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Monday, November 24, 2008

Small Island Politicians: Do they really have small Brains/Minds

..............................................Heads of Small Island States

Leadership is a tremendous challenge; but when a leader knows what he or she is doing and when he or she understand, accept and appreciates the fact that, it is the choice of the people to follow that individual or not and a leader is indeed the people’s servant; it is only then that leadership becomes a wonderful experience. It is important for leaders and potential leaders to note: that an individual or group who have decided to elect or nominate anyone as their leader (political or otherwise) have the democratic, the constitutional and the God given right to reject that leadership at any point in time and for any given reason. There are some characteristics that are synonymous to small Island politicians that scare me: one is the fact that, the politicians don’t understand or refused to understand this (the above) simple concept. Most small island politicians behave as if it is their inalienable rights to be in charge of the people political affairs, and they show no tolerance for anyone who opposes them. Such behaviors are juvenile and ought to be expected from children not grown educated men and women.

Unfortunately the politicians in small island benefits when they encourage the political and other divide, put enmity between the people by stirring up the fears, anger and other emotions of the masses; thus ensuring their party maintains a strong hold on the governance of the country, and for the selected few or the other party, it means ensures that they keep their elected seat in the house of parliament. We all know it is an unhealthy social condition to continually encourage a venomous divide among the people; but to do such to achieve a personal or a political goal is not good for any one. It is a dirty shame that politicians are not big enough to put their country before their party, their personal and their political ambitions. When one speak about selfish men you speak about small Island politicians, I hole the size of their state in no way impacts on the size of their brain or mind.

Small island politicians have adopted the techniques of the old slave specialist; Willie Lynch. Willie Lynch taught slaves owners: if they can keep the slaves divided then they will keep their slaves. Small island politician practice the same concept, which is; if you can keep the people divided you will keep your job.

I have seen a new day dawning in these small islands, a day that will left the politician behind. A day when the citizenry becomes so informed that they unite for the common good of their country. party card and loyalty, scare and other tactics will not work in swaying to vote for any politician or his party; there is dawning a day when politicians will have to come up with sound plans and programs and a character to match before the people will even consider them. When the people will demand that the parliamentarians enact and enforced sound integrity legislation, when one will have to be able to pass the acid test to be a politician; when this new era is ushered in what are you guys going to do.

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