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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The B.P.S, The Government of Bermuda, The Hamilton Police Station and the Issue of Mold

For many years, the working condition of the men and women who leave their country and journeyed to Bermuda to work as police officers were ignored but all; and for many decades the protectors of the Bermudian community were forced to execute their duties under working conditions and in buildings that were way below that which were expected from an underdeveloped country.

There are reports that a large number of retired police officers who were forced to exist and function in these edifices suddenly became very sick with all manner of terminal illnesses after leaving Bermuda. Today even after there were an unprecedented number of Healthy young man and women who after working in these same building suddenly became ill, some of whom die; yet no one cared enough to look into the plight of these silent suffers.

It was not until an article appeared on the Crushing Fools Blog on Wednesday 23rd July 2008 title “Which has the greater value Money or Life and Good Health” By Allan H.F Palmer, that heads began to hang in shame and embarrassment. The article revealed some staggering facts and statistics that terrify even the heartless. It was only then that the people in authority started showing some sign of consciousness and as was to be expected they went into their well Choreograph dance of brainlessness; as they claimed that no one knew that the conditions were that serious.

Three days later on 26th July 2008 the same article was published by the Caribbean Net News exposing to the Diaspora the filthy and deplorable conditions their sons and daughters were forced to exist and functioned under in the name of the almighty dollar.

On the 28th July 2008 a well written letter was published by the Caribbean Net News under the caption Mold in Bermuda Police Station. This letter was penned by Susan Brinchman who after reading my article was moved with compassion for the men and women who are and were suffering. Then this problem got further recognition when the Mid-Ocean News of Bermuda ran a front page story bringing to the front some very important concerns of the men in shorts (Bermuda Shorts is the official summer attire for the BPS).

Unfortunately The Bermuda Police Association have not seen it fit to address this very important life and death matter as yet. I hope that the Government of Bermuda decision to have cabinet review their stance on their Judicial Review, (their Civil protest to the decision arrived at in arbitration) has not placed a psychological mussel on the Bermuda Police Association. If this is the case, then I will have to conclude that money is indeed more important than Life and Good Health and our suffering was for nothing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Which has the greater Value Money or Life & Good Health

When I saw my colleagues, the members of the Bermuda Police Service put down their batons and took to the street of the City of Hamilton in a public demonstration by marching in protest against what the Bermuda Police Association (B.P.A) considered as acts of blatant disrespect that was exhibited to its members by the government of Bermuda, I smiled with fascinated amusement.

There is no doubt, the protest action which was organized and executed by the Bermuda Police Association was in deed a historic occasion; in that; it was the first time (according to my research) in the history of the Bermuda, that the police have ever; publicly and knowingly participated in a protest demonstration of any type.

What was unfortunate however, was that fact that it took money to inspire the Bermuda Police Association management committee to motivate its members to take to the street in a sign of defiance to the government’s action. However this only occurred after the Government of Bermuda failed to comply with the outcome of the arbitration which both parties entered into with good faith. This act of paramilitary defiance; came after the government opts not to honor the outcome of the arbitration, but instead, seek leave form the Supreme Court to prepare a Judicial Review which is aimed at overturning the decision which was arrived at during arbitration.

While the Bermuda Police Association exhausts its energies and other resources to ensure its members are well compensated, they ignore an issue of astronomical proportion. This crisis has been affecting and will continue to affect the members of Bermuda Police Association and it is an issue of life and or death for the B.P.A members.

According to the executive summary of the May 2003 study which was conducted by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constables (H.M.I.C) Mr. David Blakey, which states in paragraph 12 “Whilst officers have been given quite a range of safety equipment for use on patrol, they are less safe in the building that they work in, some of which are in contravention of the Health and Safety Code. H.M.C.I personal observation revealed not only was the building unsuitable and unsafe to work in and to take prisoners to, they were also in stark contrast to other government buildings in Bermuda.”

In recommendation 9, H.M.I.C recommended that the government of Bermuda examine its capital work projects to see if they can allocate funds to refurbish and or rebuild the police premises. H.M.I.C saw this issue as a serious problem that needed urgent attention to ensure the safety and welfare of all police, prisoners, and members of the public who visits and work in police premises.

The foresight and insight of H.M.I.C was tremendous. I am convinced that outgoing governor His Excellency Sir, John Vereka and out going Commissioner of Police Jonathan Smith knew of the reputation and trust the judgment of H.M.I.C hence the reason they commissioned H.M.I.C to conduct this study. Yet no one paid attention to the findings of in Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constable study.

I also managed to access a November 2006, air quality assessment study that was conducted by Bermuda Water Consultant ltd. (B.W.C) on the Hamilton Police Station. The revelation that is contained in this study is terrifying.

This study revealed that the ground floor of the Hamilton Police Station has a concentration of Mould and mould spores that is in excess of 29 times of the acceptable level. What was unfortunate however, is the fact that the report did not show the specific findings of the test that was conducted on the forth floor of the Hamilton Police Station in November 2006. This part of the Hamilton Police Station is where the Criminal Investigation Department is housed; it is believed, that this section of the building has the highest concentration of mold and mould spores than any other section in the entire building, so much so that the concentration of mould and their spores in this area, adversely affect the air quality to the extent that the air is tainted in that it transforms the air quality to a musty odor that permeate throughout entire vicinity.

According to the report there are seven different species of mould that inhabits the Hamilton Police Station which includes:
The Aspergillus is considered to be the most potent of the group; this mold produces among others, a toxin that is called Ochratoxin A, which is a key element in Kidney failure. This mold is also responsible for causing invasive and chronic pulmonary Asporgillosis which can lead to sudden and unexplained (if you do not know what to look for) death if allow to go undiagnosed.
a. Basidiospores
b. Ascospores
c. sercospora
d. caldosportum
e. curvularia
f. Smuits / Myxomycetes / periconia

Unfortunately there is not enough scientific study done on, or that is available to me on the other molds that will allow me to justify or match some of the other symptoms I have been hearing of.

I am therefore seeking answer for the following questions.

1. Could it be that the unexplained and sudden death of Timothy Herbert, Paul Marsden and Andrew Wooldridge (all healthy men, Marsden and Wooldridge were avid sports men) were as a results of a build up of toxin in their bodies which was resulted from prolong exposure to the mould infested police environment?

2. Could it be, that the sudden and unexplained diagnosis of severe kidney failure that was discovered in Emerson Donald, (who the medical professional predicted will have to be on dialysis in the next few years) was resulted from the prolong or periodic (some people has a disposition to become vulnerable to a toxin) exposure to mold and mold spores infested environment?

3. After all, when Donald complaint of becoming of ill when he was in certain police building; but found relief when he was out of those environment, it was recommended that Donald be evaluated for psychiatric abnormalities.

4. Could it be, that PC Donald body was giving him early warnings of an environment that was unhealthy for him; unfortunately no one took Donald seriously, not even the medical professional took this young husband seriously?

5. Could it be that the sudden diagnosis of Kidney failure in PC Julie is as a results prolong exposure to the mold infested environment (after all she worked at the Hamilton for quite a while) where she assigned?

6. What could have cause, the unexplained and sudden illness of my West Indian colleagues who had gone through a battery of medical testes just a few months earlier and was given a clean bill of health by his family medical practitioner and by the police doctor after a thorough review of his medical records to ensure that this young man was fit to come to Bermuda? Could it be his life threatening illness was as a result of a prolong exposure to a mold and mold spores environment?

7. Could it be, that the unexplained and prolong illness of PCs Raynor, Nurse and Smith, be as a results of the prolong exposure to the same unhealthy environment?

8. Could it also be, that the sudden and unexplained diagnosis of blood clod in both lungs of Wayne, be as a direct result of prolong exposure to the same unhealthy condition that all the others were and are exposed to? Although this could also be as a result of deep vain thrombosis; which I doubt.

For those of you who know PC Wayne as I do, PC Wayne is a fitness freak (jokingly speaking). However putting jokes aside, PC Wayne took his health seriously, he worked-out on a regular basis and he is careful with what he eat. After visiting with PC Wayne (who was thankful for being alive) he explained the whole unfortunate episode to me, which included the symptoms he was experiencing. P C Wayne’s symptoms were consistent to the symptoms that are associated with “Invasive and Chronic Pulmonary Asporgillosis” which are: slight fever, chest pain, coughing, tiredness and the excretion of mucus mixed with blood. Very often an excretion of mucus mixed with blood is a sign that there is blood present in the lungs; and anywhere in the body there is a presence of blood there can be clotting.

9. Could it also be that the unexplained diagnosis of PC Yard’s aneurysm, the unexplained and sudden heart attack of PC Ryan and the many more personnel who are suffering from unexplained medical complication was and is as a result of prolong and or periodic exposure to the unhealthy concentration of mould and mold spores infested environment the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service requires that all police officers work in?

10. Could it be that the two occasions when Allan Palmer experienced the sudden inability to breathe during circuit training one severest bout that occurred while running the BPS training school steps (this was witnessed by Peter Clark who expressed concern) was also as a result of working for almost three years in contaminated environment?

11. Why did the B.W.C technicians felt the need to conduct follow up study on the 14th December 2006 on the 4th floor which houses the CID offices?

12. Why the B.W.C technician didn’t see the need to conduct follow up tests on the other floors and areas of the Hamilton Police Station.

13. Was there a post mortem done on Paul Marsden, Andrew Wooldridge and Timothy Herbert?

14. Did the pathologist order toxicology reports for these men?

A. If no, why not?

B. if yes, what was the results of that report?

C. was the total findings handed over to the family of these men?

D. can the B.P.A access these reports?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the report that was made available to the public was an altered copy; for one thing, the pages are not numbered.

15. This lead me to ask the powers that be this question, why didn’t you see it fit to give public access to the finding of the study, which was conducted on the 7th of November 2006 on the 4th floor of the Hamilton Police Station which is located at 42 Parliament Street, Pembroke and which houses the Criminal Investigation Department?

Why there were no test done on the other old (dilapidated) buildings that the Bermuda Police Service occupies?

Carl Neblett, I implore you to leave the fighting of the Government to your lawyers, there are more pressing and urgent matters for you and your association to be addressing, matters that needs your attention forthwith. These are far too many unanswered questions. I am recommending that you get in touched with each person whose name is mentioned in this article, including PC Emerson Donald, his lawyers Wakefield-Quin and Jack Thrasher, PhD (toxicologist). It is in the best interest off all involved that the members of the Bermuda Police Association is alive and in good Health to enjoy the hefty 7% retroactive back pay that is coming to them and the increase in salaries.

It is very important that you move quickly before the Government demolishes the building or the on going renovations completely rectifies the problem thus eliminating all possibility of ever recovering the evidence that can strengthen any case you and your B.P.A will be bringing on behalf of your members.

This study was ordered by the office of the commissioner of police, so it is fair to conclude that The Commissioner of Police knew of the findings of this report. It will also be fair to say that base on the potentially lethal finding of the study; the commissioner of police has an obligation to report his finding to the governor and to the government of Bermuda. if this is true why is it that the Commissioner of Police and the Government of Bermuda still have the members of the Bermuda Police Service still working in the death trap that is the Hamilton Police Station.

It is important to note that if any person dies as a result of complication cause by working in such environment then all involved should be charged for Acceleration of Death under section 282 of the criminal code.

282 A person who does any act or makes any omission which hastens the death of another person who, when the act is done or the omission is made, is laboring under some disorder, injury or disease arising from another cause; is deemed to have killed that other person.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the family of Paul Marsden, Timothy Herbert and Andrew Wooldridge has a wrongful death civil or a similar case against the Bermuda Police Service and the Government of Bermuda.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Change has Come Change Will Come

Is it true? are they for real? Is it true that certain people are planning to make an example of Allan H.F Palmer? Is it true that the plot is brewing in the secret corner of the authorities? The question that no one has an answer for is, how far is Mr. Palmer willing to go and what is he willing to endure? Lock me up, put me in Cuffs, put me in ur cells, and throw away the keys: yet I will not be afraid.

Change has come
Allan H. F Palmer

Walking through the dark “allies” of the pass, their darkness concealing my complexion, Afraid to look up for fear; that the white of my eyes will betray my place of safety Afraid of being discovered; making me vulnerable and a victim of those who fear the things they don’t know, the things they don’t like or the things they don’t understand.

Yesterday we could have, today we did, and tomorrow we must continue to be the people who are free to love each other regardless.

Yeah, and then the son shown through and presented himself as a champion of justice, peace and love, Wiping away the mentality that allow injustice to divides us, prejudice to separate us and intolerance to motivate actions that hurts feelings, minds, and take life. A prejudice that cause suffering of the victims as well as the aggressor.

Yesterday we could have, today we did, and tomorrow we must continue to be the people who are free to love each other regardless.

Then came a better day a day of discovery, a day that illuminated the dark allies of the pass; and there I discovered that it mattered not that we look different, the shades of our skin, the contours of out faces, the shapes of our heads, colors of our eyes and our physical features are not the same,

Change have come, Yesterday we could have, today we did, and tomorrow we must continue to be the people who are free to love each other regardless.

We have come a long way; we have learnt to look beyond our physique and peer into the souls of our brothers and sisters and see the content of the hearts and the quality of each character. Today we walk hands in hands constructing future with bricks of equality and timbers of tolerance, constructing a foundation of love, peace and joy.

Change have come, yesterday we could have but yesterday have long gone and cannot be change, today we did, the efforts of today charts the courses of tomorrow; for tomorrow we must continue to be the people who are free to love each other regardless.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

.The Puppet Master & his String-puppet

The Commissioner of Police George Jackson

Superintendent of Police: Randolph Liverpool

Article as published on the Caribbean Net News on 26th June 2008

Each time an honest man or woman stands up against or lends a voice of objection against wrong or injustice, he or she can expect to be prosecuted for his actions. And anytime an individual stands up against and or lends a voice of objection against Ralph Gonsalves, he or she can expect a particular mode of revenge; which is, he will use his position, his office and or his influence, to victimize that or those individuals.

We have seen this in the unfair and premature dismissal of Mr. Cummings, (ex-manager of the Central Water and Sewage authority who moved that government own corporation from a debt plagued institution to a profitable institution) Major Leacock (the man who also took the indebted Vinlect and turn it into a profitable multimillion dollar government corporation) and the hundreds of New Democratic Party (N.D.P) supporters that were unfairly and prematurely dismissed because of their allegiance to the N.D.P. We have seen the unfair transfer and punishment of staff nurse Janice Lewis for reporting finding of a STD in a mother and a daughter that infected by …….. Let me shut my mouth before one of St. Vincent and Grenadines big bad wolves sues me.

However anytime an honest individual speak in the name of justice and it is against the big bad sorry big dirty wolf and chief victimizer (the one who is responsible for creating victims) then we know there ought going to be repercussion.

When I first heard of the allegations made by the female police officer against the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves and when I heard of Ralph’s efforts to pervert the course of justice, I wrote my first article which was titled “Let Justice be done in St. Vincent. I have been sending this article to the News, news paper, the Search light and the Vincentian for a month before I had the Article published on Caribbean Net News. Up to today’s date (19:06:2008) none of the news paper (who normally gives me a voice) has published that article. Thanks to Caribbean Net News the oasis in a desert of injustice.

However, after my article (Let Justice Be Don in St. Vincent, The Arms of the Law, the Psychological effects of Rape etc.) was published and was read on nice radio, a series of events began to happen to me on my job right here in Bermuda. Yes the Prime Minister’s friend from Georgetown Randy Liverpool Superintendent of Police and his new found friend George Jackson Commissioner of Police launched an all out attract against me.

My cell and home phone was tapped, listening apparatuses was placed in my room, and tracking devises was installed on my car, I was followed twenty four (24) hours a day for three months. There are three police officers who had become the target of the Bermuda Police Service all for different reasons, but I Allan H.F Palmer I became public enemy number one.

Ever since I publicly declared (this declaration was done in the presence of one of my country men) my intention to help the alleged rape victim fight for due process and my fail submission to have my first article published by the news Paper in S.V.G. George Jackson and Randy Liverpool have been trying to proof their allegiance to the Prime Minister by trying to have me fired and they had to make it look legitimate. As a matter of fact they have turned me into a folk hero here in Bermuda, in this case a symbol of strength one that is not afraid.

After the Royal Gazette reporter Sam Strangeway did a front page story of me and my blog, giving me credit for my work on the blog. This angered the comrade’s and his friends. They had to do something to stop this man (Allan H.F Palmer).

So the guys came up with a master plan. They arranged a beautiful girl (whom I was friendly with, also what they offered her I don’t know) to called and request some insignificant information form the police system. Although the information was insignificant I was aware that the Bermuda Police Service has ways and means of cheaply dispensing such information. So I decided to complete the documentation for the young lady and I encouraged the pretty face young lady to use the system as is provided for these purposes.

At 1:30pm that day I was summoned to Commissioner of Police George Jackson’s office for a meeting. And these are the words he said to me. And I quote “You have been embarrassing the Prime Minister and the Government of St. Vincent you must stop it or we are going to take action against you. However I am here to warn you that you will be on suspension pending the outcome of the investigation. Your suspension papers have already been drawn up and you will be served today.” I then asked the reason for my suspension, it was then I was told that I have violated the police confidentiality act. This was so funny that I laugh heartily. Thank God for my trusty micro digital recorded.

Soon after they were informed that I did not fall for the plot, I was excused from the meeting and sent back to my work with a compliment of how good a worker I am. A few weeks later I was suspended on the allegation that I have disobeyed a direct order from the Commissioner of Police, (an alleged order which was given in the meeting I mentioned above) and I have been on suspension for the last 5 months. I was suspended on an allegation that I disobeyed a direct order from the Commissioner of Police; yet their were PC Glen Kellman who was investigated, charged and prosecuted for Grievous Bodily Harm. Their were then PC’s Fox, Miguel, Mitchell, Baghawn, and Telemaque all of whom was investigated, charged and prosecuted for a series of criminal offences, which included Assault Bodily Harm, Attempted to Pervert the Course of Justice etc. There were also PC Dennis Archer who was investigated, charged, prosecuted and convicted for causing Grievous Bodily Harm on his girl friend yet, none of these police officers who stood trial for criminal offences were ever suspended, but were allowed to continue to perform duties in the capacity of a police officer. Yet I was suspended for a simple allegation.

No police officer in any part of the world has an obligation to comply with a direct order from any senior officer if he knows that order is unlawful. This can be found in any police act and it is in the Bermuda Police Service Act 1974.

Can you imagine that after sustaining a broken coccyx bone and having a surgical procedure done on me that I am going through all of this? Yes I am presently on sick leave for two very painful conditions yet I have got to go through this. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer did not bring up any weakling who run and hide his head in shame at the first sign of disappointment. I am from bottom town I have no shame and why should anyone be ashamed for doing what is right. This whole series of event was the catalyst that revived and invigorated me.

I am not writing this article to invoke your sympathy; I may have to walk away from a job, but for me life will go on. But instead I implore you to give your sympathy and empathy to the young police officer who was allegedly striped of her dignity by her beloved leader, give it to the young human rights lawyer who had allegedly suffered the indignity of her body being violated, and give it to the hundreds or probably thousand of underage and other women who were violated sexually and otherwise by those who were put in place to make their lives better. Dr. Gonsalve I may have to walk away from my job and that is quite OK, but just remember that God is so good, he does not ever asleep and I am still his favorite child.

In service to Humanity
Allan H.F Palmer