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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Understanding your Responsibility will Preserve the Rights of others

There are a large number of police officers who are practicing policing and are totally at a lost as to why they follow the procedures they follow in the daily practice. This is so because, they are unaware of the history behind why, certain steps were taken to introduce the procedures and the principles that are outlined in such document as the judges Rules, PACE etc. The Judges Rules and PACE are standardized practice and procedure that an officer must follow to ensure that the investigating or arresting officer do not violate the suspects rights and in the process protection him or her self.

It is important to note that if you have an understanding of why such procedures were put into place, it will give one a greater respect for the rights of the accused person and the way evidence is collected. Most police officer are aware of what to and what not to do in the collection and presentation of prosecution evidence, but do not have any idea of the leverages that is awarded to the collection and presentation of defense evidence.

You have got to remember that the principles and restriction as to what a police officer can and cannot do is bases on the principles that it is better for forty guilty people to go free that for one innocent man to be unfairly convicted. You see our founding legal father had experience where the police officer had forgotten the core values and responsibilities of their office. For them Justice took a back seat, and a conviction at all cost became important, hence many innocence people were convicted by over ambitious police officers. In this era police were manipulating evidence and taking advantage of the ignorance of the suspected/accuse person; which also includes collecting evidence unlawfully etc. all in an effort to secure a conviction. Hence the birth of the rules of evidence, the judges rules etc.

It is expected that when police follow these guidelines that are outlined in the Judges Rules and PACE, they ensure that the police do not infringed on the rights of the accuse person. I will suggest that we all abreast our self not only with what is expected, but why these were implemented.

It is also important to note, that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution and the prosecution has an obligation to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accuse person commit the offence that he was accused of committing. If there is a shadow of a doubt that, then that accuse person must be found not guilty. Although the prosecution are limited as to what they can do, the manner in which evidence are collected and presented, the defense has the right to do all in its power to prove their innocence. This includes the manner in which they collect and present evidence. If that evidence can aid any court in proving the defendant is innocence of the allegation, then that evidence will be admissible.

This is because that the court is interested in the truth, and it is in the truth you can and will find justice, thus ensuring that an innocence person is not convicted and suffer the consequence of an offence or crime he did not commit. Remember it is favorable for twenty guilty men to go free than for one innocent man to be convicted.

A higher standard is expected from the prosecution. You see the court is only interested in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It is so easy for an over zealous officer (who have personalize the offense or is under presure form a senior officer to gain a conviction in a matter or to bring an end to the investigation) to violate the rights of an accuse person during the process of the investigation. If such violation is brought to the courts attention or the unlawful collection of evidence is discovered, such events may render that evidence inadmissible (unusable) and if the violation of an accused person rights is also discovered, nine out of ten times such will cause the case to be dismissed on a technicality.

It is important that you understanding your responsibility and learn why you are expected to follow the procedure you are required to follow, and in the process preserved the rights of others.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

God is Good गो इस गूढ़

I know that recent posting on my blog have made me public enemy number (#1) one with certain member of the Bermuda Police Service. My recent unjustified suspension is evidence of that. To date I am at a lost as to why I am suspended from official duties from the Bermuda Police Service. I must ask the question what purpose does this serve.

Let’s take a moment to examine the unjust practices that presently exist, in the Bermuda Police Service. I am not a criminal and I did not commit a crime. I cannot be accused of anything negative other than working hard to provide a professional service to the people of Bermuda, (which only impacted on my health) being the kind of man that is capable of standing on his own two feet, one who is not afraid to display his professionalism, honesty and high ethics; and for being a man in an adult institution. For these reason I was suspended. Well may be the good lord knew that I needed some rest.

But look at the practice of the Bermuda Police Service and see the prejudicial practices that is currently exist in this institution. I have not or did not commit a crime; I just took the appropriate defensive action, by posting information exposing the plans that have been put in place, not for my good but for my downfall.

I have got to be careful after the members of the Bermuda Police Service had took the time to put together a master plan (entrapment) to try and get me to violate certain forbidden principles of the Service. But God is good. My honesty sent those who are plotting my dewfall back to the drawing board.

Now we have two cases of member of the Bermuda Police Service who after they were investigated, the investigators found that there was enough evidence to prove that they may have committed an offence and they should stand trial for the violations. There was Glen Kellman who was arrested and charged for Grievous Bodily Harm, although Kellman was acting in self defense. However he was charged and prosecuted yet he was never suspended.

There was also Dennis Archer, who was also investigated, charged, prosecuted and found guilty for inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm on a female. Yet Mr. Archer was never suspended. He was made to work up until the day he was pronounce guilty by the magistrate. That is a perfect example of justice for you.

Under twenty four hours Surveillance

Now it lead me to wonder if the Bermuda Police Service have their priorities in order. Of all of the crimes, that are being committed, and all of the crimes that are unsolved, the amount of drugs on the streets, why are they dedicating this amount of human and other resources to have me Allan H. F Palmer under twenty four hours surveillance. This attention makes me feel as almost important as the Primer the Hon. Dr. Browne. Not that I do not deserve it. Listen people I not a threat to the national Security of Bermuda, I do not have any plans to kill anyone, and I am a clean honest God fearing man. Instead of wasting all of the human and other resources on me by redeploying officers to followed me and watch my every move, put it to the protection of the community.

Here are the activities I am engaged in when I leave my home।

  1. I am either going to Church
  2. the supermarket
  3. to spend time with one of my two little brothers (from the Big brother Big sister program)
  4. Going to visit my elderly widowed friend Mrs। Stowe, who very often needs my help to go to the doctor, take her to the Supermarket or doing something around her house.
  5. Visiting my senior citizen friends Hilton and Mrs। Davis
  6. Visiting my friend Mr। and Mrs. Shillingford (Ex police officer)
  7. Visiting Dr। and Mr. Bascombe-Adams.
  8. or If I have a lawful appointment

Now that you have a list of place I visit you can now rededicate your time and resources tothe protection of the people of Bermuda, it is not that I may not need protecting also. Every one that lives, resides, or visits this wonderful island and its beautiful people need the protection of the Bermuda Police Service. Could it be that this is just another big plan to entrap me again? Although I must say it have been fun playing cat and mouse with the boys. They are so easy get away from. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

Allan Palmer

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Words of hate; response of confidence

Words of hate; response of confidence
Allan Palmer

Who do you think you are! A voice loaded with contempt and disgust rang out with anger; words which was said with the intention to cause humiliation, shame and harm to the intended recipients.

Who do you think you are? The voice spoke once again; this time a lethal dose of hate was injected; words to embarrass, belittle and to destroy healthy self-esteem. These words were an example of words of destruction. Not merely the words, but more so the manner in which they were spoken.

In an effort to defend my pride, my esteem, manhood; but most of all, my ability to live with my self; I answered and said, “I am a strong man who have not sold my manhood. I am more than what you see; there is much more to me than my simplicity.

I am honest; I am strong, and I will stand against the odds; even alone. My ego is small, my humility is large and my love grows daily, even for you.

I am every thing you despised, for I can be anything I want to be. My ability to be; is only limited by my imagination, and my imagination has a scope; which is beyond your concepts, plans, intentions, will, and wishes for me. My will is stronger than your effort and ability to hamper my progress. Who do I think I am? Is that the question you asked?

I will endeavor to tell you who I am not. I am not a man whose life is Govern by fear, I am not one that will be shook and tossed by external imposition, I am not the person who will wait on someone else to validate my importance and I am not an accomplishment but a work in progress a potential just waiting to be realized. I am not a blueprint of predictability; but I am the embodiment of complex simplicity.”

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let Justice Be Done

Today we are living in a world where the word Justice appear to has lost all significant. Once this word was looked upon with great pride and the seekers of Justice were loved, respected, admired, and well-regarded. Unfortunately; the worlds prospective have since changed, and the changes have altered the way in which the word justice is viewed. Today the word is looked upon with scorn and the seekers of Justice are though of and are labeled as trouble makers.

No matter how corrupt this world may be, there will always be a place for justice and a role for the seekers of Justice. It matters not how you feel about a particular issue; Justice must be allow to flow as free as a mighty rushing river. In every era and for every generation, no matter who you are and your station in life, there will be a time when you will be wronged, at that point you will not only need to see, but you will also want to get that reassurance that your wrong will be made right, and while you wait on such a time, you may get a burning desire, to stand on a mountain top and proclaim with a mighty shout “Let Justice Be Done”

No matter where on the spectrum of life we may find our self, we must always understand that the road to justice is not an easy one; the road to justice is one that is litter with snare, stumbling blocks and pitfalls. That is what makes it so special and enjoyable, when those who have trod the course and endure the pain are awarded the privilege to celebrate when justice is served.

We are now living in a world where men will fight tooth and nail “EVEN KILL”; to aid in the miscarriage of Justice. It is always good to remember that no matter how much they fight against justice and try to cause justice not to follow its natural course; we must be encouraged to know, that they who try to aid in the miscarriage of justice, only seeks delay the inevitable, because Justice will have to flow, justice will always flow, Justice can do anything else but to flow like a mighty rushing river.

In service to Humanity
Allan H. F Palmer

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A true Story (lol)

My son-Malique

Take a little time out of your busy schedule; pull up a chair and read the account of this true story, this story actually happened on a beach in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is one of the four short stories that make up a book that is soon to be published. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoy writing and bringing it to you. Although some of you may conclude that my action was not responsible, it has already happened and there is nothing I can do about it now.

I think that larger-than-life Saga that unfolded after Sam Strangeway publish her first front page story about me in the Royal Gazette; the story that sparked the beginning of my troubles, in the Bermuda Police Service and eventually lead to my suspension will be published in this book also. The total sage will be my next big project.

The Obedient Son
Allan H. F Palmer

Michael was Malique’s father. To Malique his daddy meant the world to him, and Michael treated Malique as if he was the world. The father and son loved each other very much. Malique had just celebrated his sixth birthday. The duo love spending quality time with each other. Sometimes the two would disappear for hours. They often went hiking, where together they basked in and experienced the wonders and the beauty of nature. The pair love frequenting the local airport there; there they would look at the ’planes take off and land. The Botanical Garden was also on their list of favorite places to visit. At the botanical garden they would enjoy the beauty of the flowers, roll on the grass, and participate in all the activities children enjoy. There were also the beaches; Malique love the beach. At the beach the father and son pair would frolic for hours, and sometimes they just went into the nearby town where they walked around and observed the activities of the town’s people. They learnt many things and they had fun together.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning; it seemed as if the sun shone brighter than normal. It was a perfect day to go to the beach. Sunday was always a special day for Michael and Malique; it was the day of the week that Malique looked forward to most, with curious anticipation. Sunday was also the day the enthusiastic young man got to spend all day with his father. The two always engaged in lots of fun activities. Malique was sure that his dad had some wonderful adventure planed for the day. After breakfast Malique noticed that his daddy was cleaning the car. The energetic child decided to join his father in the task of preparing the car for the day’s activities. Although Malique was of little use in the task at hand the loving father was happy just to have his son around, even when he got in the way.

“Daddy, what are we going to do today?” asked Malique as he looked at his dad with searching eyes. To the lad it mattered not what activity his father chose; what was important was that he got to be with his dad.

“We will be going to the beach,” his father replied.

Immediately a twinkle of excitement appeared in Malique’s eyes. He ran into the house and to his mother, and with a blaze of enthusiasm he shouted, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Daddy is going to take me to the beach, can you help me get ready?” His mother was only too happy to help her dear son get ready for his adventure.

With all the commotion the young boy was making you would have thought that the beach was the most wonderful place in the entire world. The beach was two miles away.

Indian Bay was a small white-sand beach; it was just about 250 meters long. There was not much room for playing, for there was a retaining wall one-meter high with a one-and-a-half meters security wire fence erected at the top of the wall. This structure was designed to keep picnickers off the private property that bordered the beach. About 20 meters from the shore there were two small islands that acted as a shelter for the beach. Immediately in front of the beach was the smaller of the two islands; this island had a few trees growing on it and there was also a humongous white cross erected in its center. Hence the name Cross Island. Cross Island rose about five meters above the level of the sea. This Island acted as a little challenge for people who had just learned how to swim; to swim to and from Cross Island was quite an accomplishment.

On the north of Cross Island were the second and the larger of the two Islands. This island was called High Rock. High Rock was about 40 meters from the shore. It was a very large, barren, and dense volcanic rock that had many ridges and cracks. High Rock stood about thirty meters above the level of the sea. To swim and climb to the top of High Rock was an experience, but the challenge was to jump and plummet into a free-fall landing into the deep blue sea that spread out like a carpet below.

Finally it was time to leave for the beach. The duo got into the car and off they went. The beach was half an hour away. Michael was as excited as his son. He anticipated having tons of fun at the beach with his son. It was Michael’s plan to start Malique’s swimming lessons when they got to the beach.

At the beach the father and son team had tons of fun; they frolicked and swam, they built sand castles or what they called sand castles, which was washed away by the wave that regularly bathe the shore and in whose part they were errected. Malique had his swimming lesson. All of the activities wore out the young child; he was tired. Malique’s daddy saw an opportunity to go for a little swim on his own.

Malique was sitting on a stone; he was exhausted but excitement still gleamed from his eyes. Michael walked up too and spoke to the tired child.

“Malique,” he said, “I am going for a swim. I want you to sit on this rock. I don’t want you to move, no matter what happens. Do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy,” the shivering child said.

Michael knew that Malique could not swim, and if he ventured into the water unsupervised he could drown. That would be a tragedy. The death of a child is one tragedy no loving parent would like to have in his or her family. Michael had to make sure that his son understood him before he ventured out for his swim.

Malique sat on the stone and watched as his father swam back and forth. Malique wanted to join his dad in the water but he was too tired to join in the fun. Michael swam to Cross Island and back, and Malique made no attempt to leave his very comfortable seat on the rock.

All appeared well. Michael decided to take a swim out to the High Rock and climb to the top of the rock. He jumped from the top of the rock into the clear blue water below. He did this several times. This activity was very exhausting. Finally Michael Malique’s dad climbed to the top of High Rock and took a seat to rest. From his position on the top of the island Michael had a clear view of his son sitting comfortably and undisturbed on the stone. Malique could also see his daddy from his seat. Malique hoped for the day when he could join his father on the top of High Rock.

While on the top of the High Rock, Michael noticed that something strange was happening on the beach. He noticed that everyone was running to and fro, but eventually everyone ran into the water. Screams could be heard coming from the beach; Michael searched the beach with worried eyes and as wondered what could be happening. The concerned father’s heart pounded with fear; he feared for the safety of his beloved son. Michael knew there was danger on the beach but he was unaware of what the danger was.

Michael looked at his son and noticed him still sitting on the rock looking in the direction of the people as they ran and screamed. Michael was tempted to jump off of the large rock, but he still did not know what the danger was. It would have taken Michael about three minutes at the least to get to his son. To Michael the swim seemed as if it would last an eternity.

Just then Michael saw a large vicious-looking rottweiler running along the beach. Now the powerful, angry and ferocious bark of the dog could be heard, and there was a man running frantically behind the dog with an unattached leash in his hand. Now, there were only two people on the shore: they were the man with the leash in his hand and Malique. Michael saw the dog ran toward the helpless little boy. As a result Michael felt a large lump in his throat, that made him feel as it he was suffocating. Micheal was not suffocating but he was petrified by the thought of what could probable happen.

The helpless father's heart pounded harder and faster than ever before. Although no harm has come to the child as yet; he blamed himself for anything that might happen to his defenseless son. He was helpless and a sense of hopelessness overtook him. If he was there, using his bare hands Malique’s dad would have ripped that vicious dog to shreds to protect his son, but there was nothing that he could do from where he was. There was nothing Malique could do, there was nowhere for the frightened child to run. If he ran into the sea he would drown, since he could not swim, and if he followed the last instruction his father had given him he would be mauled by the vicious dog. It was a hopeless situation. Malique’s dad knew that rottweiler and children were not a good combination, as this breed of dog is known to be very aggressive toward children.

Just then Malique’s dad said, “Lord Jesus, you are the only one who can protect my son. Please keep him safe.” Malique’s dad never once took his eyes off the events that were unfolding on the beach, even when he uttered the prayer for his son’s protection.

The vicious dog ran faster and faster toward the child and as he got closer to the unattended child, who was still sitting on the rock, the frightening growl of the angry dog could be heard. The people in the sea watched with horror as the ferocious dog approached the helpless child. When the fierce dog got close enough to launch an attack, he stopped, looked at the child, smelt him, then turned away and went toward the sea and continued to bark at the people in the sea.

Malique’s dad breathed a sigh of relief and dived from the top of High Rock with his Outstretched and pointing down at the sea. The anxious father hands made contact with the sea water first, then his head, shoulder then his whole body was swiftly submerged into the deep blue see. Micheal hurriedly swam to the shore, dispensing every bit of energy he had in the effort. When the anxious Father got to the shore the dog had already been put back on his leash and was removed from the beach. The thankful father ran to his son, who was still sitting on the rock as if nothing had happened.

“Are you Okay, Malique?” the nervous father was trying his best to reflect the level calm his brave and obedient son now exhibited

“Yes daddy,” the child answered, with a sense of calm in his voice that was seen on his face and that which his demeanor now reflected.

“Were you afraid of the dog?” Michael calmly asked.

“Yes daddy” Malique replied.

“Why didn’t you run like every one else?” the father asked, anxious to hear his son’s answer.

From the way Malique looked at his father, you could have tell the lad was puzzeled by the question “Daddy, you told me not to move from here no matter what happened,” the lad replied with a naïve childish innocence.

Michael held his obedient son close to his heart and squeezed him. Under his breath he said thank you Jesus. He knew that the dog had been redirected from his son by the mighty hand Jesus.