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Monday, March 08, 2010

A Conspiricy to Charge Allan Palmer, For Conspiring to Murdering Ralph E. Gonsalves: The Prime Minister OF St. Vincent

It was brought out that whilst I was in Bermuda, I suffered at the hands of two of my country men: Commissioner of Police George Jackson and Superintendent of Police Randolph Liverpool. I suffered at their hands because of my campaign to have Ralph E. Gonsalves arrested and charged for the allegation of Rape and Sexual Assault of one of my ex-female colleague: a female Constable from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and later the allegation brought by a young Vincentian human rights lawyer who resides in Canada; both of whom will continue to remain nameless for obvious reasons.

But there were some interesting behind the scenes activities that occurred by some of the new Vincentian arrivals to Bermuda that may shock you to your core. But common sense and wisdom will always prevail.

Each time it was made public that Ralph Gonsalves had a death threat against his life, a particular Vincentian police officer who is policing in Bermuda will come to my apartment outfitted with recording equipment all in an effort to try to entrap me, either confessing to or making threats against Ralph Gonsalves’ life or to reveal to him anything that could incriminating me.

You may ask yourself or attempt to ask me, why my fellow country man will do such a thing.

Firstly the police authority did not have any case against me, that were not a direct violation of my human and constitution right and the fact that my campaign against Ralph Gonsalves did not stop despite threats from George Jackson the Commissioner of Police action that will be taken against me if I do not desist from calling into the radio programs (New Times or Lynch) and writing in the News paper in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I informed George Jackson in the presence of Now Assistance Commissioner of Police Jackman; that he cannot instruct me not to participate in the affairs of my country.

How Far will Ralph Gonsalves and his criminal Friends were willing to go:

In Bermuda there is a Conspiracy charge that is widely used; it does not take much to prove that you have conspired to commit a criminal offence. If you noticed that there were always vague reports of threats made against Ralph Gonsalves, yet there were never specific information associated with the threats. Were the threats made via telephone email or threats made via the postal system? If you noticed the information never mentioned the true source of the threats.

In this technologically advance world a phone call made from a barred telephone be it domestic or cellular phone can be easily tracked and the same with an email communication. Although it may be harder to trace communication that was made via the postal service system, they can be tracked to a specific location and knowledge of that location can be narrowed down the search.

Threat made via the telecommunication system or email can be easily detected. If the powers that be receive a threat against a head of state or head of Government, if the authorities have reason to take such threats seriously, then the source of the threats can be easily detected. However it is not so easy to detect the sender a threat laced mails when such was sent via the postal service system. We have examples of the trouble P John found himself in trouble some years ago when he under the shadow of anonymity circulated a damaging document via the internet. He was discovered and made to apologize forth with in order to avoid a lawsuit.

Now these threats against Ralph Gonsalves’ life as was released to the press was just a part of the well laid plans that were coordinated to try to entrap and charge for conspiracy to commit murder; the victim being the Prime Minister of St. Vincent: Ralph Gonsalves.

Could you imagine how this would have affected me if I was so charged and convicted of conspiracy to committing the murder of a head of government? But Jehovah is good and has been good to me.

This plot failed, in the same way the plot the Bermuda Police Authority also arranged for my downfall failed, when they use the beautiful young lady, (whom they thought I was in love with) to pressure me into giving her basic information about herself from the police system. I love women, but I know where to draw the line.