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Monday, June 28, 2010

Culture From Around the Worls Part 5. Live Forever: Life After Death Ancient Egyprian Desire to Live

What is culture? Culture is the way of life of a people and it includes all of the habits, rituals, celebration, and rights. It also includes the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the method and means of preparing such and their reason for doing what they do; in other words culture include the entire way of life of the people. An understanding of ones culture and the culture of another aids to make us cultured, which is: it shapes our attitudes, behaviors and beliefs; it also affords us characteristic that positively aids and impacts our social and general conduct. So in my effort to contribute to and transform my friend in Bermuda into even more cultured citizens I will take the time to share with you exhibits as is displayed at the Brooklyn Museum. I hope you will share in my experience and quest to be even more cultured.

Egyptian Coffin resting place of the rich

                                            Stone Engraved Egyptian Figures in Stone

 Coffin that housed a female Egyptian

 Engraving of Relief of Khamwasemen and his wife seated at the table of offerings with standing Priest dated
1292-1190 BC

Block Statue of Padimahes 680-540 BC

Black Statue of an Egyptian High Official

 Same as below
Mummy Portrait of Demetris 305 BC

Mummy Dog (Canine) 3054 BC

Canopie Jar of a Jackal, Hawk, Human & Baboon

 Mummified Figure of Osiris 664-332 CE

Seated Statue of Superintendent of the Granary Irukaptah. From Saggara Egypt Dated: 2425-2350

Fragment of an inscribed door lintel. Dated 1292-1190 BC

Monday, June 14, 2010

Katrina Lanay "Trins" Flood: Please Rest in Peace and May your Children be Blessed

While perusing the Royal Gazette today, I came across a story that was captioned: Woman becomes Island seventh road death. It was saddening to learn that it was my dear friend Katrina Layna "Trins" Flood who met such a sad, sudden and tragic death. Unfortunately; she die on the 12th June, 2010, while recovering at the KEMH from injuries sustained from an accident she had seven days earlier.

I got to know Katrina Flood, who was only twenty eight years old when she die; through a police related incident. Although I knew Katrina was not driving the car that committed the traffic violation, for which she was ticketed; she choose to take the rap for her friend who was driving the said vehicle without a driver license. Unfortunately there was nothing we could have done to prove the contrary. But that is the type of person I have come to know Trins to be; one who will go the extra mile for her friends.

From my interaction with Katrina while dealing with the Traffic Violation, I dubbed her the respectful rebel. For although Katrina resisted out counsel and the ticket which was given to her, she did so with respect and with humor; it was because of this experience that I was forced to admire her and as a result; I quickly became friends with Katrina and her traffic violating complies.

Although Trins and I was not best buddy, we had a common bound and a mutual understanding; which was base on respect for each other. I have had many conversations with Katrina and at times she will seek me out, for my opinion on different matters. As my custom is, I will be frank and honest with her, not telling her what to do but guiding her into making the correct decisions. Like each of us, Katrina Flood was not perfect; she was a down to earth person, who was straightforward in expressing her thoughts and she was good by nature. She was very knowledgeable about the Bermuda under world and its activities.

Katrina’s childhood experience of losing a mother at a very tender age, which went untreated, left her traumatized. The psychological trauma that she had to bore, at times got the better of her and was responsible for her early rebellion. I can associate with Trins, for like her, I was the baby of the family and I also lost my mother at the tender age of seven years old, to death.

The last time I saw Katrina, who always find pleasure in heckling me about something or sharing a laugh with me was in August 2008, (Just before I left Bermuda). She was working at the Market Place Mini Mart in the City of Hamilton. By this time Katrina would have surpass her detractors prediction for the length of time she would have hold onto the job at Market Place, to the point where she was training new cashiers, and supervising the other girls on the cash line. This accomplishment made me proud of Trins and I did not hesitate to let her know how proud I was of her achievements. I will challenge her to continue to do what she was doing and encourage her to aspire to bigger things. I had no doubt as to Katrina's ability to achieve anything she wanted too, for she was intelligent and street wise.

Although my mother prepared me for her death the emotional trauma was tremendous. I do not know what preparation Katrina’s mother made to cushion her children from the psychological impact of her death but as I have experienced there is no preparation that can adequately prepare a child of tender age for the death of his or her mother.

Because of Katrina’s sudden and tragic death, I am forced to conclude that she may not have prepared her children for her death. The foregone conclusions give raise new concerns, about Katrina’s kids. Now I am very concerned about Katrina’s children, for it is very possible that they may not get the type of psychological care and love that is needed to help them to cushion the impact of losing a mother at such a young age. There are no substitute for a mother’s love, but continuous love, care, and positive vocal and touch re-enforcement can surely go a long way to help children in such situation that Katrina’s children are, to have a successful journey on the road of normalcy.

To the sisters of Katrina whom I know very well and the other members of the family please accept my deepest sympathy. I am requesting that you do what you can to let Katrina Lanay “Trin” Flood children be a living positive memory of who their mother was and what she was surely aspiring to becoming.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Musical Delight: The Best Classical Music Has To Offer

Etri Andjaparidze captivating her audiance
On Sunday 9th May 2010, I attended the last in the series of classical concerts that was hosted by the Brooklyn Public Library. These performances were held in the newly refurbished: Dr. Durick Auditorium, which is located in the lower level of the building that houses the Brooklyn Public library.

For quiet a while now, I have been thrilled by the best classically trained and renown classical artist on this side of the world. These are people who make their living by touring the world and filling halls with music lovers of all ages, social status and gender.

I have been knocked off of my seat, and drenched with and by some of the best rendition of the classic, I have ever heard and Sunday’s performances were no difference. We were treated to the skills of young yet seasoned artist on the piano.
Kristijan Civlijak
We were thrilled by such musical virtuosos like Yugoslavian: Kristijan Civlijak who received his first piano instruction at the age of six from her older sister and has been performing ever since. Kristijan is currently pursuing his doctorial studies.

Irina Nuzova
Irina Nuzova who have toured and preformed in Canada, Brazil, Italy, Russia and the United States have won many noted competitive awards for her keen piano skills. This Moscow born talent has proven that playing the piano is like riding a bike or easier; at lease, it is for her.
Dror Baitel

There was the display of talent by the Young Israeli Pianist: Dror Baitel; who produced an award winning performance after returning to the music scene having completing his obligation to his country by serving in the Israeli arm forces, as all patriotic Israeli are expected and are obligated to do.
Di Yi Tang

Mr. Di Yi Tang a native of Hong Kong, is a young pianist who is building a reputation in the USA, which he has already built in Asia and Europe. Tang has many years ahead of him and he is expected to grow into one of the world’s elite musician.

Sayaka Tanikawa

Sayaka Tanikawa whose competitive reputation has preceded her has twenty first price and top award in international piano competitive. Her focus and enthusiasm for her craft is evident and can be seen in her performance. This young oriental represents the future of musical excellence.
Etri Andjaparidze

Then like a gentle breeze Etri Andjaparidze swept onto the stage with a humble confidence that was unlike a person that possesses her musical mastery. It was the kind of quality that we have come to expected from a true master. This artistic legend clearly demonstrated that she was at variance with the piano; for she wanted more than the humble instrument was unwilling to give; however, she got just what she wanted from the instrument. Like the piano connoisseur that she is, she squeezed that instrument for all it could give and then more. At the end of the second number, she magically causes the audience to stand to their feet and in overwhelming appreciation applaud with vigor. Like me the other members of the audience wanted more but were to ashamed to put the consummate professional through that emotional affair she had with the instrument.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Creative Kidz Summer Camp: A Doreen James Production

Doreen James nee Williams
She is considered to be an extremely talented woman as well as, a person who is overwhelmed with creativity. This summer, the summer of 2010, the children of Bermuda will be treated to the opportunity to participate in a summer program that has at its core values, wise choices, reuse and recycle.

The person, of whom I speak, is no other than, Mrs. Doreen James nee Williams: the proprietor of Alpha Funeral Home. Although all of Bermuda may not be aware of how talented Williams-James really is; it is no secret to the children, members and friends of the St. Georges Seventh Day Adventist Church that Doreen the mother of two possesses the drive, the skills and the creativity to teach and organize exciting children events. For each week Doreen is given the privilege of conducting program for the children that attend the St. Georges SDA Church.

Doreen; the reluctant perfectionist, goes beyond what is expected of her, to ensure that the children under her supervision are well taken care of, she often use props and creativity to ensure the desired lessons are learned and her production are always of a very high standard.

Doreen, who is believed to have the most hats in Bermuda, is also a very adventurous woman. Although she had the physical and facial qualities of a beauty queen; the mother in her and her adventurous side, have blessed her with the quality that can be considered: sophisticated simplicity, which can be appreciated by those she comes into contact with especially her children. For when this mother is out with her two children, she can be found fishing, climbing and doing all the things children love to do.

This Summer Mrs. James have decided to push her creativity a step further by present a summer program base on reuse and recycle; which is titled Creative Kidz Recycling Summer Camp. Doreen is of the opinion that we are destroying mother Earth with our bad habits. Habits which have seen more waste being generated per person than any time in history. Mr. Doreen James said, the unfortunate thing about this is, the garbage that is generated by us are not properly disposed of and very often becomes an unsightly mess that ends up in the sea, on our beaches and at the side of the road and in our places of recreation.

I know I cannot save the world but if I can teach just one child the effects and the consequence of such action and have that child understand the message enough, so that he or she can teach someone else what they have learn, then there is hope.`

The participants in the Creative Kids Summer Camp which should get on the way on Monday, June 7th 2010, will learn  about reusing things that will otherwise be thrown into the garbage, how to make useful and needed items from such unwanted products, learn how our actions are destroying the earth and go on field trip and much, much more. This camp is expected to be lots of fun for the participants and the valuable lessons they are expected to learn will benefit Bermuda for decades to come.