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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: "The King of Pop" Is No More

By now, the entire world had heard the sad news, the legend that was the King of Pop: Michael Jackson is no more; Michael who made a name for himself in the world of entrainment and who was considered the best performer ever, is now dead. But what made Michael Jackson such a big successful as a performer was his work ethics, his desire to be love and his perfectionist character.

Michael began as the lead singer of the first ever boy band: the Jackson Five, he was only five years when he began and he topped the charts at age eleven. The band was consisted of his four older siblings. Unfortunately none of his talented siblings that was apart of the boy band ever achieved the recognition or acclaim they had a group but Michael rocketed to mega-stardom.

Michael’s solo career began in 1972 with his first hit: Ben, which was followed by his first solo album “Off the Wall.” But he hit his peek as a performer in 1982, when he dethrone the legendary recording artist and performer Barry Manilow as the highest selling artist of all times, when he sold 27 million copies of the albums Thriller which owned him seven Grammy awards. Michael Jackson’s Thriller sold 16 Million more albums than Barry Manilow brst seller who held that record for quite a while.

The Thriller sensation revolutionized pop music in many ways. The Thriller album represented the marrying of many genre of music. Michael also revolutionized the way in which music were marketed; in that, he produced some of the most amazing, eye catching music videos which is considered cinematic work of art. These cinematic master pieces showcased his tremendous dance style and ability. Then came the albums: bad, dangerous and invincible unfortunately none of his later albums were as successful as Thriller.

Michael Jackson was not without his trouble, in 1993 and in 2004 there were allegations and child molestation charges brought against the music icon. One of which he settled out of court on the advise of his counsel, publicist and other advisors. However he pleased not guilty to the second allegation, which he fought, and was acquitted of in a court of law by a jury of his peers.

Although we may never know the truth about the allegations that was brought against Michael Jackson; I personally never believed they were true. I am of the opinion that Michael was a victim of imposed greed, a phenomenon that is widely spread today.

As a result of all of the nasty things that were said about this extraordinary and talented man, I wrote two articles in his defense, articles which were published in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines news papers; it was around this time that I penned this song.

Some say that I’m pathetic; some say I’m just a fool,
Some say that I’m eccentric, how could they be so cruel?
For all my faults and differences are what made me who I am.
I give you all the love I had, I though you will understand.

Cor. I give you my love; my all, I give the best I can.
........I give you my heart, my soul; I thought you’ll understand;
........With a broken heart, I give my love to you,
........With a broken heart I give my love to you.

You said, that I am troubled; you called me nasty names,
The lies you told about me, caused me agony and pain,
You forgot that I’m not perfect; I’ve got feeling just like you
Although you think I’m special, I hurt the way you do.

It is with a heavy heart that I take this opportunity to extend to Michael’s family, friends, and the entire world community my deepest sympathy. But most of all it is my hope that Michael’s was prepare to meet Jehovah.