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Thursday, February 21, 2008

God is Good गो इस गूढ़

I know that recent posting on my blog have made me public enemy number (#1) one with certain member of the Bermuda Police Service. My recent unjustified suspension is evidence of that. To date I am at a lost as to why I am suspended from official duties from the Bermuda Police Service. I must ask the question what purpose does this serve.

Let’s take a moment to examine the unjust practices that presently exist, in the Bermuda Police Service. I am not a criminal and I did not commit a crime. I cannot be accused of anything negative other than working hard to provide a professional service to the people of Bermuda, (which only impacted on my health) being the kind of man that is capable of standing on his own two feet, one who is not afraid to display his professionalism, honesty and high ethics; and for being a man in an adult institution. For these reason I was suspended. Well may be the good lord knew that I needed some rest.

But look at the practice of the Bermuda Police Service and see the prejudicial practices that is currently exist in this institution. I have not or did not commit a crime; I just took the appropriate defensive action, by posting information exposing the plans that have been put in place, not for my good but for my downfall.

I have got to be careful after the members of the Bermuda Police Service had took the time to put together a master plan (entrapment) to try and get me to violate certain forbidden principles of the Service. But God is good. My honesty sent those who are plotting my dewfall back to the drawing board.

Now we have two cases of member of the Bermuda Police Service who after they were investigated, the investigators found that there was enough evidence to prove that they may have committed an offence and they should stand trial for the violations. There was Glen Kellman who was arrested and charged for Grievous Bodily Harm, although Kellman was acting in self defense. However he was charged and prosecuted yet he was never suspended.

There was also Dennis Archer, who was also investigated, charged, prosecuted and found guilty for inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm on a female. Yet Mr. Archer was never suspended. He was made to work up until the day he was pronounce guilty by the magistrate. That is a perfect example of justice for you.

Under twenty four hours Surveillance

Now it lead me to wonder if the Bermuda Police Service have their priorities in order. Of all of the crimes, that are being committed, and all of the crimes that are unsolved, the amount of drugs on the streets, why are they dedicating this amount of human and other resources to have me Allan H. F Palmer under twenty four hours surveillance. This attention makes me feel as almost important as the Primer the Hon. Dr. Browne. Not that I do not deserve it. Listen people I not a threat to the national Security of Bermuda, I do not have any plans to kill anyone, and I am a clean honest God fearing man. Instead of wasting all of the human and other resources on me by redeploying officers to followed me and watch my every move, put it to the protection of the community.

Here are the activities I am engaged in when I leave my home।

  1. I am either going to Church
  2. the supermarket
  3. to spend time with one of my two little brothers (from the Big brother Big sister program)
  4. Going to visit my elderly widowed friend Mrs। Stowe, who very often needs my help to go to the doctor, take her to the Supermarket or doing something around her house.
  5. Visiting my senior citizen friends Hilton and Mrs। Davis
  6. Visiting my friend Mr। and Mrs. Shillingford (Ex police officer)
  7. Visiting Dr। and Mr. Bascombe-Adams.
  8. or If I have a lawful appointment

Now that you have a list of place I visit you can now rededicate your time and resources tothe protection of the people of Bermuda, it is not that I may not need protecting also. Every one that lives, resides, or visits this wonderful island and its beautiful people need the protection of the Bermuda Police Service. Could it be that this is just another big plan to entrap me again? Although I must say it have been fun playing cat and mouse with the boys. They are so easy get away from. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

Allan Palmer

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