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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Who was Bryan Bell Riding on his Way to Promotion

After examining Assistant (Acting) Commissioner of Police Bryan Bell's Performance, I am forced to asked this question; whose back did Bryan Bell hitched a ride on, to gain his promotion in the United Kingdom? In every institution there are people like Bryan Bell. They run about taking credit for work they did not do while they forcefully keep the work horses (the people with the ideas and the know how) in the back ground.

You can see this coming out in the document A Standard for Change his lack of meaningful plans to tackle "Bermuda Drug Problems" as well as the document he wrote to me which I reply to (reply to Bryan Bell) are testimonies of this. No police with any knowledge of the law or policing will ever write such a letter.

Take a look around and you will see you are surrounded my many "Riders" or Bell it is important that you call them out. Now, if you are guilty of riding some unfortunate soul; Just asked yourself this question. Would I like to be treated in the same way I am treating (put the exploited persons name here) you know you will not be.