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Friday, November 28, 2008

Dr. Browne Be Careful With What You Say

I was disappointed when I heard the statement which was made by the Primer of Bermuda the Hon. Dr. Ewart Browne, JP, MP. In his attempt to deny the white Bermudians the opportunity to association with Barack Obama; the USA first black president. He said in essence; that white Bermudian would not have voted for Obama if common voting trends were anything to go by. This in it self is an unfair remark.

While preparing this article I saw imbedded within it Wednesday’s article which dealt with small Island politicians. So I took the opportunity to address that aspect of small island life and the politics that was associated with it.
I will like to take some time to address this statement, and bring to life some very important points which many may have never consider or if they had may not possess a medium such as this to put forward your opinion.

Like the United States of America, Bermuda has a very strong racist under current which can cause an individual much psychological damage if one becomes so entangled. I know this for a fact because I have felt the full voltage of racism while I was in the Bermuda Police Service; but that is a topic for another time.

Although it is the politicians duty and elected obligation to unite the people unfortunately the politicians in Bermuda shamelessly benefits when they encourage the racial divide. For Dr. Browne and his PLP it means tapping into the fears and anger and other emotions of the black majority; thus ensuring their party maintains a strong hold on the governance of the country, and for selected members of the UBP it means ensures that they keep their elected seat in the house of parliament. Although to continually encourage the racial divide among the people is not good for any one, the politicians are not big enough to put their country before their party, their personal and political ambitions. When one speak about selfish men you speak about small Island politicians.

Small island politicians have adopted the techniques of the old slave specialist; Willie Lynch. Willie Lynch taught slaves owners, if they can keep the slaves divided then they will keep their slaves. Small island politician practice the same concept, which is; if you can keep the people divided you will keep your job.

Now let me address the Statement which was made by the Hon. Premier Dr. Browne JP. MP. In our jubilation we must not forget that Barack Obama is not the first Black man that offered himself to the citizenry of the USA to lead that great country as their president. Can you remember our 1980s pride Rev. Jessie Jackson who was the first in modern history to offer himself as the first black democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States of America? And for that era Jessie did quite well. He actually won a few states in the democratic primary.

When Barack Obama and other black youths saw Jessie’s effort; they knew in their hearts that one day they will be able to stand like Rev. Jessie Jackson, run for the presidency of America and eventually win that post. Do you remember the Rev. Al Sharpton with his less that successful bid for the presidency in the democratic primaries? Yes White America rejected these to ambitious black men in their quest to attain the highest political office in the country of their birth.

White America and Barack Obama & The Bermuda Context
Barack Obama a USA senator with two years senatorial experience under his belt, decided to go to the starting line and join the race to become the president of the United States of America. At the time when he declared his intent, he was literally an unknown, with very little political experience, and with some strange acquaintances. This lead most people think that Barack’s campaign was just another freak/side show.

But Barack Obama was different than most black candidates, for one; thing he was born of a white mother, nurtured as one who was white, and he showed whites of America that side of him: in other words he was telling them I may not look like you but I was born from one of you, I grew up just like you did so in essences I am one of you. Barack also had and presented to all American an attitude and a message of change, trust and a commitment to work for all people regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, origin, sexual preferences etc. Barack message was one that propagated country and people before self and party. He did not use fear to conjure up hurt feels, mixed emotions and hate but a message of love, togetherness, and prosperity for all.

The Question: Have any Black or white Politician in Bermuda ever offered themselves as a trusted candidate for change? Have any of them every brought to the people of Bermuda a message and character that can cause the people to trust them the way Barack Obama did? I say no. Not Browne, Not Dunkley, not Furbert, not Cox.

In short no PLP politician had never so convinced the white population of Bermuda the way Barack Obama convinced the White population of America. I also saw Dr. Browne statement as a lame effort to compare himself with Barack Obama. Dr. Brown you or no one in your cabinet possess the class, the integrity, the love for country/people and the statesmanship that this iconic American Biracial man possess.

Dr. Brown, If you cannot love and appreciate (not condone acts of prejudice etc.) your white countrymen and women, you cannot love and appreciate Barack Obama; for within his vane runs the blood of his white mother, and it will make you uncomfortable when he invites his white Brothers, sisters and friends to your house.

I have seen a new day dawning in Bermuda, as well as in other small islands, a day that will leave the politician behind. A day when the citizenry becomes so informed that they unite for the common good of their country. Soon the race card, scare tactics and other negative and divisive issues will not work in swaying individuals to vote for any politician (black and White); a day when politicians will have to come up with sound plans and programs and a character to match before the people will even consider them; a day when the bread and butter issues takes precedence and votes are cast base on ones

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  1. I think that Barack Obama has raised the bar when it comes to
    running for Commander and Chief Of this great nation.The next time we Americans have to cast our votes for the next president Of the United State of America he/she had better know that the voters of this country will forever remember How lame George Bush was. And "WE The People" were Mad as hell and will never vote for
    another babbling fool like G.W. Bush to lead this nation into the poor house from the White House.
    My only queston is why G.W.Bush never got the boot after his first four years in office. And why is it that each State has different ways of voting to date.Some use chads some use a black felt tip sharpies and Lord knows what.The first thing that should be changed is how we cast our votes and what day of the week we vote on,why is it on a work day and not the week end in the first place.this should also be changed.That In It self,sounds like "Real Change" To me.We should use our SSC.cards in much the same way we use adebit card at the ATM to cast votes.
    after all, all true Americans must have a SSC card and a State ID. If not why not?