in place to manage the island resources missed used such.

Let’s take a look of the series of events that lead to my departure from Bermuda and the commissioner’s release.

Any member of the St. Georges Seventh Day Adventist Church as well as the flight records for Jet Blue would confirm, that I was schedule to leave Bermuda at 12 pm on the 5th August 2008, on Jet Blue. However I had some unfinished business. Such as, the person who had purchased my car still had a quantity of money for me which was to be delivered to me when I hand over the car to her. My report to the Governor was not fully completed and was not yet in the hands of the Governor, the leader of the opposition, Wayne Furbert (who will be an independent in the Bermuda parliament in September 2008) and the Minister of Home affairs. This could be verified by checking with the royal Gazette printers on Burnaby Street in the City of Hamilton (who did the copies and binding for the report that is titled "A Standard for Change "‘A four Years Study of The Bermuda Police Service’). Which I took to the printers on Tuesday 5th August 2008, I collected the report and make arrangement to hand over the report to The Governor’s ADC on the 6th August 2008, who facilitated this process.
At 10 am on Tuesday 5th August 2008, Inspector Steve Donnelly came to my apartment at 12 Headquarters Hill Prospect Devonshire, Steve Donnelly informed me that he was asked to come and find out if I was still sick (I was recovering from a broken Coccyx bone, and a lower left hernia Repair). He also informed me that he is only the messenger. I politely informed inspector Donnelly, that as far as I am concerned I am no longer a member the Bermuda Police Service, and I am not entertaining visit from anyone who is representing the Bermuda Police Service. Steve Donnelly then left my apartment and went on his merry way.

How convenient for the Commissioner of Police to have said that he have terminate my employment from the Bermuda Police Force. This was done after I have submitted my report to the Governor of Bermuda.
This was done after Commissioner Jackson was informed by the governor (The commissioner of police immediate boss) of the report (which was prepared by me) he had before him; it was then that commissioner Jackson and his accomplices went into defensive mode and come up with the plan to try and discredit me, which was their original plan.
When you consider that I had submitted my resignation to the commissioner of police on June 4th 2008 to be effective on 5th August 2008; thus giving the Bermuda police service two months noticed not the one month required. Yet it was claimed that I was dismissed at a later date. The commissioner of police press release was damage control, and it was done in an effort to save face.

On Monday 4th August 2008, at 9:35 pm, I returned home from the Shillingford’s residence where I attended a Roti Night as my last celebration with them before I leave Bermuda. When I got to my apartment I discovered my door which I secured before I left home was opened, my light was on and my carpet was wet. I did not report this matter because I believe the person/people who entered my apartment was acting under the instruction of the Commissioner of police who was trying to delete the report I presented to the Governor, the leader of the opposition and the office of the minister of Home affairs etc. also he had his agent enter my apartment and deleted an incriminating recording of the meeting I had with him on that faithful day when they tried to set me up to breach the police confidentiality code, in order to justifiable terminate my service.

The strange thing is I loved, admired and had a great deal of respect for George Jackson (hence the reason the quality of my work was always outstanding). So much so that in the month of July 2006, when I went to St. Vincent and the Grenadines (the home land of Allan Palmer, Randy Liverpool and George Jackson) and I was invited to the Bernard John daily talk show, I proudly give life/bring recognition to George Jackson and his accomplishment to the People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines: so much so that the next time the George Jackson visited St. Vincent and the Grenadines he was given red carpet treatment by the Prime Minister of St. Vincent Ralph Gonsalves (who has an allegation of rape hanging over his head) hence the reason he felt a sense of obligation to do the dirty work of Ralph Gonsalves. Previously to this event, George Jackson who has been visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines on numerous occasions and no one knew or recognized him.
It was hilarious to hear Commissioner of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Keith wood pipe Miller a man who have been mentally castrated referred to me as a trouble maker. Mr. Miller if having courage to standing up for my rights and the rights of those who cannot stand up for themselves, then without a doubt I will bear the title of trouble make with dignity and pride.

If by standing up to particular Superintendent of the RSVGPS try to get me involved in their corruption practices then I guess I am a trouble maker, If by challenging and making the commissioner of police of St. Vincent rethink his intention to forcefully make deduction from the salaries of the hard working men and women of that organization to purchase a Cherokee machine: then I guess I am a trouble maker.

If by instructing PC Let (a young police who was charged with the South Rivers Murder) to retain a lawyer of his choice, then I did all in my power to ensure that young Let other police officers (who got into trouble whilst acting in the line of duty) legal fees are borne by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines: then I guess I am a trouble maker.

If ensuring that the three police officers (who were suspended arrested and charged with the Union Island homicide) were properly coached by the best before they attended the PI which the magistrate concluded had no charge to answer, then I am a trouble maker.

If when Ralph Gonsalves used the influence of then inspector Brewster and Sgt. Charles (men who received prominent and speedy promotion to senior ranks when the Ralph Gonsalves Labor party took government) who failed in their efforts to get me to have the men and the women of the R.S.V.G.P.S to join the impasse against the James Mitchell’s NDP Government then I guess I am a trouble maker. I can go on and on, but one thing I have never fought a bottle for my benefit.

Guess what? I am in good company, I am now associated with these important men who were considered trouble maker men like.
Martin Luther King was considered a trouble maker by prejudice white America and its then oppressive political system; however it was because Martin Luther King persisted even unto death, that today Barrack Obama can achieve such political accomplishment today.

Nelson Mandela was considered a trouble maker by the supporters of South Africa apartheid system; he who suffered the indignity of a twenty seven years jail term because he stood up for his rights and the rights of his people but later became president providing governance even over his oppressors.

P.M Ralph Gonsalves (Still has an allegation of rape and several allegation of Sexual assault hanging over his head).
George Jackson, Randy Liverpool and Mike Jackman are not the first people Ralph employed to do his dirty bidding to me; in St. Vincent and the Grenadines he employed Superintendent 313 Cornelius Charles who harassed me every day for about three months in the name of Ralph Gonsalves Vincent Beach and the Unity Labor Party.

Mr. Charles attack climaxed when he instructed Cpl. John the Prime Minister’s outrider (a man whom I save from a rape charge) to chump up bogus charges and take me to court as a defendant for something I did not do. Thank God truth, honesty, justice and integrity prevailed.

Cornelius Charles only stopped his daily harassment of me after he suffered a heart attack. It was then Mr. Charles declared to me "you are not going to kill me, I am transferring you". The next day I was transferred to Biabou Police Station.

To the Staff nurse (who will remain nameless) who suffered the indignity of being raped by the police officer named above, whom I use my influence and friendship with her to cause her to drop the alleged charges of rape; Please accept my apology.

To Ralph Gonsalves, Keith Miller, George Jackson, Randolph (Randy) Liverpool and Mike Jackman, my future is not and will never be defined by your small mentality neither will I be confined by your expectation for me. My future accomplishments will never be determined by you all. You all are/were just stumbling blocks but I am going to made you all into stepping stones. So sit back and watch.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kellon Murder a Senseless lost

Yet another of Bermuda’s youth has met his senseless demised. The ridiculous murder of 18 years college student Kellon Hill, who succumbed to the blade of the murderer’s knife and was pronounced dead at the King Edward the 7th Memorial Hospital on the night of the 10th August 2008, have this peace loving community in anguish mode today.

The Friends of Kellon Hill the Bermuda Institute Graduate; are submerged in anger, hurt and sorrow; and this was expressed in the out-pouring of tribute of Bermuda’s youths who is trying to come to grips with the nonsensical murder of this young man.

Angela Can said, "The recent killings of Bermuda’s Youths tells me that the island youths needs guidance; Angela who is perturbed over the killing of the island’s youths, further said, I want to know what is going on with my young men, she also want Bermuda’s youths to know that she is praying for them all.

Jamal Brown who in his on line tribute to Kellon, spoke of is inability to sleep because of gruesome stabbing murder of his friend Kellon. Jamal further said; "dang! He was just about to leave for college then this happened; rest in peace Kellon".

Antonio Belvedere whose foul language expressed the anger that engulfed this young man over the brutal murder of his friend Kellon Hill said: "Bermy" (short for Bermuda) is shot (waste of time) it is pure bullshit y’all. The people on this 21 square miles island need to wake to "F" up and get a job and buy their own shit. Antonio words express what is believed to be the allege reason Kellon met his death. It is alleged that Kellon was kill after a gang of youths try to rob him of a gold chain he was wearing.

Kellon’s death marks the second murder for 2008, with four and a half months to go before the year end. I have estimated that Bermuda will see at lease four murders for the year 2008 if we are to follow the trend over the pass years.

It will be interesting to see the way in which the Bermuda Police Service is going to response to this recent murder. Are they going to do what is the usual? Which is to use the press to quite the fears of the people, informing the community via the press of their efforts to keep them safe; by conducting stop and checks giving the "OPERATION" a fancy name, arrest a few people for warrants while inconveniencing the other 80% of the law abiding community. Where was the BPS when Kellon needed to be kept safe?

This case seems like a very simple case; according to information received there were a large number of witnesses to this murder, let us see how long it is going to take the Bermuda Police Service to investigate this matter, affect a legitimate arrest, and charge the culprit or culprits without making a mess of this case as they did with the Rebbecca Middleton’s murder.

Crushing Fools blog and I will like to extend to the family of Kellon Hill our sympathy, it is our hope that God will send you all the grace, love, understanding and peace you all will need in your time of sorrow. I know the pain you bear is beyond my comprehension; but amidst all of your sorrow we wish you peace for your pain.

To the family of the perpetrator (s) of Kellon’s murderer; I pray that you also find comfort and understanding in your time of trouble, may God give your family the strength you all will need to provide support to each other, and the wisdom to understand the pain Kellon’s family is going through in their time of lost.

I know most of you are wondering what is happening to me. I am OK. I am giving the management of the BPS time to bask in the glory of their false sense of security they are finding comfort in. I will address the Bermuda Police Service press release in seven day. Be good Bermuda and cooperate with the police.

In service to humanity
Allan H.F Palmer

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Readers Opinions on the Issue of Police & Mold

The following are comments that were posted on this blog on Two topics. Two comments were Posted on the 27/07?2008 and 6/08/2008, although one was left on tow different topics as anonymous it signed Patriot and the other was signed Pauletta. I am of the opinion that thay are worthy of their own posting.


Mr. Palmer, I don’t know you and knowing who you are is not important. However I was in a particular business establishment having a social drink, when I overheard a conversation, I recognized two of the men that were involved in the conversation to be members of the P.L.P they were speaking of your Crushing Fools blog and you. I must admit, your writings have angered a lot of self acclaimed important people in Bermuda.

After listening in on the conversation for quite a while I quickly wrote the words crushing fools on a napkin. (Like most Bermudian I have a poor memory) When I got home, I did a quick search on Crushing Fools. I read with interest the online journals posted there; it was only then I fully understood the conversation the group was involved in.

Strange enough last week, (either the 29th or the 30th July 08), I was driving along Parliament Street, I drove pass the Hamilton Police Station (H.P.S); there I saw activities which suggested to me, they are replacing the carpet in that building. They were doing one of two things destroying the evidence or making a sorry attempt to create an environment suitable to working in. I will like to suggest that they were destroying evidence.

Do you know what the sad thing about your blog, your boldness and your honesty is? It is the fact that it took a foreigner to come to my country and started a shake up on this island. I would have liked for these issue to have been address by a strong Bermudian man (black or white).

I made some inquiries and discovered that there were quite a few names were left out of journal. All of whom were diagnosed with unexplained illnesses that was resulted from working in that plague-ridden building. I am going to get more names after which I am going to post them on this blog. I will be posting the full names. I hope you will see it fit to approve them when they are posted.

You have the Government of Bermuda, the Bermuda Police Service and the Bermuda Police Association running for cover. Please, I beg you keep them on the run, and thanks for being vigilant.

Wednesday, 06 August, 2008


Wow! Anonymous, you are really missing the issue. One of the biggest points to think about here is that life and good health are much more important than money. Think about it this way, if a multi-millionaire was diagnosed with an incurable disease and had only five days to live, what would he most be concerned about. It's a no brainer, right? Of course, his life. I think this is exactly what Alan is trying to get us to think about.

Now on to the matter at hand - which has greater value money or life and good health. As I read this commentary, I sometimes wholeheartedly agreed with some of the views expressed and other times vehemently disagreed with others. Here are my thoughts.

*This article was thought provoking and intriguing. Many of the "facts" were researched and shown to be true. Facts and figures speak for themselves and hold weight.

*Throughout the article a myriad of questions were posed. I hope that in time they will be answered.*The bottom line is that life and good health far outweigh money.

*Why can't someone have money and life and good health? Why does it have to be or instead of and.

*I am glad that the BPS challenged the BDA Government to abide by the arbitration ruling. I firmly believe that if someone says something, then he/she should be held by it. After all, a person’s word is his/her bond. I am glad the BPA is holding the government accountable. It is long overdue.

Alan, you have clearly missed your calling. All the best in your future endeavors.

Sunday, 27 July, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Bermuda Police Association & the Issue of Mold

After members of the Bermuda Police Association have suffer death that can be attributed to working in an unhealthy environment, its members are continually becoming ill with all manner of life threatening diseases and after such a valiant display of strength with publicly defying the Government of Bermuda in a protest march; I refused to believe that the Members of the BPA executive committee and its members are afraid to do what is right in a life and death matter.

What is even more unfortunate is, the fact that after two years, of such a deadly revelation being brought to the attention of the Commissioner of Police the B.P.A and the Government of Bermuda; police officers are still forced to function in these tremendously unhealthy environment: Not only that, other citizens who are arrested are detained and kept in such environment also. The Government of Bermuda has an obligation to ensure that when an individual is arrested that individual is kept in a safe place, where no harm can come to him or her. Anyone that is arrested and is detained at the Hamilton Police Station automatically becomes susceptible to life threaten illness, and their chances increases depend on your medical disposition.

The Government of Bermuda are asking supposable intelligent men and women the members Bermuda Police Service to risk death and terminal illness while they perform their duties. This is a most idiotic request and it is only idiots who are going to follow such a request.

When it was discovered that the Cedar Bridge School was infested with mold; the Government without delay evacuated and relocated the entire school population. No one could have asked the teachers to function in such a condition. Why the members of the Bermuda Police Service are still operating in this unhealthy mold environment? The silence and willingness of the police to operate in such an unhealthy environment is testimony of the frailty and lack of courage of that institution. Or is it a situation where the prolong exposure to mold have already destroyed the police ability to think rationally?

This only goes to show how strong the Bermuda Police Association executive and members are. It also show how much respect the Government of Bermuda have for the Police Service the protector of the community.

Mr. Carl Neblett how many more officer have to die, become ill or have the near death experience before you develop the balls or the aptitude to do what is right and is required of you; your Officer need to be treated with more respect, they need to be relocated immediately.
In Service to Humanity
Allan H.F Palmer