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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Three More BPS Police Officer Die In 2009.. What Is Responsible For The High Passive Mortality Rate In The Bermuda Police Service?

The newly appointed Commissioner of Police Mike Da Silva

It have been a year and five months, since I brought to the attention of the Bermuda Police Association as well as to the attention of the public (which also got the attention of some international health agency) the unhealthy condition of the many facilities that is occupied by the Bermuda Police Service. These buildings includes and are not limited to the building that house the Hamilton Police Station, which was condemned over three decades ago; all of the buildings at Headquarters Hill, Devonshire, which houses: The Police Recreation Club, Police Administration, Narcotic Department, Intelligence Unit, The Telecommunication Unit, The Police Training School etc. Buildings which were deemed unfit, to be used by their previous occupants, who for obvious reasons had to vacated the buildings that were subsequently condemned. Unfortunately, the Government of Bermuda saw It fit to make these unhealthy, condemned building, the places of daily operation of the Bermuda Police Service.

Yet another year has come and pass and it is business as usual, three more police officers were diagnosed with and die from terminal illnesses yer it is still business as usual. I am speaking of three more officers, who participated in or supported the public demonstration (protest march) for more money, while neglecting the health issues that have been affecting and affected hundreds of their colleagues; yet they did not live long enough to enjoy the money they choose over their health. When you consider the whole scenario, it is such a sad occurrence, that could have been avoided with a little foresight and a little innovative thinking.

Carl Nedlet and the Bermuda Police Association, have failed to look out for the welfare of their members. The failure of the Bermuda Police Association not only kill their members but was responsible for their illnesses. Unfortunately it is the family of the decease and the ill who really suffer.

I hope that the Bermuda Police Association is not waiting on the incoming Commissioner of Police; Mike Da Silva to solve this ongoing problem. It is important that they understand, as much as Commissioner Da Silva will like to address the on going issue of the unhealthy working environment The Bermuda Police Service is confronted with, there is not much he can do. Although he is responsible for the B.P.S members, he is not really accountable to them. Commissioner Of Police is accountable to the Government and people of Bermuda. Unfortunately Mike Da Silva has to work with the time table of the Government. The harsh reality is; he has no say as to how the Government of Bermuda allocates and spend their funds. His core responsibilities are to ensure that crime and criminal activities are kept at a manageable rate.

So while the members of the Bermuda Police Association are collecting the dues from their members, they turn the attention of the membership to unimportant issues, while praying on the gratitude of the healthy members who are only to happy that they are not the one lying on the bed of the terminally ill, or on a slab in the morgue. But the big question that members of the Bermuda Police Service must ask themselves is: am I the next person to become unexplainable ill, or die from an avoidable terminal illness?

Don’t forget Wayne Gaskin who escaped death only by the grace of God, let us not forget Detective Donald, who has two progressively failing kidneys, and the countless others who are still suffering. When will you have the Wayne Gaskin, Stevie Darrell, Grant Yard, Paul Marsden, Gary Young or the Andrew Thomas' experience. If you are sure that you are invincible and immune from any such medical condition, then you can continue life, business as usual. Don’t forget, there were three healthy police officers who experienced sudden illness and die from malignant terminal illnesses in 2009. Who will it be in 2010?

Let us examine the other government departments, social institution, financial institution, places of work and/or organization that operate in Bermuda and compare the amount of unexplained illnesses and or death they experienced over the pass year, five years, ten, fifteen or twenty years with that with the Bermuda Police Service. These are easy research to conduct and should be done. But the Big question is; will it be done? It is every one's wish that this problem will go away, just evaporate into thin air. Since it will not just go away, like the hundred of other solvable problems that no one cares about, it will be swept under the rug as always. I hope that no one else trip over the bulged in the rug and die the way complacent police officers had been dying; for they to were also responsible for creating the bulge in the rug.

The Bermuda Police Service has the highest passive mortality rate in the history of police organization in the world. Is this unfortunate event important enough to find out why?

Yes, Yes I know, the truth hurts and offends many, but the truth must be spoken. If the truth is not spoken by me, who will?