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Monday, January 28, 2008

Where are the Strong men and Reputable Fathers?

By now the world should know that I am on suspension from the Bermuda Police Service, pending the outcome of an investigation which was initiated, after I posted the last article on this blog. That article was posted as a last minute ditch to abort a devious plans which was orchestrated and initiated for my demised, The powers that be wanted ensure that my character and integrity was bring into disrepute. It was also in defense of my parent’s legacy. I will explain later.

It is a crying shame that this blog which was started to motivate and inspire the people of Bermuda who (is very protective of their country and the traditions that make this island the unique place it is) love Bermuda very much; to do what is necessary to ensure that the uniqueness and tranquility of the island is maintained.

In my first article, I seek to give my readers a reason by using the examples of other communities that had chosen to turn a blind eye to the criminal activities, that was committed in their communities and they did nothing. Thus they were responsible for empowering the criminals and contributing to the steady escalation of the crime rate; into that which is now out of control.

I then choose to show the community that the statistics from the Bermuda Police Service Website when evaluated and explained, may tell a different story than that which the numbers portrayed. I wanted to show most, things when taken for granted will only get worst. The freedom, Peace and tranquility that is experienced in Bermuda today did not come without a price, and for some that price may be vigilance, to be the watch dog of the community and to ensure that justice is done.

Then, this blog came in handy to save me from the arm of those who seek to aid in my frustration and hopefully insanity. God Is Good. It will be a big surprised for most of you to learn that, on my return to work I was informed via the police email system, of a very big meeting with an inspector. I was to be accompanied to this meeting by my immediate supervisor and my watch inspector (who is not by accident far more senior to the summoning inspector.) This meeting organized to discuss a flawless case file. The main intent of the meeting was designed to intimidate.
I also discovered that my immediate supervisor and my watch inspector was immediately transferred to other departments. God Is Wonderful. these were predictions I made in my rushed articles. This caused the people to abort their plans to frustrate and intimidate. Isn't God good he reveals the work of evil.
Now that all this nonsense seems to be over and we have concluded that each police officer has a life apart from their job and are free to indulge in any hobby they so choose lets get back to the true purpose of this blog. In my next posting I will endeavor to answer the question Bermudian bloggers have been asking for the longest while. As it related to the law and police powers. I hold fast to the territory that an informed community is an easy community to deal with.

It was unfortunate that my effort was met with opposition by an individual who holds fast to the concept that there is no opinion, but his opinion. He is also of the misguided opinion that he holds the monopoly on ideas and if it is not his idea then it cannot be a good idea. There are many constables, sergeants, even inspectors with brilliant ideas that is discussed among themselves but never reach the ears of the policy makers. Why is that. A manager must implement some system where information and ideas can be made to filter up to management.

My Back Ground

My parents, were followers of the American civil rights movements and they understood the impact fear can have on an individual. They took the time to prepare and teach me not to be afraid of the truth and to seek justice. I could remember at the age of two years old, my mother sitting me down with tears in her eyes and informing me of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King the grate American Civil Rights Leader who she have always told me about even at that early age. I have a sneaking suspicion that my parents wanted my to be fearless and honest. Well if that was their goal then they succeeded.

When I was a child, one of the things I vaguely remembered and valued about my father was looking into his eyes. In his eyes I saw a courage, a sense of honesty, and love. I knew that as long as he was around, I will be safe. My father was only able to portray such honesty, and sense of courage because he was an honest, and courageous man, who was not willing to sacrifice such for money, personal advancement, or to be in their inner circle.

With the encouragement of my God fearing mother and the sense of security I felt and experienced by having a father that commanded the respect even of the people who hated him but admired his integrity. I know that it will be a moral crime for me to provide any less for my children, and I must always be in a position where I can provide for there security and there sustenance. Hence the reason I am multi-skilled.

I have been in situation, where people of influence, tried to use their influence to convince me to betray the heritage of my parents for money for the privilege to be associated with that dishonest bunch. But I have not and will not. My parents were not rich, they did not have a will and they did not leave much in this world’s possession for their children. But what they did left is worth more than all the money in the world. They left a good name, reputable characters and a strong legacy. In my home land the name Palmer is synonymous with honesty, strength, decency and integrity, and they that caries that name are respected by the members of the community. The community also ensures that our parent’s good name was upheld.

Any time I was seen where I may possible become involved in trouble, any member of the community who knew my parents had the distinct privilege of first of all, call my home and awaited further instruction from my mother or father, instruction which may involved “Cut His Tail and Send him Home” and bet your last dollar that my parents wishes would be executed as prescribed. Even the criminals in the community respected my parents so much that they to also felt some obligation to ensure the legacy of my parents lived on in their children.

I love and respects my dead parent’s heritage so much that I dear not betrays them even in their absence. Here is a story that tells of the respect and security that the strong father provides for his child even in his absence.

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines we have a Christmas festival call Nine Mornings. This festival consisted of street parties, concerts, cycle riding, Roller Skating etc. the activities are organized and participated between twelve midnight and day break what ever time that is. As a child, my mother would take the family out to Nine Morning Church Service and on out way home as a family will catch a part of the regular activities. If there were no church service my rebel sister will volunteer to take me to see the activities. As a matter of fact, my interest in going to Nine Morning was developed by her.

I could always remember her asking me if I will like to go to Nine Mornings tomorrow. She will then encourage me to make my request known; and when my parents will asked who will take you, I will volunteer her as my guide and protector for that event. I must say that she did a good job at it also.

I fell so in love with Nine Mornings that one morning I wanted to go to the festival, first my mother was to tire to go, and it was not in my sister’s interest to take me. So when everyone was fast asleep, I got up, put on my clothes, open the door, and set out on my journey.

On my way to where the activities were held. I was stopped by this overly friendly gentleman, he asked me my name, and I told him, he asked me who is my father, When I told him my father’s name, he became very apprehensive. I can remember him saying go on little boy, immediately he forgot my name and sent me on my way.

Later I found out that the very nice man I met that morning was a pedophile who preyed on little boys. I also got to realized later that a few of my friends were victims of this same man. God knows what would have happened to me if my preying mother who after she discovered I was missing got down on her knees and pray for my safe return and only got up from her knees when I was safe at home and if my father was a weak man a whimper. I may have been raped, and my body may have been thrown in some ravine somewhere or I would have had to be bottling the demons that followed such psychological trauma but in stead my father’s name sends terror into that predator.

That is the type of security I am prepared to provide for my children. I know I cannot provide that if I am a weak man that falls for everything, one who cannot stand for something if I believe it’s worth standing for.

All of my action in and out of my children's presence should be an example for them. I want to be able to look my children in their eyes and give them an assurance that this is the case and they can look into my eyes and see the strength, honesty, and love that I have for them if I am a weak and fearful person. That was type of security my father provided for me, and that is the type of security I intend to provide for my children.

You can take all the money in the world, along with the fame, prestige and power, but please give me strength of character and love for my family and respect for every one I comes into contact with. This is all I asked, is that asking to much?
In service to Humanity
Allan Palmer

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