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Thursday, February 07, 2008

A true Story (lol)

My son-Malique

Take a little time out of your busy schedule; pull up a chair and read the account of this true story, this story actually happened on a beach in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is one of the four short stories that make up a book that is soon to be published. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoy writing and bringing it to you. Although some of you may conclude that my action was not responsible, it has already happened and there is nothing I can do about it now.

I think that larger-than-life Saga that unfolded after Sam Strangeway publish her first front page story about me in the Royal Gazette; the story that sparked the beginning of my troubles, in the Bermuda Police Service and eventually lead to my suspension will be published in this book also. The total sage will be my next big project.

The Obedient Son
Allan H. F Palmer

Michael was Malique’s father. To Malique his daddy meant the world to him, and Michael treated Malique as if he was the world. The father and son loved each other very much. Malique had just celebrated his sixth birthday. The duo love spending quality time with each other. Sometimes the two would disappear for hours. They often went hiking, where together they basked in and experienced the wonders and the beauty of nature. The pair love frequenting the local airport there; there they would look at the ’planes take off and land. The Botanical Garden was also on their list of favorite places to visit. At the botanical garden they would enjoy the beauty of the flowers, roll on the grass, and participate in all the activities children enjoy. There were also the beaches; Malique love the beach. At the beach the father and son pair would frolic for hours, and sometimes they just went into the nearby town where they walked around and observed the activities of the town’s people. They learnt many things and they had fun together.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning; it seemed as if the sun shone brighter than normal. It was a perfect day to go to the beach. Sunday was always a special day for Michael and Malique; it was the day of the week that Malique looked forward to most, with curious anticipation. Sunday was also the day the enthusiastic young man got to spend all day with his father. The two always engaged in lots of fun activities. Malique was sure that his dad had some wonderful adventure planed for the day. After breakfast Malique noticed that his daddy was cleaning the car. The energetic child decided to join his father in the task of preparing the car for the day’s activities. Although Malique was of little use in the task at hand the loving father was happy just to have his son around, even when he got in the way.

“Daddy, what are we going to do today?” asked Malique as he looked at his dad with searching eyes. To the lad it mattered not what activity his father chose; what was important was that he got to be with his dad.

“We will be going to the beach,” his father replied.

Immediately a twinkle of excitement appeared in Malique’s eyes. He ran into the house and to his mother, and with a blaze of enthusiasm he shouted, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Daddy is going to take me to the beach, can you help me get ready?” His mother was only too happy to help her dear son get ready for his adventure.

With all the commotion the young boy was making you would have thought that the beach was the most wonderful place in the entire world. The beach was two miles away.

Indian Bay was a small white-sand beach; it was just about 250 meters long. There was not much room for playing, for there was a retaining wall one-meter high with a one-and-a-half meters security wire fence erected at the top of the wall. This structure was designed to keep picnickers off the private property that bordered the beach. About 20 meters from the shore there were two small islands that acted as a shelter for the beach. Immediately in front of the beach was the smaller of the two islands; this island had a few trees growing on it and there was also a humongous white cross erected in its center. Hence the name Cross Island. Cross Island rose about five meters above the level of the sea. This Island acted as a little challenge for people who had just learned how to swim; to swim to and from Cross Island was quite an accomplishment.

On the north of Cross Island were the second and the larger of the two Islands. This island was called High Rock. High Rock was about 40 meters from the shore. It was a very large, barren, and dense volcanic rock that had many ridges and cracks. High Rock stood about thirty meters above the level of the sea. To swim and climb to the top of High Rock was an experience, but the challenge was to jump and plummet into a free-fall landing into the deep blue sea that spread out like a carpet below.

Finally it was time to leave for the beach. The duo got into the car and off they went. The beach was half an hour away. Michael was as excited as his son. He anticipated having tons of fun at the beach with his son. It was Michael’s plan to start Malique’s swimming lessons when they got to the beach.

At the beach the father and son team had tons of fun; they frolicked and swam, they built sand castles or what they called sand castles, which was washed away by the wave that regularly bathe the shore and in whose part they were errected. Malique had his swimming lesson. All of the activities wore out the young child; he was tired. Malique’s daddy saw an opportunity to go for a little swim on his own.

Malique was sitting on a stone; he was exhausted but excitement still gleamed from his eyes. Michael walked up too and spoke to the tired child.

“Malique,” he said, “I am going for a swim. I want you to sit on this rock. I don’t want you to move, no matter what happens. Do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy,” the shivering child said.

Michael knew that Malique could not swim, and if he ventured into the water unsupervised he could drown. That would be a tragedy. The death of a child is one tragedy no loving parent would like to have in his or her family. Michael had to make sure that his son understood him before he ventured out for his swim.

Malique sat on the stone and watched as his father swam back and forth. Malique wanted to join his dad in the water but he was too tired to join in the fun. Michael swam to Cross Island and back, and Malique made no attempt to leave his very comfortable seat on the rock.

All appeared well. Michael decided to take a swim out to the High Rock and climb to the top of the rock. He jumped from the top of the rock into the clear blue water below. He did this several times. This activity was very exhausting. Finally Michael Malique’s dad climbed to the top of High Rock and took a seat to rest. From his position on the top of the island Michael had a clear view of his son sitting comfortably and undisturbed on the stone. Malique could also see his daddy from his seat. Malique hoped for the day when he could join his father on the top of High Rock.

While on the top of the High Rock, Michael noticed that something strange was happening on the beach. He noticed that everyone was running to and fro, but eventually everyone ran into the water. Screams could be heard coming from the beach; Michael searched the beach with worried eyes and as wondered what could be happening. The concerned father’s heart pounded with fear; he feared for the safety of his beloved son. Michael knew there was danger on the beach but he was unaware of what the danger was.

Michael looked at his son and noticed him still sitting on the rock looking in the direction of the people as they ran and screamed. Michael was tempted to jump off of the large rock, but he still did not know what the danger was. It would have taken Michael about three minutes at the least to get to his son. To Michael the swim seemed as if it would last an eternity.

Just then Michael saw a large vicious-looking rottweiler running along the beach. Now the powerful, angry and ferocious bark of the dog could be heard, and there was a man running frantically behind the dog with an unattached leash in his hand. Now, there were only two people on the shore: they were the man with the leash in his hand and Malique. Michael saw the dog ran toward the helpless little boy. As a result Michael felt a large lump in his throat, that made him feel as it he was suffocating. Micheal was not suffocating but he was petrified by the thought of what could probable happen.

The helpless father's heart pounded harder and faster than ever before. Although no harm has come to the child as yet; he blamed himself for anything that might happen to his defenseless son. He was helpless and a sense of hopelessness overtook him. If he was there, using his bare hands Malique’s dad would have ripped that vicious dog to shreds to protect his son, but there was nothing that he could do from where he was. There was nothing Malique could do, there was nowhere for the frightened child to run. If he ran into the sea he would drown, since he could not swim, and if he followed the last instruction his father had given him he would be mauled by the vicious dog. It was a hopeless situation. Malique’s dad knew that rottweiler and children were not a good combination, as this breed of dog is known to be very aggressive toward children.

Just then Malique’s dad said, “Lord Jesus, you are the only one who can protect my son. Please keep him safe.” Malique’s dad never once took his eyes off the events that were unfolding on the beach, even when he uttered the prayer for his son’s protection.

The vicious dog ran faster and faster toward the child and as he got closer to the unattended child, who was still sitting on the rock, the frightening growl of the angry dog could be heard. The people in the sea watched with horror as the ferocious dog approached the helpless child. When the fierce dog got close enough to launch an attack, he stopped, looked at the child, smelt him, then turned away and went toward the sea and continued to bark at the people in the sea.

Malique’s dad breathed a sigh of relief and dived from the top of High Rock with his Outstretched and pointing down at the sea. The anxious father hands made contact with the sea water first, then his head, shoulder then his whole body was swiftly submerged into the deep blue see. Micheal hurriedly swam to the shore, dispensing every bit of energy he had in the effort. When the anxious Father got to the shore the dog had already been put back on his leash and was removed from the beach. The thankful father ran to his son, who was still sitting on the rock as if nothing had happened.

“Are you Okay, Malique?” the nervous father was trying his best to reflect the level calm his brave and obedient son now exhibited

“Yes daddy,” the child answered, with a sense of calm in his voice that was seen on his face and that which his demeanor now reflected.

“Were you afraid of the dog?” Michael calmly asked.

“Yes daddy” Malique replied.

“Why didn’t you run like every one else?” the father asked, anxious to hear his son’s answer.

From the way Malique looked at his father, you could have tell the lad was puzzeled by the question “Daddy, you told me not to move from here no matter what happened,” the lad replied with a na├»ve childish innocence.

Michael held his obedient son close to his heart and squeezed him. Under his breath he said thank you Jesus. He knew that the dog had been redirected from his son by the mighty hand Jesus.

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  1. Wonderful story! A true example of the respect that the son showed to his father even in the heat of danger. It shows the kind of relationship that the son shared with his father. If most parents had this type of relationship with their child then we would not have the problems with the youth that we have now. It is all about trust. What does it mean? TRUST: Teaching Respect, Undying Love, Strength, and Togetherness.