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Monday, January 28, 2008

Where are the Strong men and Reputable Fathers?

By now the world should know that I am on suspension from the Bermuda Police Service, pending the outcome of an investigation which was initiated, after I posted the last article on this blog. That article was posted as a last minute ditch to abort a devious plans which was orchestrated and initiated for my demised, The powers that be wanted ensure that my character and integrity was bring into disrepute. It was also in defense of my parent’s legacy. I will explain later.

It is a crying shame that this blog which was started to motivate and inspire the people of Bermuda who (is very protective of their country and the traditions that make this island the unique place it is) love Bermuda very much; to do what is necessary to ensure that the uniqueness and tranquility of the island is maintained.

In my first article, I seek to give my readers a reason by using the examples of other communities that had chosen to turn a blind eye to the criminal activities, that was committed in their communities and they did nothing. Thus they were responsible for empowering the criminals and contributing to the steady escalation of the crime rate; into that which is now out of control.

I then choose to show the community that the statistics from the Bermuda Police Service Website when evaluated and explained, may tell a different story than that which the numbers portrayed. I wanted to show most, things when taken for granted will only get worst. The freedom, Peace and tranquility that is experienced in Bermuda today did not come without a price, and for some that price may be vigilance, to be the watch dog of the community and to ensure that justice is done.

Then, this blog came in handy to save me from the arm of those who seek to aid in my frustration and hopefully insanity. God Is Good. It will be a big surprised for most of you to learn that, on my return to work I was informed via the police email system, of a very big meeting with an inspector. I was to be accompanied to this meeting by my immediate supervisor and my watch inspector (who is not by accident far more senior to the summoning inspector.) This meeting organized to discuss a flawless case file. The main intent of the meeting was designed to intimidate.
I also discovered that my immediate supervisor and my watch inspector was immediately transferred to other departments. God Is Wonderful. these were predictions I made in my rushed articles. This caused the people to abort their plans to frustrate and intimidate. Isn't God good he reveals the work of evil.
Now that all this nonsense seems to be over and we have concluded that each police officer has a life apart from their job and are free to indulge in any hobby they so choose lets get back to the true purpose of this blog. In my next posting I will endeavor to answer the question Bermudian bloggers have been asking for the longest while. As it related to the law and police powers. I hold fast to the territory that an informed community is an easy community to deal with.

It was unfortunate that my effort was met with opposition by an individual who holds fast to the concept that there is no opinion, but his opinion. He is also of the misguided opinion that he holds the monopoly on ideas and if it is not his idea then it cannot be a good idea. There are many constables, sergeants, even inspectors with brilliant ideas that is discussed among themselves but never reach the ears of the policy makers. Why is that. A manager must implement some system where information and ideas can be made to filter up to management.

My Back Ground

My parents, were followers of the American civil rights movements and they understood the impact fear can have on an individual. They took the time to prepare and teach me not to be afraid of the truth and to seek justice. I could remember at the age of two years old, my mother sitting me down with tears in her eyes and informing me of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King the grate American Civil Rights Leader who she have always told me about even at that early age. I have a sneaking suspicion that my parents wanted my to be fearless and honest. Well if that was their goal then they succeeded.

When I was a child, one of the things I vaguely remembered and valued about my father was looking into his eyes. In his eyes I saw a courage, a sense of honesty, and love. I knew that as long as he was around, I will be safe. My father was only able to portray such honesty, and sense of courage because he was an honest, and courageous man, who was not willing to sacrifice such for money, personal advancement, or to be in their inner circle.

With the encouragement of my God fearing mother and the sense of security I felt and experienced by having a father that commanded the respect even of the people who hated him but admired his integrity. I know that it will be a moral crime for me to provide any less for my children, and I must always be in a position where I can provide for there security and there sustenance. Hence the reason I am multi-skilled.

I have been in situation, where people of influence, tried to use their influence to convince me to betray the heritage of my parents for money for the privilege to be associated with that dishonest bunch. But I have not and will not. My parents were not rich, they did not have a will and they did not leave much in this world’s possession for their children. But what they did left is worth more than all the money in the world. They left a good name, reputable characters and a strong legacy. In my home land the name Palmer is synonymous with honesty, strength, decency and integrity, and they that caries that name are respected by the members of the community. The community also ensures that our parent’s good name was upheld.

Any time I was seen where I may possible become involved in trouble, any member of the community who knew my parents had the distinct privilege of first of all, call my home and awaited further instruction from my mother or father, instruction which may involved “Cut His Tail and Send him Home” and bet your last dollar that my parents wishes would be executed as prescribed. Even the criminals in the community respected my parents so much that they to also felt some obligation to ensure the legacy of my parents lived on in their children.

I love and respects my dead parent’s heritage so much that I dear not betrays them even in their absence. Here is a story that tells of the respect and security that the strong father provides for his child even in his absence.

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines we have a Christmas festival call Nine Mornings. This festival consisted of street parties, concerts, cycle riding, Roller Skating etc. the activities are organized and participated between twelve midnight and day break what ever time that is. As a child, my mother would take the family out to Nine Morning Church Service and on out way home as a family will catch a part of the regular activities. If there were no church service my rebel sister will volunteer to take me to see the activities. As a matter of fact, my interest in going to Nine Morning was developed by her.

I could always remember her asking me if I will like to go to Nine Mornings tomorrow. She will then encourage me to make my request known; and when my parents will asked who will take you, I will volunteer her as my guide and protector for that event. I must say that she did a good job at it also.

I fell so in love with Nine Mornings that one morning I wanted to go to the festival, first my mother was to tire to go, and it was not in my sister’s interest to take me. So when everyone was fast asleep, I got up, put on my clothes, open the door, and set out on my journey.

On my way to where the activities were held. I was stopped by this overly friendly gentleman, he asked me my name, and I told him, he asked me who is my father, When I told him my father’s name, he became very apprehensive. I can remember him saying go on little boy, immediately he forgot my name and sent me on my way.

Later I found out that the very nice man I met that morning was a pedophile who preyed on little boys. I also got to realized later that a few of my friends were victims of this same man. God knows what would have happened to me if my preying mother who after she discovered I was missing got down on her knees and pray for my safe return and only got up from her knees when I was safe at home and if my father was a weak man a whimper. I may have been raped, and my body may have been thrown in some ravine somewhere or I would have had to be bottling the demons that followed such psychological trauma but in stead my father’s name sends terror into that predator.

That is the type of security I am prepared to provide for my children. I know I cannot provide that if I am a weak man that falls for everything, one who cannot stand for something if I believe it’s worth standing for.

All of my action in and out of my children's presence should be an example for them. I want to be able to look my children in their eyes and give them an assurance that this is the case and they can look into my eyes and see the strength, honesty, and love that I have for them if I am a weak and fearful person. That was type of security my father provided for me, and that is the type of security I intend to provide for my children.

You can take all the money in the world, along with the fame, prestige and power, but please give me strength of character and love for my family and respect for every one I comes into contact with. This is all I asked, is that asking to much?
In service to Humanity
Allan Palmer

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not against flesh and blood but Spitirual Wickness

The foregone article has already served its purpose and will be replaced by one that is spiritually uplifting. May God cause his blessing to be with you today and always.

It is my hope that if you came here not knowing what you would find; it is my prayer that you find a blessing.

Let your light so shine
As Christians we very often forget the things we fight over has nothing to do with anything, but that of hurt pride. We forget our true calling and we fall for the temptation of the devil and become engulfed in the rage that he wants us to become engulfed in. At this point we totally forget our Christian principles; and instead of becoming instrument of peace, we choose to become vessels of hate and tools of war.

This is what the devil’s strive for. His only hope and role is to get God’s children so caught up in the things of the world and the pride of the heart that they forget their true purpose to be salt of the earth. As the bible said and if the salt loses its savor then what good is it? No good at all.

As a child of God and a follower of Christ, I must learn humility for he who humbles himself shall be exalted. As I read my bible today and I encountered Jesus he has revealed to me that the time is right, for me to let my light so shine that I must show men the savior who I confess to know. To fight in defense of ones pride is all vanity. That’s what the devil does to us, he get us caught up in the prides of life, causing us to forget that we ought to be soldiers of Christ and of the cross.

I am one who held fast to the opinion that to be a blood bought Christian was just an excuse to be weak, a coward hiding behind the passive working of Christianity. But when one studies the life of Christ he was anything but weak. When the money changers were in the temple he beat them and turned over their stuff. He confronted the big shots of his day and exposed their wicked deeds. Yet he never loses sight of his goals and his purpose on this earth.

Some of you who are reading this may conclude that I have given up, I have gone soft, and I have been worn down. I am sorry to burst your bubble that’s not I at all. I have decided that I don’t have to fight every bottle I know that I can win, and that will not make me any less a man, anymore weaker, or any less strong.

So with that in mind I ask God to use me to show other the God I have been confessing for so much years; a God whom I always misrepresent with my life. They confess me with their mouths but their hearts are far from me.

I refused to be used by the devil to rage war against those who are, God's Yet to be found children. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. don’t forfeit the blessing God has in store for you, I have been doing for so many years. But yield your will to the master and reap the rewards he has in store for you. Always remember that his strength is made perfect in our weakness.
May God richly bless you all.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blog gain Front Page attention from the Royal Gazette

Esme Williams (Executive Director B.B.B.S Bermuda)

On Tuesday 8th January 2008, Sam Strangeways a reporter that works with the Royal Gazette of Bermuda wrote and published a story featuring the blog “Crushing Fools;” personally I did not see the news worthiness of this blog. Miss Strangeways being a skilled professional that she is; possesses the ability to write a story on any topic and make the matter take on a level of importance. Miss Strangeways showed even me, that the blog (which was created to encourage citizen and residence of Bermuda to become more community conscious and to work together with the other agencies in the community to ensure the level of tranquility that is now experience is maintained) can be news worthy enough to make the front page of the Royal Gazette.

This story brought tremendous attention to the blog “Crushing Fools”. I must say the amount of support and encouragement I received from the Bermuda community my friends and my colleagues was overwhelming. The response from my Big Brother Big Sister (B.B.B.S) fraternity especially those which were expressed by the executive director of B.B.B.S Esme’ Williams, who after hugging me expressed a sense of pride to have me as a big brother was tremendous.

All I am trying to do, is to contribute what little I can for the community that I am thankful to be a part of at this stage of my life, until it is time for me to rejoin my friends and family in my native Land of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is all about giving back to this community in a very small way.

Below is the well received story as it appeared in the Royal Gazette news paper, which featured and brought attention to the blog “Crushing Fools.”

Blogger calls for residents to 'be courageous'

By Sam Strangeways

A serving Police officer has launched an Internet blog calling on the community to "be courageous" and unite against violence and crime.
P.c. Allan Palmer, who is originally from St. Vincent and is understood to have been a policeman
in Bermuda for about four years, began posting messages on his Crushing Fools site last month — before the violence which marred the Island's Christmas celebrations.
The first entry in his online journal is titled: "It is time to take our community back."
P.c. Palmer writes that he has been told by members of the community that there are people with "sound and relevant information" on recent unsolved murders who are not coming forward.
"It was also brought to my attention that the individuals who have pertinent information that could be of evidential value and which may ensure the victims' families gain the closure they are looking for, are afraid of retaliation," he adds. "Fear is never a justified reason to cause or aid in the miscarriage of justice. Everyone that resides in this tranquil community needs to be courageous."
Father-of-three P.c. Palmer, 41, who describes himself on his website as an "independent thinker", says residents of the Island need to be put aside their fear of retaliation if they want justice to be done.
"Courage is not the absence of fear but it is the willingness to act even when you are afraid," he writes. "If we use fear to allow an offender to evade prosecution, whether it is for the offence of murder or for an offence of a less serious nature, we are only empowering the criminal."
The entry, dated December 6, 2007, concludes that Bermuda is "still a very safe community" but P.C Palmer warns: "I can see the potential for things to get out of control. It will be a shame if the citizens and residents of this tiny island are made to live in a petrified state.
"Have we adopted the 'it's not my business' mentality? For the sake of this little island, I hope not."
On December 23 — just a couple of days before the Christmas shootings which left Aquil Richardson dead and two other men injured — P.c. Palmer posted another online entry titled: "Let the stats speak to you."
In it, he argues that official Police statistics on crime leave out key categories such as assault causing actual bodily harm, willful or criminal damage and drug-related offences. He also points out rises in theft, burglary, assault causing grievous bodily harm and sexual assault between 2005 and 2006.
P.c. Palmer states that "murder has seen an unprecedented rise of 50 percent every two years. This can quickly become a frightening number. These are serious times."
There were two murders in Bermuda in 2003 and in 2004 and three in 2005 and in 2006.
P.c. Palmer did not wish to comment on the blog when contacted by The Royal Gazette. It can be found at http://crushingfools.blogspot.com.

Let the Stats Speak to you.

Crime and Violence the Bermuda Story for 2005-2006

After addressing the community’s reluctance to cooperate with the police to ensure that the environment in which they live continues to be conducive for living; without the element of fear for one’s safety, the safety of our families, friends and the protection of their properties, I think it was fitting for me to review the crime statistic according to the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) as is posted on the BPS very informative webpage (http://www.bermudapoliceservice.bm/)

Although the page shows an overall decrease in the number of actual crimes reported, (which is far different from the number of crimes committed) I could not help but to notice there were some very important categories missing from the stats sheet. The categories are as follows:
· Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm;
· Physical assault on an individual that leaves on the victim’s body any swelling, discoloration and or bruising;
· Willful/criminal damage, which is anyone without a lawful authority or reasonable excuse who damage any item no matter the value, but as long as that property had/has an owner;
· Drug related offensives such as possession, importation, etc.

These discoveries lead me to ask the question, would the exclusion of the above categories of criminal offences in anyway change the statistics and affect the general outcome of the crime rate? This is a question for you to answer.

In analyzing the statistics I will attempt to not only reveal the discoveries I made but I will also try to explain what some of the crimes constitute in a very simple form. It is also my hope that the revelations found here would only help to motivate concerned Bermudian into action and enable a greater community consciousness. This will inspire a greater level of collaboration between the community and the police in keeping this very small Island safe from the criminal that is waging war against all who live and visit this Island that is synonymous with tranquility.

The discoveries:

Reported Theft:

There was a 24% rise in report of theft when compared to 2005 and 2006. This means that there were 24% more victims who had been deprived of enjoying the pleasures of the sweat of their brow. Their hard earned monies and other personal possessions were taken from them by another whose intention was/is to permanently deprive the owner of such.


Crimes of intrusion also saw a leap in 2006 when compared to 2005. Our home, business premises and schools had become less safe, in that to secure these premises was not enough to ensure there safety.

The increases were as follows:
· 11% increase in unlawful home invasion.
· 19% increase in unlawful school invasion.
· 73% increase in unlawful shop invasion.
· 47% increase in unlawful office invasion.
· 20% increase in unlawful unclassified premises invasion.
What does this mean to us as citizens who are the main stake holders of this rock, residents who are only here in most cases at the pleasure of their employees, and visitors who comes to enjoy the peace and stability of this tranquil Island?

Assault causing Grievous Bodily Harm

We have seen a 34% rise in assault offences that may have resulted in possible broken bone and other injuries that may or could cause improper function of one’s limbs or organs due to nerve damage etc.

Sexual Assault:

Crimes of sexual assaults are normally crimes against females but not restricted to females. Another class of individuals who are increasingly becoming victims of such crimes are children of both genders. Bermuda has seen a 22% rise in such crimes for the period 2005-2006, and a 43% from 2004-2006.

The offence Murder has seen an unprecedented rise of 50% every two years. This can quickly become a frightening number.

These are serious times. I know most people may say we are not as bad as some other jurisdiction. But the question to ask your self is are we as good as we were before. It is extremely important to note, that the prosperity of most country, state, Island etc. is vastly dependant on the following:

Political stability
A low or a controllable crime rate
Infrastructural development
A trainable workforce

But there is nothing that can drive away investors and potential investors like an environment that have become criminally unstable. The ball is in your court. And you must play it with common sense and with intelligence.