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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Peace Rally; Serious Business or Show?

As I sit before my computer to put my thoughts into writing, Bermudian will be gathered at Bernard’s Park to show their disapproval for the violence that is taking over the island. Being a good judge of human nature I will attempt to stick my neck out and offer some prediction as to what to expect. I am very sorry that I did not put my ideas into writing and post it before today; for my thoughts could have aid the organizers implement some simple idea which could have been beneficial in motivating the islanders to make a commitment to themselves and their community.

Below I am going to make some predictions and I hope that I am totally wrong.
As you read this article the gathering would have been dismissed, the hype would have die and the organizers, the eloquent speech makers, the performers, the supporters and the spectators are back to life as it was before the extravaganza. The police would have make their ceremonial appearance in the form of traffic control, and patrols, maybe a member of the BPS may have make a presentation but I doubt it.

There have been talks of the violence both by the presenters and in the little gatherings of friends, family and acquaintances that gather there. There were also talks of what the of what the community have to do to curb the violence.

To most, this whole extravaganza was just another opportunity for the organizers to display that they can once again organize a community event that will get support, it was also an opportunity for the guess speakers to show off their writing ability and eloquence; in other words is was just another exhibition and the below questions will help me prove it.
  • Did the organizers and participant have any real and meaningful objective behind the event?
  • Was it just another event to prove that that you love their community and you are willing to do what you could?
  • What was accomplished?
  • Was it really worth the time effort and other resources that went into the event to meet the gold?
  • Is Bermuda better (crime wise) off after the event?
  • Are the organizers, guess speakers and participants ready to make a real commitment to cooperate with the police by passing on pertinent information to the police in a timely matter and are willing to go to court to ensure that justice is done and send a clear message to the criminal community that enough is enough and they are willing to go the extra mile to keep their community safe if not for themselves for their children.

I Allan H.F Palmer say no six times to all of the questions I asked above.

I hope the organizers and the police did not fail to capitalize on the steered emotions to move the participants into action. This was the perfect opportunity for the organizers as well as the police to use the emotion of the people to get them to commit to self-help anti violence/crime organizations such as neighborhood watch, community eyes, and anti-violence committees.

But knowing the way people think I can bet; they were not concerned about the community enough to think that far. I pray to God that I am wrong but I doubt it.

I just want to provoke thoughts and spur Bermudians in to action to ensure they play an active role in the sanity, safety and tranquility of their community.

Please for give any errors grammatical and or otherwise