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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Creative Kidz Summer Camp: A Doreen James Production

Doreen James nee Williams
She is considered to be an extremely talented woman as well as, a person who is overwhelmed with creativity. This summer, the summer of 2010, the children of Bermuda will be treated to the opportunity to participate in a summer program that has at its core values, wise choices, reuse and recycle.

The person, of whom I speak, is no other than, Mrs. Doreen James nee Williams: the proprietor of Alpha Funeral Home. Although all of Bermuda may not be aware of how talented Williams-James really is; it is no secret to the children, members and friends of the St. Georges Seventh Day Adventist Church that Doreen the mother of two possesses the drive, the skills and the creativity to teach and organize exciting children events. For each week Doreen is given the privilege of conducting program for the children that attend the St. Georges SDA Church.

Doreen; the reluctant perfectionist, goes beyond what is expected of her, to ensure that the children under her supervision are well taken care of, she often use props and creativity to ensure the desired lessons are learned and her production are always of a very high standard.

Doreen, who is believed to have the most hats in Bermuda, is also a very adventurous woman. Although she had the physical and facial qualities of a beauty queen; the mother in her and her adventurous side, have blessed her with the quality that can be considered: sophisticated simplicity, which can be appreciated by those she comes into contact with especially her children. For when this mother is out with her two children, she can be found fishing, climbing and doing all the things children love to do.

This Summer Mrs. James have decided to push her creativity a step further by present a summer program base on reuse and recycle; which is titled Creative Kidz Recycling Summer Camp. Doreen is of the opinion that we are destroying mother Earth with our bad habits. Habits which have seen more waste being generated per person than any time in history. Mr. Doreen James said, the unfortunate thing about this is, the garbage that is generated by us are not properly disposed of and very often becomes an unsightly mess that ends up in the sea, on our beaches and at the side of the road and in our places of recreation.

I know I cannot save the world but if I can teach just one child the effects and the consequence of such action and have that child understand the message enough, so that he or she can teach someone else what they have learn, then there is hope.`

The participants in the Creative Kids Summer Camp which should get on the way on Monday, June 7th 2010, will learn  about reusing things that will otherwise be thrown into the garbage, how to make useful and needed items from such unwanted products, learn how our actions are destroying the earth and go on field trip and much, much more. This camp is expected to be lots of fun for the participants and the valuable lessons they are expected to learn will benefit Bermuda for decades to come.